Top 10 Best Broom Holder Reviews 2023

Is there a bigger irony than a messy cleaning closet?

Brooms, Dustpans, Rakes, Brushes, Rags – there are more cleaning tools than you can imagine. Having all of them in one closet can lead to a bigger mess than they themselves can solve.

Keeping your house, office, or backyard clean is a difficult job. You have quite a lot of tools, and they can get disorganized pretty quickly. However, if you keep everything nice and tidy, you’ll never have to run around the house looking for your broom.

We’ve compiled the ultimate guide to the best broom holder sets, so scroll down and start reading.

10 Best Broom Holder Set Reviews

How will you find the best broom, tool, or mop hanger if there are so many factors to consider? Well, there is a holder for everything and for everyone. We’ve listed the best options that Amazon has to offer, so without further ado, here are the best brooms and mop holders you can find online.

1# Berry Ave Broom Holder Tools Organizer- Top Picks

The Berry Ave Broom Holder and Garden Tool Organizer is a great organizer from a reputable manufacturer that makes a wide range of cleaning and organizing tools.

It’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, so you can hang it in your garden shed or a wall as well. The Berry Ave Broom Organizer promises a 35-pound holding capacity, thanks to the super-strong spring-loaded rubber gripped slots.

These will hold the heaviest of mops and even shovels without a problem. However, it takes plenty of force to push the springs back and insert a handle in the slots because the springs are so strong. You have to be careful not to pinch your fingers.

It’s fairly easy to install, and all the screws, anchors, and instructions come with the package. The instructions are a bit vague, though, and the anchors are not the greatest, so you’re better of just getting high-quality anchors from the hardware store, just to be on the safe side.

It holds everything in place incredibly well, although the space between the slots could be a bit wider. While there are five slots, it will be difficult to fit more than three brooms if they have wider heads, or if you are hanging shovels and rakes.

If your brooms and mops have narrower heads or you don’t mind them overlapping a bit, you can fit five of them no problem. It’s a solid product overall and works as advertised.

2# 6 Hooks Home- It Mop and Broom Holder

This wall-mounted organization tool is designed to hold most common household objects with handles of varying thicknesses. It’s a compact package and lets you organize your brooms and mops even if you have very limited storage space.

The rack that this holder has on it features 5 different slots for different-sized objects and 6 hooks that can help you hang all your kitchen utensils, cleaning rags, and other things. The little balls in each slot roll out of the way as you insert a handle and snap back with a satisfying “click” sound, to hold the handle firmly in place.

Every ball slot on the organizer has a diameter of up to 1.1 inches, fitting the most common handheld tools, kitchen utensils, and cleaning tools. The holding capacity of each slot is 7.5 lbs, and while the springs are a bit lighter than on the first holder on our list, it’s also much easier to push the handles in and snap them in place.

The springs can sometimes be more loosely fitted, causing brooms to slide down, or they may be a bit too tight, but it’s easy enough to fix this issue. Remove the spring from the back, rotate the plastic screw holding it by 180 degrees, and reinsert the screw. This should help get the spring tension just right.

It‘s also outdoors-friendly, making it ideal for gardens and garages, as it’s resistant to extreme temperatures and the elements.

3# Command High Capacity Broom Grippers

If you are looking for a simple and effective way to hang all your brooms, you are in the right place. The people behind the Command Broom and Mop Grippers understand that there isn’t always a need for a big hanging rack. And a lot of people don’t want to damage their walls by drilling holes in them either.

That is why these compact, single mop grippers come with strong adhesive tape. The Command grippers provide a damage-free hanging with a stunning capacity of 4 pounds. You can hang everything here, as long as it’s not too heavy or more than 1 inch in diameter.

The best thing about it is that you can space out several grippers as wide as you like – one-piece grippers often have very little space between each slot, and this product helps solve that problem. The main issue with these is that the adhesive won’t work well on all surfaces – it has a hard time sticking to brick walls and other rough surfaces.

If you have any trouble with the adhesive, you can always use put some high-quality super glue on the back to make sure it sticks well, and leave it overnight to set properly.

The mechanism is simple and holds everything tight, we just wish they used a stronger adhesive for the pads. Even so, the Command grippers work well for most people.

4# ONMIER Wall Mounted Organizer

The ONIMER mop and broom holder is a sturdy organizer with an impressive holding capacity of 10kg. It’s made by a reputable manufacturer of cleaning products and organization tools, so you know you’re getting a decent product.

The ONIMER mop and broom holder is extremely easy to install and comes with all the screws and clear instructions. You also get a good deal if you order a two-pack, but with five nicely spaced out slots and six hooks, one unit is more than enough for most people’s needs.

The unit is low-profile and great for tight spaces, and the friction grips work smoothly. We wouldn’t recommend using it for heavier tools if you’re going to use the screws and mounts it comes with to attach it. The anchors and screws are a bit flimsy, and it’s best to just go to the hardware store and pick up some long and solid ones.

