Top 10 Broom and Dustpan Set Reviews 2023

Brooms and dustpans are unsung heroes of our everyday life. There is not a mess or a spill that can be dealt with without them!

Brooms are one of the essential cleaning tools that one person can have. There is not always a need for a vacuum cleaner. If you have a small mess in front of you and you quickly want to solve it without using electricity, you can sweep it up real quick!

However, not all brooms are of sound quality with handles and bristles breaking off and the dustpans inferior designs barely lift dirt off the floor.

If you want to avoid these common flaws, read on to know the ten best broom and dustpan sets available on market. Before we move on to our list, let’s first look at what makes a good broom and dustpan set.

Buying Guide

When you want to purchase your next best broom and dustpan set, you need to keep a couple of things in mind:

Broom Bristles:

Broom Bristles is what determines the functionality of the broom. Bristles functionality comes in two types.

1. Flagged Bristles – bushy tipped bristles good for picking up fine powder debris
2. Unflagged Bristles – Straight tip bristles good for picking up larger debris

You need to understand the durability of bristles plays a strong role where synthetic of plastic bristles are more preferable than those made of organic materials.

Size & Shape

The size and shape of the broom matters when you are choosing the right sort. There are a few specific different sizes of brooms available.

Amish Brooms – basic size traditional brooms with straw bristles
Lobby Brooms – Smaller brooms for cleaning on the go. Usually made of synthetic bristles.
Whisk Brooms – Smallest brooms without a handle for precision work.
Push brooms – Wider reach for outdoors and industrial use
Mid-size brooms – Mid range sized brooms for usual cleaning.

Broom shapes are to be considered when selecting the right broom. They can be either

Round shaped – For overall floor cleaning or sweeping.
Flat shaped – Specifically designed to sweep up and collect dust
V shaped or Angle Brooms – Made for precision work,corners and hard to reach places.

Indoor & Outdoor Use

Brooms are designed specific for their use indoors and outdoors. Before choosing any broom you need to ascertain what you’d be using it for and choose accordingly.

Indoor brooms and dustpans are of smaller capacity and the bristles are usually flagged for delicate floors.

Outdoor dustpans are of a higher capacity and the bristles on the brooms are made of coarse material and usually unflagged, meant for heavy duty work.


Brooms are usually made for precision work or heavy duty work which determines the material it is made of.

Steel – for heavy duty work, usually heavy and bulky
Wood – traditional material for brooms
Hard Plastic – For indoor brooms used o precision or light sweeping
Aluminum – Professional mix of sturdiness and lightweight build quality
Fiberglass – Lightweight and sturdy but usually more expensive

Broom Bristles can also be of different materials which you need to keep in mind

Natural Corn Fibers – Organic bristles for rough outdoor use
Nylon – Hard but flexible bristle quality for indoor delicate cleaning
Synthetic – The most versatile type of material for wet or dry debris
Synthetic Corn – Flag tipped bristles resistant to industrial chemicals
Tampico – This material is specific to Mexico and is used for outdoor brooms.

Flooring type

Different broom and bristle qualities are required for specific flooring. Hardwood and laminate floors require synthetic but delicate cleaning with flag tipped bristles and medium length. Concrete flooring requires tougher unflagged tipped bristle quality and a heavy duty mop build. Carpets may need carpet specific brooms to brush out debris from between its fibers. The more delicate flooring you have the softer the broom and bristle combination needs to be.

Dustpan Capacity

Dustpan capacity determines how much of the mess you’d be cleaning. Outdoor cleaning requires dustpans of higher capacity while indoor dustpans are made small and precise in picking up even the smallest dust and debris. Choosing a dustpan of the desired capacity will aid in your search for the ideal product.

10 Best Broom and Dustpan Set Reviews

1# TreeLen Broom & Dustpan Set: Best for Indoor Use

The TreeLen dustpan is made of solid ABS plastic, which can take a fair amount of abuse, and it can be used on hard or soft surfaces without causing any unwanted scratches.

