Pick The Best 4000 PSI Pressure Washer [Reviews 2023]

What is the first thing you’d want to consider when choosing a pressure washer? Definitely, that should be ensuring that the pressure is appropriate for the task that you wish to accomplish.

If you are going to be cleaning 15 years of accumulated dirt or grime, paint out of roadside, cleaning haul trucks, driveway hard stain, concrete, restaurants, poultry, and any industrial cleaning, the best pick should be a 4000 PSI pressure washer. You don’t want to go for the low-PSI pressure that will not have enough power to wash off the tough dirt – especially if you are handling commercial cleaning.

Now, High PSI pressure washers are available in different varieties, designs, and specifications. In that case, it becomes challenging to choose the best. But always keep in mind the most crucial part is the engine & need a strong hose. Out of many, the Honda engine is the best for commercial use.

If you want the best commercial pressure washer 4000 PSI but you don’t know how to go about it, I will be exploring 11 of the best units on the market throughout the rest of this article to help you choose the perfect unit.

11 Best 4000 PSI Pressure Washer Reviews

Professional cleaners must spend enough time sorting the high PSI pressure washer for your projects. To help save you time and effort, check out these 11 units that dominate the market.

1# Simpson ALH4240 4200 Psi Pressure Washer

Simpson ALH4240 powerful pressure washer can easily handle a high-demanding project with limited efforts.

Now, this beast comes with a Honda GX390 OHC engine that happens to be very energy-efficient. Typically, this engine doesn’t involve a lot of parts like the OHV engines. It features a fuel tank that can hold around 6.4qt of gas while generating an amazing 4200 PSI of power.

And the engine features an oil alert that will let you know when it is time to refill the engine oil. Who wouldn’t love that?

We also have to acknowledge the CAT industrial triplex pump that has been designed to run cooler. The pump can hold up to 4 gallons of water per minute to let you clean the large areas effortlessly.

By the way, this pressure washer has been built for sturdiness with an aircraft-grade aluminum frame with brushed extruded aluminum tubing. You can easily connect a water inlet through the 3/8-inch by 50ft monster hose. The hose is abrasion and kink resistant, as well as non-marring. When you buy this machine, you also get five quick-connect nozzles of different angles. They include 0°, 15°, 25°, 40°, as well as a soap-compatible detergent nozzle.

Some people have complained about this being a somewhat bulky pressure washer at 126lbs. But, on the flip side, there are two massive 13-inch pneumatic wheels that let you move it around with ease.

2# Generac Model:6565 Gas Power Pressure Washer

With great power, comes great responsibilities. That is exactly what this commercial pressure washer will do. If you have tough and high-demanding projects that need an equally powerful machine, this pressure washer will take that responsibility.

This machine steps in proudly with a powerful 420cc Generac OHV Engine. If you combine the 12HP and 4200 PSI of this machine, you can be confident of having enough power for those tough projects. Of course, this one also has a low-oil shutdown sensor. With this, the washer will shut down whenever the engine oil is too low. This also helps to protect the engine.

Not everyone is a fan of the frame of this pressure. But, even though the design isn’t the best, we thought it was strong enough to offer enough stability for the machine. Furthermore, the washer comes with a folding that allows you to save space if you want to store it in a confined space. The folding handle also allows you to push the washer on the 12-inch rugged pneumatic tires.

This machine comes with a Pro-Grade Triplex pump that has been made to last four times longer than the typical axial cam pumps. Well, this is made possible by the superior heat dissipation. You also get five quick-nozzle tips of 0°, 15°, 25°, 40°, as well as a soap applicator.

3# NorthStar 15782020 Gas Power Cold Water Washer

This pressure washer from NorthStar comes with a couple of features that are similar to the first two products on the list. But some of the features that make this machine stand out from the crowd are the bigger pneumatic tires and the sturdy steel frame.

The engine on this one is an industrial-grade Honda GX390 389cc OHV that comes with a cast-iron sleeve. Plus, there is a horizontal shaft design that makes the engine not only powerful but also durable enough. This one can deliver 4000PSI to help you with your commercial cleaning projects.