Other than that, it works quite well, and when attached with decent screws and anchors will easily hold up to 22 lbs, as advertised.

It’s great for gardens and yards and can be used both outside and inside the house.

5# Homely Center Mounted Tool Rack Organizer

There are few tools that can combine a low price and great quality quite like Homely Wall Mounted Mop and Broom Holder can.

You can forget about brooms and mops falling out of your holder, as this product has a serious vise-like grip that locks them firmly in place. In fact, the grip is so strong that you may find it a bit difficult pushing in brooms and mops at first, and it won’t fit anything with a handle diameter of over 1 inch.

On the plus side, the all-steel holders will carry all your broom, mops, and small household tools for years without ever bending or loosening up.

It’s heat-resistant, so it works well for both indoor and outdoor use. This product is also incredibly simple to install, and you can mount your holder on an inside or outside wall, making it ideal for garages, gardens, bathrooms, and so on.

You can use screws, adhesive tape, or drywall anchors, so you can keep your walls hole-free if that’s what you want. As with similar options on our list, the screws and fittings that come with it are on the weaker side, so you might want to replace them with sturdier ones.

Another great aspect of this broom and mop holder is the company’s full money-back policy.

6# NZACE Wall Mount Garage Tool Organizer

If you have an unorganized garage or shed, the NZACE Adjustable Storage System is a great option for you.

This wall holder is ideal for cleaning products and tools, as well as garden and home tools, making it work anywhere from your basement and garage to the shed or even an outside wall.

It comes in all sorts of different sizes, up to 48 inches in storage length – the holders can be linked together through an interlocking mechanism. It can hold anything from rakes, brooms, mops, scissors, and all kinds of tools.

NZACE is made out of thick galvanized steel S hooks and a vinyl coating to ensure a tight grip on the tools placed in it. The assembly comes with screws and instructions, but the instructions are a bit confusing and you can just throw out the screws and buy sturdier ones.

The holder also comes with small plastic pegs for smaller items like clippers, scissors, brushes, and rags, but be sure to mount the unit with the peg holes on the bottom. The picture might show them on the top, but they won’t fit right this way.

The S hooks work wonderfully to hold brooms and heavy-duty items, but since the rail is made of plastic, it’s best to avoid hanging too many heavy tools like shovels, axes or sledgehammers.

7# 5 Ball Slots and 6 Hooks IMILLET Mop and Broom Holder

The IMillet Mop and Broom Holder is a high-quality organization tool with overwhelmingly positive reviews.

The product features 5 ball slots for all your brooms, mops, and rakes, and comes with 6 sturdy hooks to help you organize your unruly utensils and rags, all while saving space.

All the ball slots are spring-loaded and feature firm spring clips and rubber balls, ensuring that brooms and mops won’t fall out. It may have issues with very thin handles or handless thicker than 1 inch.

The IMillet Mop and Broom Holder sits firmly on the wall, but avoid using the screws that come with the package. This product comes with rolling balls and a rubber coating for a tight grip, supporting up to 6.5 pounds and can hold 11 different tools in total.

There seems to be an issue with quality control, as a few people have reported getting holders with the spring pressure either too weak, with brooms sliding and falling off, or too strong, with the brooms being difficult to pull out once inserted.

Since you can’t just turn a screw and re-position the springs, like on some other models, this can be a problem. Be sure to test it out right after you get it, even before mounting it, and keep the packaging. This way, you can return it and get a new, fully functional one if there are any issues.

8# Stainless Steel Favbal Broom & Mop Holder

The Favbal Broom and Mop Holder is a high-quality organization tool that is made out of rubber and stainless steel. And the manufacturer stands by their product, offering a full money-back guarantee.

This broom and mop holder is very durable, with strong triangle buckle and petal-shaped gears. These allow the holder to adjust its size automatically, based on the thickness of the tool you’ve attached to the Favball.

The commercial-grade hanger has an astonishing 30 pounds holding capacity in total – thanks to the firm spring-loaded double rubber gripped slots, it can even hold rakes, shovels, hammers, bags, and heavy spray mops. The rollers are a bit close to the wall, so we don’t advise leaving wet mops on it, as they’ll come in contact with the wall and stain it.

Yet another useful feature of this product is how simple it is to attach. You can either choose the screws or a powerful self-adhesive tape to set up this organization tool. That being said, it’s only 14.5 inches wide, so you can’t reach the full 16 inches between wall studs to ensure solid fastening.

It’s best to screw a 17-18 inch piece of 1×4 into the studs, and then screw the Favball broom and mop holder to that. This offers the most solid fit, which you’ll need since it takes a bit of force to pull the broom handles out of the strong grippers.

9# Shanney Commercial Tools Organizer

Shanney is a reputable company that has been making organization products for quite some time and has had some excellent reviews on all its products.

Saving space and storing is extremely simple with this mounted mop holder, as it fits handless of all different sizes, and it is one of the cheaper options on this list.

