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Hi, my name is Alwin Sander. I was born and raised in San Jose, California. On my way to adulthood, I have had many passions, following the works of famous writers to obsessing about cleanliness. I believe the knack for cleanliness was hereditary since my dad had his own janitorial services company which I took over. I’ve spent 9 years conducting operations for janitorial services all around the USA.

I have been running operations for All-City Janitorial for almost a decade now and our company has reached to the farthest corners of all states. My company was responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of over five thousand homes and businesses most of which were located around my home turf. With 9 years of experience in quality janitorial services, I feel it is high time to turn my mind to more enlightened pursuits. Those who are just starting out are always in need of training along with proper guidance and I provide just that. I can’t open up my own institution so I looked to my other passion, which is writing.

To accomplish my goals, I turned to write. Not just any writing, but writing about my other passion, which is cleaning and janitorial tricks, tips and tools. When two passions combine, it creates a force of nature and I will use this to pass on everything I know to my fellow cleaners. My blogs and articles aim to provide guidance, tutorials and techniques for other janitors and cleaners. I also actively write product reviews so you’ll know exactly which products will be the best for your services.

Now I oversee a line of over 15 writers worldwide to bring you the most comprehensive guides and tutorials in janitorial services. I won’t be writing any fun stories or novels but I am sure janitors and cleaners aren’t looking to read those.

Alwin Sander

I believe that maintaining personal hygiene is absolutely crucial if we want to live happily. 

Alwin Sander

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