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At Cleaning Tools Pro we make sure to bring you the best in cleaning. This can range from giving you sound advice on the best tools through product reviews all the way to providing you with vital tips and tricks for cleaning. If you’re unaware of how cleaning is done, we will show you the way.

All the content for cleaning tools pro is handled and maintained by experts who have over a decade of experience in cleaning. You can count on them to bring you the best tips and tricks as well as the best product reviews to help and guide you through the cleaning process.

What we do?

At cleaning tools pro you will find the most comprehensive guidance on cleaning products and tips for proper cleaning. Take a look at our activities.

Extensive Product Reviews

If you are going through the web to find out info on your next purchase of cleaning supplies and products then we’ve got just the thing you need. Our experienced writers specialize in thorough product reviews. You could call them a grandmaster at arms in the world of cleaning. They are specialists in their fields and have used most of the products to bring you a properly tested result. You can easily rely on our product reviews before getting the perfect product for your cleaning needs.

Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Looking for DIY cleaning tips and tricks? Don’t want to want for a professional to come over and solve that embarrassingly weird issue you’re facing? Take a look at our blogs which will provide you with extensive tips and tricks that you can do at home to tackle even the most ridiculous scenarios. Our cleaning professionals have put in their own DIY cleaning methods for every issue and you can use these to get results which you’d get from professional cleaners.

What We Excel At

Our specialization goes a long way. We here at cleaning tools pro will cover all areas involved with thorough cleaning. You can expect to find all your answers with us. Just read through and find what you’re looking for.

Janitorial Cleaning

Learn and get get guidance from the most experienced experts around USA about janitorial Cleaning only at Cleaning Tools Pro. We ensure our writers and advisors on janitorial cleaning will be there to provide you with the best tips and tricks. Grow your janitorial business or simply learn new tricks of the trade with the best.

Window Cleaning

This may be an odd topic for discussion but we have it covered. Our experts have done extensive research to bring you the best window cleaning tips on the web. No matter the nature of the cleaning, if its related to windows, you’ll find what you’re looking for at Cleaning Tools Pro.

Carpet Cleaning

Making your interior beautiful throughout the ages, carpets require your time and attention. Learn exactly how to tackle emergency cleaning scenarios and maintenance cleaning for carpets from our experienced writers. Whether they are synthetic or natural, carpet cleaning tips from our specialists will provide you with an in-depth guide to enrich your knowledge.

Duct Cleaning

HVAC specialists in our team will demonstrate exactly how you can get your business off the ground and into new heights. Valuable advice from our team of HVAC specialist writers will provide you with the most updated product reviews to guide you to the best pick for your business. We will also provide you with easily explained guides for complex issues you’d face in the field right here at Cleaning Tools Pro

Gutter Cleaning

Avoid flooding and ease the gutters with tips and tricks from the experts. Drainage systems and gutters will no more be an issue once you learn from the best. Follow important guides and bolster your business as our specialists guide you through step by step solutions.

Floor Cleaning

Are you worried about maintaining your beautiful hardwood or marble floors? Do you wonder how you could properly clean out these floors in the best way possible? Do you require product reviews for the best floor cleaning solution out there? We’ve got you covered on everything to do with floor cleaning. Hear what our experts have to say about your queries.

Pressure Washer

They may seem complex cleaning machines but we simplify it for you here at Cleaning Tools Pro. Hear what experienced specialists have to say about pressure washers. Find out which pressure washers are the best in the market and which would suit your needs. We’ve got a complete guide for the pressure washer enthusiast right here at Cleaning Tools Pro.



Our Team of Experts


We have a lineup of experts when it comes to seeking the best advice. These experts have had the experience of over a decade whether it is in the field or at the office. Their skill and expertise is trusted and verified since they have been writing to guide others.


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