Austin Jordan- HVAC Technician & Business Owner

Hi, my name is Austin Jordan and I specialize in cleaning central heating ventilation and air condition units across the USA. I grew up in Seattle, Washington, and now, I have been managing operations of my private HVAC cleaning services from Idaho. Growing up I became intrigued by ventilation networking, particularly after seeing them in movies. I can pretty much tackle everything that involves HVAC; in case, you’re looking for a specialist then all you’ve to do is reach out. I have accumulated expertise in this field by servicing clients and cleaning out the build-up of viruses and molds that manifesting for the past 4 years. I am heading towards larger projects and right now, expanding my services to get into commercial cleaning space at the same time. Maybe someday, I will star in action movies as an HVAC cleaner out on his search for lost diamonds.

I am 26 now and have set up my own private HVAC Austins Dryer Vent Cleaning in Meridian. I am glad to be able to pursue my childhood aspiration by incorporating it into my full-time job. Handling air dryer vents is my specialty. Regardless of any issue, count on me to bring things to order. With a touch of professionalism here and a bit of magic there, I will turn your entire HVAC system as good as new.

I am a certified specialist under the National Air Duct Cleaners Association. With this, I aligned myself with all the heroes operating in the vents. I have previously earned an HVAC certificate under the Retail Ready Career Center so I know how to deal with things efficiently.

My expertise allows me to carry out my responsibilities with flair and perfection and my passion allows me to have fun doing what I do best. My job is to keep you well informed about the secrets of the vents and heading in there myself to fix everything up, sort of like a vent superhero.

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