What is Air Duct Cleaning?

Air duct cleaning is usually known as the cleaning of the heating and cooling system segments. Namely, there are lots of components when it comes to air duct system such as supply and return air ducts, grilles, heat exchangers, cooling coils, fan motors, and fan housing.

Now, every piece of these components needs to be maintained properly or else they might get contaminated with dust, bacteria, or other debris. This will lead to air contamination and possibly spreading of pollen and allergens which will result in an unhealthy environment.

However, if you come to conclusion to get your air duct system cleaned properly, you will definitely need a help of professional service cleaners. Anyhow, they will know exactly what to do and how to clean your air duct system properly. Also, it is quite important that cleaning service agrees to clean the whole air duct system and that they are qualified for the job.

On the other hand, if they don’t clean the whole system properly, your air duct system will get re-contaminated with dust and other bacteria that will harm you. So, either you get your air duct cleaned properly and completely, or don’t clean them at all.

As for the methods of air duct cleaning, we can say that they vary from lots of different options and techniques. However, there are already set standards that have been established by industry that is qualified to clean air duct systems.

Every possible industry association that is qualified for a proper air duct cleaning have specialized tools and methods to provide the best cleaning. Usually, they have lots of different dirt dislodges and high-powered vacuums which will be more than enough for a proper air duct cleaning.

All in all, you might also get the option to apply chemical biocides that are designed to kill every microbiological component. This is possibly the best way to keep your air duct system safe and secure from further contamination.

HVAC System

First of all, the HVAC system stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning system which regulates the temperature in the place where it is installed. In other words, HVAC system is a pretty convenient system that will ensure the healthy environment and stable temperature.

Now, the effectiveness and the lifespan of HVAC system actually depend on the proper maintenance and cleaning. Without it, the whole system will not be able to work efficiently and it will create an issue that is relevant to everyone that is involved in the building where it is installed.

Anyhow, there are lots of different types of HVAC systems designed for different type of buildings. There are specialized HVAC systems for office buildings and different ones for homes and apartments.

So, the main purpose of any HVAC system is to meet the standards and the comfort needs. Therefore, it is important to choose the specialized HVAC system that will suit your needs and provide the healthy environment for you.

In that light there are different HVAC systems:

Single stage HVAC system – This type of HVAC system is usually installed in homes and it provides the cooling and the heating temperature management.

Advanced models – There are advanced models that ensure different fan speeds and power saving which results in lower expenses.

Zone systems – This type offers temperature management of individual parts of your home. It is quite convenient and definitely good for the wallet.

Special systems – There are lots of special HVAC systems that offer humidity control while still providing heating and cooling.

Why do you need to clean air duct?

Now, with everything said so far, it is also important to know why exactly you need to clean your air duct system. Let’s see some of the most important reasons for cleaning air duct system.

Possible Allergies: First of all, people with allergies really need to have a healthy environment and fresh air without allergens in their home. Therefore, if you don’t maintain air duct system properly, some of the allergens from outside might contaminate the system and spread all over your living place. This will cause some annoying problems with health in general and it will possibly lead to contamination of the whole house.

Problems with Mold: Mold is another problem that might occur if you don’t clean your air duct system on time. People with basements definitely need to keep in mind that mold might grow inside their air duct system and contaminate the whole house. However, there are lots of different anti-microbial products that can prevent this problem when applied on the already cleaned air duct system.

Home pets: As we all know, animal fur and hair can attract germs if they get stuck in the air duct system. Therefore, cleaning of the air duct system is quite important if you have a pet inside your house. The efficiency of the cooling and heating system will lower if the air duct system is contaminated with animal fur and hair.

Dust and bacteria: Neglect of the air duct system will definitely result in lots of dust and bacteria building up inside the whole air duct system. This will definitely lower the efficiency and cause problems with the whole air duct system in the first place.

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As we can see, cleaning of the air duct system is quite important and it will provide better and healthy environment in your home. Otherwise, you will risk causing some health problems and definitely unhealthy conditions for living.

Anyhow, I recommend getting professional help when it comes to air duct cleaning since that way, you will do it properly and not have to worry about any problems.

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