The rack on this thing is fantastic. It fits tightly when you use a decent set of screws from the hardware store, and it’s tough enough to withstand 35 pounds in total. Each ball grip holds up to 7.5 pounds of weight. There are also six foldable hooks that snap down easily and are thick enough to handle most small household tools and items.

Thanks to the spring-loaded double rubber gripped slots do a good job of holding lighter brooms and mops, but those with thicker handles, over 1 inch, may present a challenge.

Installing it is also fairly simple, although, as with most of these, just forget about the screws that come with the product and use better ones.

For added rigidity, you can mount it on a 1×4 screwed into the wall studs, like in the previous example. Just keep in mind that 7.5 pounds is the maximum capacity, so you shouldn’t hang anything heavier than 5-6 pounds if you want the springs in the grippers to last.

If you are not completely satisfied with the service that this product offers, you are entitled to a full refund.

10# MENXEN Single Broom Gripper

The professionals at MENXEN have designed a single broom gripper that’s easy to install and can be placed on any surface without leaving any holes or scratches. You just stick it to the wall with the powerful adhesive and let it sit there for 48 hours to bond.

The professional rack is waterproof once the glue is fully bonded, but it can’t be disassembled and moved – once it’s on, it stays on, so position it carefully. It’s suitable for all sorts of different surfaces such as tiles, plastic, wood, metal, and glass.

The grippers hold everything nice and tight and make an audible click sound when the handle is secure. They are plastic, though, and don’t bend much or support a lot of side-to-side motion, so you have to be somewhat gentle when pulling out your brooms and mops.

As long as you snap the handles in and out in a straight line, applying minimal pressure and without yanking or twisting, you should be fine.

The other issue is that the adhesive is so strong that if you break a gripper by accident and want to take it off, it will take a square patch of paint or wallpaper along with it. At least you won’t have to worry about it ever falling off.

How Do I Choose the Best Broom-Holder?

There are innumerable ways to organize your cleaning closet, but none can compare to the simple elegance and efficiency of the broom holder.

A good broom holder can be a real life-saver and can help you keep all your cleaning supplies neat and tidy in a corner of the room or in a closet. Sadly, like with most reasonably-priced products, there are a lot of shoddy ones on the internet. How can you tell which ones are worth your cold hard cash?

When you are looking for the best broom or mop holder, you should always consider a couple of different essential factors.

Maximal Weight and Capacity

There are single grippers, the most common ones with five slots and six hooks, those without hooks, ultra-wide ones for heavy-duty tools, and so on. The total weight a unit can handle, and the total weight each of its grippers can handle will also vary.

Make a list of the tools you want to put on a broom and mop hanger, and then look for ones with enough slots and strength to handle your needs.

Adhesive or Screw-in Mounting Method

Most larger mop and broom holders are wall mounted using six screws and anchors, while a small single mop and brush holder will often be glued to the wall.

However, even some larger models offer an adhesive mounting option alongside screws. It all depends on whether you want to drill holes in your wall and how heavy your mops and tools are.

All-Steel Construction vs. Plastic

In general, an all-steel mop and broom rack will handle more weight and be better suited to outdoor use, because it’s impervious to the elements and tougher. However, a bulkier plastic model will do a fine job of holding most brooms and mops and some lighter tools and may fit in well with your interior design.

Single Mop and Broom Organizer vs. A Rack

A single broom and mop wall hanger is an incredibly compact way to store lighter cleaning tools, and they are cheaper. You can also put as much space between each holder as you like, while racks often have very little space between holders.

Some people don’t use the hooks that come with racks, so a row of single holders can be a more efficient solution.

How Broom and Mop Holder Help You To Organize Your Cleaning Tools?

Most people leave their brooms and mops in a corner behind the bathroom door, leaning against a wall just out of sight, or jumbled up in the closet. The problem with this is that it takes ages to get your mop out, and you can end up tipping things over and making a mess.

A broom and mop holder lets you hang each cleaning tool side-by-side, and makes it easy for you to just grab a broom and go to work. With the addition of hooks, you can now hang rags, small brushes, cleaning products, rubber gloves and anything else in one spot.

It saves you a ton of space and makes storing everything away after a busy day of cleaning the house a breeze. You can use them in your shed and garage as well, and hang all those clunky garden tools that you keep tripping over, or those scissors and hammers you keep losing around the house.

FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions


In conclusion, you have a lot to benefit from the products that are listed in this article.

Organizing all your cleaning tools can save you quite a lot of time and stress in the future, and it’s never too late to improve.

Whether you have a cleaning closet, garage, or any other facility you use to store your cleaning products, if the place doesn’t have at least one heavy-duty broom holder, you’re doing it wrong.

All the tools that are listed in this article have passed my basic quality tests with flying colors.

If you face a problem with any of them, it can easily be resolved, and if you have any questions, you should ask the manufacturers on Amazon. The customer service of al these companies is excellent, and they’re sure to get back to you quickly. So, what are you waiting for? Now is as good a time as any to get yourself organized.

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