The dustpan is upright and comes with a long broom. It also has a clip for the broom, for easier transport. You’re only one snap away from carrying your mini cleaning kit anywhere, and this feature makes storage a breeze.

The TreeLen dustpan comes with a low-profile, flexible rubber lip that makes sure that there’s no debris line left behind after each swipe. Only the lip is in line with the floor, though. The front of the dustpan is raised slightly off the ground for the first inch or so. This means that some debris can get under the dustpan if you’re not careful.

The broom comes with surprisingly soft bristles, making it suitable for both hardwood and carpet floors, and it’s recommended for indoor use. The softness may be an issue with more substantial debris, however.

The broom is 52.5 inches long, and the dustpan is 38.5 inches long, allowing you to clean without any fear of back pain.

2# OXO Good Grips Sweep Set: Amazon’s Choice

The OXO Good Grips Sweep set has an Amazon recommendation tick, which is always a good thing to see.

The OXO Good Grips Sweep Set consists of a full-sized broom and a huge dustpan, that allow for effective and simple sweeping. When the broom is fully extended, it’s incredible for sweeping large areas and making any task that much more straightforward.

The bristles on this set are feathered, and they are incredibly soft. This texturing makes dirt and debris extremely easy to trap within the broom. Both the broomstick and dustpan set snap together through a high-quality clip, making storage efficient.

It’s made of high strength and lightweight aluminum, with no-slip rubber grips, providing for easy maneuverability.

The main complaints people have had on it is that some of them received a used and returned broom instead of a new one, which might just be a mixup with Amazon or the OXO company itself. As long as you check the broom right away and send it back, you won’t have any issues.

3# WISPsystem 90 Degree Angle Dustpan Set

One of the first things that you are bound to notice about the WISP system broom and dustpan is the quirky design.

It was designed and patented by WISP, and promises a faster, easier, and more efficient dustpan and broom set. The set includes a telescope extendable broom handle that goes up to 51 inches, which is a bit short.

Its design has some neat features such as long electrostatic bristles that collect and pick up dirt, pet hair, dust, and all other sorts of debris. It claims to be the best broom to remove broken glass.

The set comes in all sorts of different colors, including blue, gray, purple, and red.

While WISP promises to work on all different sorts of surfaces, it tends to struggle a bit on tile, as it can’t pick up tiny debris stuck in the grout lines.

The wisp dustpan called the WISPpan traps debris while you can easily maneuver it with your foot. When you step on the dustpan, it applies pressure to the floor, ensuring that the dust, debris, and pet hair do not get under it.

The 90 degree angled electrostatic bristles are great at removing all sorts of human and pet hair, as well as lint, but the hairs can be a bit difficult to remove once they’re lodged in the bristles. It’s a shame that they don’t include some sort of brush to get the hairs out, as you’ll definitely need one.

It also has the classic snap, allowing you to snap your dustpan and broom together for more convenient storage. Both of the products are upright but can be moved to any angle due to the lever at their base.

4# O-Cedar Angle Broom With Dust Pan

O-Cedar Angler Angle Broom is a heavy-duty product that is designed for personal and professional use. It’s quite sturdy and will last you a while.

It’s suitable for all environments. So, you can use it both indoors and outdoors without any problems. It has double bristles with soft but durable grey bristles that are specially designed to collect fine dust, hair, and debris. The black bristles are made for more heavy-duty work, capturing larger dirt particles.

The O-Cedar Angler broom has a flared tip at the end of its bristles that helps capture the fine dust and hair, also adding to the durability of the bristles. A big problem with most brooms is that bristles tend to disfigure and rip out due to use, and this removes that possibility.

The broom is 52 inches tall, with a regular handheld dustpan, not a standing one. The bristles and the dustpan are both made from recycled plastic, letting you clean your house while helping clean the planet all at once. The broom handle is made out of durable and heavyweight aluminum, ensuring for years of use before it breaks.

