Anthony Mudaliar – Carpet Cleaning Mastermind

I am Anthony from Irving, Texas. With a team of technicians that seem more like a family now, we have serviced more than 72 different households and 153 commercial spaces throughout the entire USA. I think it’s not about what you do every day that leaves an impact, rather it’s what you leave behind for others to thrive on will make you remembered through the ages.

So, determined as I became and felt the need to make everyone realize why it’s absolutely important to have a clean carpet on the floor at all times. You really don’t want your little and beloved ones to suffer from a frequent headache or difficulty in breathing, do you?

Life as a carpet cleaner wasn’t really easy. As I began to consider my job more seriously, I started noticing few observable changes while breathing. Shortness in breath as well as fatigue used to be common. Felt the need to consult a physician, and sure enough, I was diagnosed with respiratory infection. 

I feel the need to encourage as well as motivate people through words. My mission is to assist you with personal experience, idea, tips & reviews on tools for cleaning better.


Did you know that the carpet you have placed in your living room is infested with billions of bacteria, dust, let’s not forget about dead rotten insects 

Anthony Mudaliar
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