Also onboard is the CAT direct-drive triplex pump that is designed to last for long. The pump can easily hold 3.5 gallons per minute, which is satisfactory enough.

When it comes to the construction, this commercial pressure washer comes with a sturdy push-down style steel cart with a roll cage. This assures you of the needed protection for the delicate parts, along with smooth and balanced maneuvering.

Even though we mentioned that the first product on this list was heavy, this one is heavier. The washer weighs in at 191lbs, which might be a drawback to some users. But the 15-inch rugged wheels are strong enough to let you move it around with ease.

4# DEWALT DH4240B Heavy Duty High Power Washer

We don’t have to introduce you to DeWalt, which has been in the dominating front for many years now. You already know that this is a trusted brand. But what you may not know is their pressure washer model, DH240B.

This fella is powered by a Honda GX390 Pro-Series OHV engine that delivers you high-pressure levels of 4200PSI. Also, you can enjoy the TX commercial series pump that can comfortably handle 4 gallons per minute. Of course, this engine also features an oil alert for refilling it when needed.

We were stunned by the 10-gauge steel frame and the 10-gauge sub-frame of this monster. They are strong and durable enough as they will help to protect your engine against bumps. Furthermore, the 1.25-inch tubular steel handle allows you to have swift handling.

There is a 50ft long hose on this machine, which comes with quick-connect fittings. The steel wand is meant to be strong and corrosion-resistant, especially since it will be in contact with water all the time. Best of all, it comes with an easy connection, and you can hook it up to the side of the washer when you are done with your projects.

With a heavy-duty engine, it is most likely that the machine will be loud. This one is loud when it is running, but that shouldn’t be a problem if you have reliable earmuffs.

5# Shark 3.0 GPM Industrial Pressure Washer

Gas-powered machines are known to be naturally powerful and able to handle high-demanding projects with is. This gas pressure washer stands among the most powerful and overly reliable machines for commercial cleaning.

The washer steps in with a powerful 13HP Honda GX engine that comfortably sits on a rugged steel chassis. This engine then drives an equally powerful Karcher crankcase pump to help you with your high-demanding projects. Along with producing high PSI of pressure, the pump also manages a high water flow rate of 3GPM.

Well, this is not a lightweight power washer as it weighs about 250lbs. That’s nearly half the weight of most units on this list and out there. Luckily, the chassis washer comfortable sits on two 13-inch rugged pneumatic wheels that are designed to cruise on any terrain.

We were impressed by the notched V-belts and cast iron pulleys. These features help to reduce the slippage of the belt while assuring you of durable pump life. There’s a sturdy tamper-proof unloader valve that promotes operational safety.

There is an easy-grip coated handle that has a convenient hose-and-gun rack, as well as a rear bumper to let you load it to the vehicle with ease. This washer is a very heavy unit compared to other washers out there. Luckily, it comes with a long 50ft hose that will reduce the need for moving with it around.

6# Pressure Pro E4040HC Professional Pressure Washer

Not everyone is a fan of heavy machines to add to their arsenal. If you want a lightweight washer that is still powerful enough to handle your high-demanding projects with ease, then this 4 GPM pressure washer is one to consider.

This fella might only weigh about 99lbs, but it comes with a super-powerful engine. The washer packs on a 13HP GX390 Honda engine that is designed to start easy and run quietly. Besides that, it comes with a CAT Triplex Plunger Pump that can handle a water flow rate of 4 gallons per minute. One thing that makes it stand among most washers is the thermo-sensor that helps to prevent the pump from overheating.

There is also a low-oil shutdown sensor that will shut the machine down automatically whenever the oil is too low.

This washer comes with an aircraft-grade aluminum frame/handle. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a cage-like design hence making the engine vulnerable to bumps. But as long as you handle it with care when pushing it around, you won’t have to worry about the accidental bumps.

The 50ft steel-reinforced hose will not leave any marks to the floor. You’ll have wide cleaning options with the five quick-connect nozzles that come with this machine.

So yes, this pressure washer might come at a high price, but we thought it was worth every penny.

7# Briggs & Stratton 4.0 GPM Gas Pressure Washer

Having a versatile pressure washer can be a good thing for a professional. You will be handling projects for different clients, which means that not every application will require high-pressure cleaning.