The dustpan is a bit on the flimsy side, though, and its semi-flexible rubber lip can get bent with more rigorous use. It really doesn’t have the same toughness as the excellent broom, and the recycled plastic just doesn’t stand up to more serious cleaning tasks.

5# Primica Broom and Dustpan- Best For Kitchen, Home & Lobby

The Primica Broom and Dustpan set features a very light and ergonomic, yet heavy-duty design. Its non-slip and powder coated handle ensures that your sweeping won’t be taking a toll on your wrists and back. It’s easily maneuverable and takes the hard work out of sweeping.

The dustpan and broom set are very small when fully compressed and are an absolute storage-friendly addition to your cleaning closet. You don’t have to worry about dust and debris stuck to your broom as the dustpan comes with long teeth.

The broom and dustpan set is made of high-quality, durable plastics and aluminum, and can be used anywhere. From the office to the office terrace, you can use this great combo to clean any floor.

The handle is a three-part screw-in handle. You can adjust its height to fit your needs perfectly. The bristles are fully synthetic and not too hard, making it perfect for indoor use.

The bristles can take some abuse before they warp and degrade, but they are a bit too thin and light or more substantial debris. It excels at cleaning large pieces of debris and pet hair, but you may have issues with finely granulated sand, sugar, or coffee. While they are meant primarily for indoor use, the set can also be used outside without any problems.

6# OXO Good Grips Little Dustpan Set

This is a cool little dustpan and brush combination that is meant for home use. If you live in a residential apartment or a condominium, you can benefit from having a small dustpan and brush set like this.

This little brush is extremely comfortable. It’s ideal for countertop use and makes sweeping crumbs off the table or the dining room floor an absolute breeze.

The dustpan has the signature OXO soft rubber lip that sticks to the surface. While the company claims that the lip helps you sweep dirt, dust, debris, and hairs in without leaving anything behind or below the dustpan, this isn’t always the case.

The grippy rubber may catch small crumbs and make them difficult to sweep into the pan. Some users suggested using a bit of transparent tape on the rubber lip, to make it less sticky.

It’s also extremely storage-friendly – it fits countertops and most drawers, making for extremely tight storage. The Good Grips broom and dustpan set is perfect for kitchens and craft rooms, such as art studios.

7# Casabella 1 Count Dustpan and Brush Set

Another little dustpan and brush combination, the Casabella is quite different than the OXO, in every aspect. It’s made out of high-quality plastics, rubbers, and fully synthetic, durable bristles, making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

If your toddler has knocked over some snacks, or if your dog has spilled its kibble, this is the tool for you. Another great feature of the Casabella dustpan and brush set is the integrated comb. This is a regular feature on full-sized brooms and dustpans but is rarely found on small ones.

The comb has long spikes that allow you to remove all the dust, dirt, and debris that might get stuck in the brush.

The brush has a pointed tip, which makes it easy to clean up corners. You’ve most likely tried to sweep something that seems to be stuck in the corner of the room and have had a hard time. This is the perfect solution.

The rubber lip on the dustpan can be an issue, though, as a lot of users report that it tends to fall off after a few uses. Not everyone has had this problem, so it might be a quality control issue, and the dustpan works just fine even without the lip.

8# SANGFOR Upright Broom and Dustpan Combo

The bottom and the top of the dustpan are both made out of durable plastic, and the pole on the broom is made of stainless steel.

The bristles on the SANGFOR broom and dustpan set are made out of soft plastic, ensuring scratch-free cleaning, great for hardwood floors. The dustpan features the classic soft rubber lip that allows it to stick to any surface, providing for a tight seal and a line-free sweep.

Another useful feature of this product is the heavy-duty plastic comb that is located on the dustpan, ensuring for simple, quick, and easy cleaning of the broom. Keeping the broom clean is important, as you don’t want to be spreading the dirt and debris around the floor.

The pole on the broom is expandable, consisting of 4 segments.

