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At Cleaning Tools Pro we have summarized the top rated cleaning tools designed for professionals & home user involved in both commercials as well as residential.

The internet is a never-ending source of information, which is exactly why we have summarized the most useful cleaning tools appropriate for various spaces, regardless of their size.

We are not cleaning professionals. However, we have a remarkably experienced research team with enormous networking scattered throughout the cleaning industry. There are multiple writers and researchers working under our pay scale and curating the most engaging and extensively researched guides on the latest hardware for cleaning.

Our Process

analysis & research

Extensive Research

The research specialist team primarily focuses on generating unbiased as well as unique information to assist our readers in making the best buying decision with their money.

On Board Ranking

The team organizes panel discussions before reviewing as well as ranking different tools on our website. Each of our panel members is connected with the cleaning industry for a significant period of time. Keep in mind that the ranking factor is no way affected due to our affiliation. Read more about our ranking criteria here.
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Asking Writer For Reviews

We have both in-house as well as freelance writers contributing to our cause every day. Upon collecting data from verified sources only, our writers then come up with elaborate reviews on tools of our choice.

Proofread By Editors

Contents are read and re-read by our in-house specialists to ensure complete uniqueness & usefulness of the information we provide through our website.
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