In that case, we consider this pressure cleaner a good pick for multiple applications. This is because the Briggs and Stratton 2100 Series 420cc OHV Engine will offer you adjustable pressure levels. You can enjoy pressure levels of between 3000PSI and 4000PSI. In other words, you can use this washer to clean the fragile surfaces too.

The premium Annovi Reverberi Triplex Pump is the one that comes with the pressure regulator to let you set the ideal PSI to suit your cleaning task. Keep in mind that OHV engines are designed to run cooler and longer.

The 5 quick-connect tips (0°, 15°, 25°, 40°, and soap) allows you to choose your preferred spray pattern, which is also easy to switch between different cleaning tasks. Oh, and there is also a detergent siphon hose that we thought was useful enough for your cleaning projects. Of course, you won’t have to carry this pressure washer around. It sits on two 12-inch wheels that will never go flat.

You can easily spill oil when refilling on this washer. So, you will need to be extra careful when refilling or use a dedicated oil funnel.

8# DEWALT 60605 Honda Engine 4.o GPM Washer

Here is another top-rated 4 GPM pressure washer that will easily handle your projects. Handling and operating is friendly, and it also assures you of versatility.

First off, this monster comes in with a powerful GX OHV engine that controls the Triplex Direct Driven Pump. This pump will deliver top pressure levels of 4200PSI, along with a water flow of 4 gallons per minute.

The construction of this washer is also worth pointing out. It comes with a welded steel frame, along with a steel engine plate and a solid steel axle. All these features are meant to keep the machine strong and durable enough. Moving it around will be a walk in the park, thanks to the 13-inch pneumatic tires. Furthermore, the frame is made extra sturdy to reduce vibrations.

There is an adjustable unloader system that assures you of better control and versatility of the machine. If you want to store the accessories, you don’t have to carry them all the way to your workshop. The onboard accessory storage lets you store them safely.

We enjoyed working with the ergonomically-designed professional spray gun that comes with a side grip and a safety lock-out. This helps to prevent any accidental activation of the wand.

Even though this unit might not feature a quick, electric start, it still won’t give you a difficult time getting it going.

9# SIMPSON Cleaning PS4240 4.0 GPM Gas Pressure Washer

They say you should not judge a book by its cover, but we judged this pressure washer by its look. From the first look of this machine, you can easily tell that it is rugged and able to handle your projects with ease.

First off, the washer comes with a sturdy welded steel construction frame that is designed to protect your engine from bumps or any falling objects. The sturdiness of this frame will reduce the vibrations as the engine is running. It weighs 150lbs when on a full tank, which shouldn’t give you portability issues because there are two 13-inch pneumatic wheels to help you with that.

The Honda GX390 engine on this baby powers the AAA industrial triplex plunger pump that comes with PowerBoost technology. As a result, you get a flow rate of 4 gallons per minute.

There is a 3/8-inch x 50ft monster hose that is abrasion and kink resistant to help you cover a large space without the need for moving the washer around.

This would be a great choice for contractors that deal with wood restoration, deck cleaning, graffiti removal, paint prep, or any other pro cleaning service.

So yes, this one runs a little louder than other pressure washers out there. But on the flip side, you can place it slightly away from you and still enjoy a lengthy hose as you clean the surfaces.

10# Generac Pro-Grade 4200 PSI 4.0 GPM Pressure Washer

It’s another great choice of a pressure washer if you prefer one with a simple design.

Setting up this monster is a walk in the park, and so is working with it. It comes with a welded steel roll-cage frame that is designed to not only support the engine and pump but also to protect them.

You’ll have an easy time transporting this one, thanks to the axle and the two rugged wheels. Plus, the front and back grab bars make it easy to load this baby into your vehicle.

We won’t forget to mention the engine, which is a powerful 420cc Generac OHV horizontal-shaft engine that assures you of maximum performance. The professional-grade triplex pump can deliver 4 gallons per minute.

In terms of the hose, you get a 50ft steel-reinforced horse that is both durable and non-marring. This pairs well with the brass quick-change fittings that make it a breeze to connect the hose.