The set itself snaps together and can be stored on the ground in gaps of fridges, washing machines, or upright to save space.

The size of this broom and dustpan set is a great 54 inches when fully extended, though the handle can be a bit fragile and bend in places where the different segments meet when assembled.

9# Quickie Debris Dustpan with Handle

This is one of the more interesting additions on our list, as it is the first broom and dustpan combo that doesn’t come together.

Amazon lists three different products made and manufactured by Quickie, a reputable manufacturer of numerous well-known cleaning products. And even though it doesn’t offer the cheapest products around, they are quite durable.

The first item on the list of three is a heavy-duty dustpan. This is a standing dustpan that is made of high-quality plastic and a stainless steel handle. It’s made for professional use and is heavy-duty and wear-proof.

The second item on the list of three is a lobby broom. It’s a classical broom that is made for cleaning households or work environments.

It has a stainless steel handle, sprayed with a grit spray, making it easy to hold and maneuver. It comes with fully synthetic poly broom fibers, making it ideal for indoor use.

It’s only 31 inches tall, though, which is pretty short for a full-sized broom.

The third item on the list is a heavy-duty broom, made from durable and quality plastic and steel for the handle. It has hard stiff broom fibers that help sweep away heavy debris like dirt, making it ideal for outdoor sweeping. It has a powder-coated handle for a tight grip.

10# Homemaxs Long Handle Broom with Dustpan – Newest 2020

This is the last addition on our list, but it’s far from the least. This broom and dustpan set is highly versatile and is sure to fit any budget with its competitive price.

The bristles are made out of high toughness PET, a soft and dense material, making it ideal for removing hairs, dust, and other debris from any type of surface. The handle and the dustpan are both lightweight and feel comfortable in hand.

It has three layers of bristles that catch a lot of debris with every swipe, but they are on the softer side. They tend to bend out of shape after a while. The dustpan is not balanced and will fall over if you don’t hold it upright or lean it against something. It’s not a huge issue but can get annoying.

A useful feature of the dustpan is the row of long teeth on the integrated comb, which do an excellent job of cleaning the bristles from hairs and lint, making it easy to clean the broom after each use.

This is the second product on our list that features a full money-back guarantee, making it a safe bet. We’re sure you won’t be needing it, though, as the product has overwhelmingly positive reviews from customers.

How To Clean The Floor With a Dustpan Set?

Using a dustpan set for cleaning is a simple task. It is as simple as sweeping all the mess and debris into a compacted clump first. When the debris is gathered in one place simply sweep all the debris into the dustpan while maintaining the correct angle to the flor so no debris gets left behind. Dustpans and brooms are specifically meant for dry mess or debris. Cleaning wet debris may damage your bristles and requires a mop instead. It is vital to note that the dustpan set be used for the specific surface or setting which may otherwise damage your dustpan set or flooring.

How To Take Care of Your Broom and Dustpan Set?

Taking care of your broom and dustpan set is extremely important. Once you’ve done your cleaning you’ll need to properly store your dustpan set. If it is kept in an environment which is too humid or hot, it may damage the entire set as moisture damages bristles and heat damages the rubber blades on dustpans. Moreover it is vital to keep your brrom and dustpan clean after it has cleaned your floor. Simply brush off dust and debris from it to keep it in pristine condition so it can last you long.

Things that can destroy your broom and dustpan

No matter how high quality your set is, if you don’t take proper care of it and use it properly, you will destroy it in due time. Things that might damage your broom and dustpan set include:

  • Trying to sweep up water
  • Applying too much pressure
  • Exposure to the elements
  • Improper Maintenance
  • Improper cleaning techniques


A broom and a proper dustpan are a must-have when it comes to any cleaning arsenal. A good set can make a huge difference in how fast you can clean your floors, and how stress-free the process will be.

Whether you’re a professional or just want to keep your home nice and tidy, you will benefit from working with a good broom and dustpan set. There are plenty of good options to choose from on this list, regardless of what your needs and preferences are.

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