So, this one might be somewhat noisier than other units out there, but the long hose allows you to set it at a slight distance as you clean your projects.

11# PressurePro E4042HV Cold Water Honda GX390 Engine, Viper Pump Washer

The simplicity in the design of a pressure washer has nothing to do with its performance. This washer comes with one of the simplest construction among the listed products, but that shouldn’t fool you.

It comes with a revolutionary aircraft grade aluminum frame with dual handles. Unfortunately, the frame is not caged to offer protection against bumping. This then leaves the engine open and vulnerable. But, if you handle it with care as a professional and always store it in a safe place, you shouldn’t have a problem with it.

It runs on a powerful Honda GX390 4-stroke gas engine that is fuel-efficient. Plus, the engine comes with a muffler and enhanced camshaft to cut down the overall engine noise. There is an AR Viper direct drive pump that can push 4 gallons per minute at 4200 PSI. Furthermore, the pump comes with an upgraded external recirculation plumbing feature that will cool the water when the trigger is closed.

There are two features in the pump and the engine, which are the thermos-sensor and the low oil shutdown feature, respectively. The thermos-sensor will prevent overheating of the pump as the water is passing, while the low-oil shutdown feature will shut down the engine automatically when the oil level is too low.

Things To Consider Before Buying 4000 PSI Pressure Washer

Here are the things you should consider before you purchase a high PSI pressure washer.


How powerful is the engine and pump of the washer you wish to buy? The engine is what will power the pump. For commercial projects, ensure that you choose a powerful OHV engine of at least 10HP. Of course, the pressure washer should have a pressure rating of not less than 4000PSI. But also, check that the pump can handle at least 3.5 gallons per minute. If you get one with a 4GPM rating, you will be sure of having a powerful washer.

Also, ensure that the engine comes with a low-oil shutdown feature and a thermos-sensor for the pump.


The built of the pressure washer should be considered as well. You want one that has either welded steel or aircraft-grade aluminum frame. These two materials will last for long while resisting corrosion. Don’t forget to consider one with a cage-like design so as to protect the engine and pump from the rigors of the job site.


In a commercial cleaning scenario, you will be covering a large space in most cases. For that, you must ensure that the hose is long enough. Ideally, go for the 50ft hose pressure washer that should allow you to enjoy limitless coverage. The inlet diameter is always 3/8 inches. It would be best to choose one that comes with a quick-change fitting to let you use it with ease.


In most cases, the commercial pressure washers will come over 100lbs, which makes them heavy to carry around with your hands. That is why they tend to come with wheels to let you push them around. Here, you should ensure that the pressure washer has a handle that is easy to reach, and it should come with at least 12-inch pneumatic tires that never get flat.

Cleaning System

This is a factor that you should consider when picking a pressure washer. Ideally, choose one with detergent injection. This is a system that will automatically siphon and mix detergent that will be used for cleaning. You can also decide to go for the ones that come with an onboard tank for storing the detergent. Both are reliable, but most people prefer the detergent injection over the onboard storage tank.

Don’t forget about the nozzles that can work with the washer and what comes with the pressure washer. Ideally, ensure that you choose one with an adjustable nozzle sprays to let you change the pattern as you wish.  

Safety Tips When Operating a High PSI Pressure Washer

Even though pressure washers seem friendly and safe to use, they are associated with a lot of risks. In extreme cases, risks can even lead to death. In 2014 alone, just over 6,000 people went to an emergency room following a pressure washer injury. Out of them, 14% went through further hospitalization. Check Out the CDC Tips

The best way is to handle the pressure washer with extra care.

Here are some safety tips to help you;

Always wear protective gear, including boots, long pants, gloves, hearing protection, as well as safety glasses


There you have it, folks. Now you have an idea of the best commercial pressure washer 4000 PSI, and how you can shop for one. However, remember that not all pressure washers are the same. Also, the best pressure washer is that which is efficient, reliable, and typically one that handles your projects accordingly.

All the pressure washers we sorted above are certified machines. So, choose one that suits your needs and budget perfectly. As long as you choose the right pressure washer, you can be confident of doing what you need to do, which is to get rid of that dirt, grime, and stain off those surfaces.

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