Top 10 Best Electric Mop: Keeping Your Floors Clean And Sanitized

Cleaning with a regular mop isn’t just out of fashion, it’s also incredibly ineffective. If you’re tired of bending over backward to shine, scrub, and wax your floors, then it’s time to get an electric mop.

Electric mops clean faster and more efficiently than your regular mop with half the time and effort. Once you use an electric mop, you’ll find that cleaning up becomes a lot easier and more enjoyable.

But what kind of electric mop should you pick? Each electric mop has its own set of features, and if you’ve never used them before, it’s easy to be intimidated by all the options.

If you’re lost and need a little helping picking that perfect electric mop, this is the guide for you. I’ve reviewed 10 mops that can clean floors, wax wood, and scrub dirt that a regular mop can’t budge. I’ll discuss some frequently asked questions about choosing your own electric mop, the best ways to keep them running for longer, and other tips to keep in mind when using one.

My Top 10 Picks For The Best Electric Floor Mop

These 10 mops are some of the best electric mops I’ve ever used, with a plethora of features that all make your cleaning easier. Read on for my in-depth review of each mop!

1# Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop Reviews

The BISSELL PowerFresh Steam Mop is a premium electric mop that can sanitize and clean at the same time. It can be used on ceramic tile, vinyl, wood, and linoleum, softening and mopping even the most stubborn of spills. The sticky scrubber feature combined with its versatile steam control makes it an excellent fit for large homes or big spaces that require a lot of effort to clean.

The digital steam control is my favorite feature of this product. It’s simple to use and warms up in under half a minute so all you need to do is to plug, wait, then clean. The microfiber mop heads are thick and absorbent, so you don’t have to worry about doing multiple passes over a single spot. It cleans fast, handles well, and is easy to maintain – this is undoubtedly the best electric steam mop that I’ve ever used.

One flaw I found while I was testing it is with the water tank. While the rest of the PowerFresh mop is well-constructed, the water tank (made of plastic) can leak a lot. This seems to be a fairly common problem, which is why BISSELL also offers a one-year warranty to replace your mop if you run into this issue. My advice is to never leave the water tank inside the mop while you’re using it. That way, you avoid any soaked circuitry or sparks when you turn it on.

2# Shark VM252 VACMOP Pro Cordless Reviews

If you want a powerful cleaning tool that can vacuum and mop at the same time, I’d recommend the Shark VACMOP Pro. You don’t need to break out half of your cleaning supplies to get rid of messes anymore. All you have to do is turn it on, start cleaning, and dispose of the pad when you’re done. For me, it’s a convenient way to tackle messy spills that I’d normally need multiple appliances to clean.

What makes this product so great is that I can vacuum and mop at the same time, without worrying about streaks, stains, or spills. It makes cleaning easy with its cordless operation and fast-charging battery. For that reason, I’d say this is the best electric mop for seniors since there’s no need to bend down, step over wires, or even carry a heavy, dirt-filled vacuum bag. It even has attached LED lights on the mop head so you can see under tables and furniture!

What might be less appealing to people is the disposable pad. It’s admittedly a great attachment that can trap both solids and liquids into a single pad for no-touch disposal, but it’s not reusable. You can’t use the VACMOP with generic microfiber pads either, so you always have to make sure you have spares on hand. While I did get some extra disposable pads when I bought my mop, I also made sure to buy a box of more extras just in case. If you want to stay environmentally-friendly or don’t want to keep paying for more pads, I suggest you use another mop instead.

3# Cordless Electric Spin Mop- Powerful Cleaner and Waxing

If you have a textured hardwood floor, you might find that your mop can leave streaks or marks on it when you’ve finished mopping. That’s why I recommend the vmai Cordless Electric Mop for hassle and streak-free cleaning! It’s a highly effective mop that can get rid of stubborn stains and buff your floor to a mirror shine once you’re done.

The advantage of using a spin mop like the vmai is that it’s powerful enough to clean even the most stubborn of stains, but it doesn’t have the same abrasive action that scrubber pads have. These pads won’t damage any finish or shave off any flooring with long-term use, and you can easily swap out the mopping pad for the polishing pad when you’re done cleaning. It’s easily the best electric spin mop that I’ve ever used, but it can be a little too strong at times. The spinning action pushes the mop ahead for you so you don’t have to apply any force to clean, just make sure to lift things like carpet out of the way.

While it has a cordless design for easier handling, that’s also what I found to be its biggest flaw. The rechargeable battery lasts a little over 30 minutes at most, so I wasn’t able to clean as large of an area as I’d like. You can’t source a new battery either without buying another mop, so I recommend this model for small apartments that don’t have a lot of floor space to clean.

4# PurSteam Steamers- Pet Friendly Steamer Whole House Multipurpose Use

Like the name implies, the PurSteam Steam Mop Cleaner 10-in-1 is a versatile mop with multiple uses! It’s an all-around cleaning tool that I use to remove grout, steam clothes, and clean countertops.

The mop uses copious amounts of steam to loosen dirt and sanitize floors. The microfiber mop heads are great at cleaning up huge chunks of dirt, but you need to clean or swap pads frequently since they get dirty easily. I usually keep two pads on rotation – I clean with one while the other is in the washing machine.

The PurSteam’s attachments are a bit of a mixed bag. I found that the window squeegee and cleaning pads were comfortable to use and seem to be built well, but the nylon brushes have fragile bristles. If you clean stubborn messes like I do, you might want to scrub the stain by hand if you don’t want to find replacements for the attached brushes. Most of them are easy to buy online, but there aren’t a lot of suppliers that carry all the parts – this means you’ll have to do your own research and sourcing if you want to replace an attachment.

5# Hoover FloorMate Deluxe Hard Floor Cleaner

For stubborn stuck-on dirt, I always prefer a vigorous scrub. The Hoover FloorMate Deluxe mop is a great vacuum + mop machine that can suck up surface dirt and deep scrub the rest, which saves me a lot of time cleaning surfaces like tile or granite flooring. With its rapidly-spinning brushes, it can clear a large area with minimal effort.

The multi-surface spin mops work best with sealed hardwood flooring, since it’s possible that the abrasive scrubbing can scratch away other finishes or urethane coats. The plastic bristles dig deep into the surface of your floor, removing and sucking away solid bits of dirt and dust. After the initial wash, the vacuum will suck up any solid particles and liquids left over, storing them in a dual-tank system that separates dirty and clean water.

These features make for a powerful mop that thrives when used on solid, durable surfaces. Of all the products on this list, I’d say this is easily the best electric mop for hardwood floors.

However, be prepared to be lifting a lot if you use this mop. This is one of the heaviest steam mops that I’ve ever used because the bulky mop head takes up a lot of room. This can also make maneuvering it around tight corners a bit of a squeeze, so you might have to do some follow-up cleaning with another broom or mop. It’s a product that’s really designed to tackle large areas, so I wouldn’t recommend you use this for small apartments or areas that have a lot of furniture.

6# Gladwell Cordless Mop- Powerful Cleaner Spin Scrubber and Buffer

If you need to clean and polish a large area, I recommend the Gladwell Cordless Electric Mop. It’s a mop, scrubber, and waxer that can leave your floors clean and shiny after a few sweeps. The efficient dual-spin motors give you twice the cleaning power with half the effort, with a cordless design that gives you a lot of flexibility while you clean.

Wet mopping with the dual-spin mopping pads is easy because of the different settings that you can use to clean. The water reservoir works great at holding the cleaning solution without any leaks, which is crucial to avoid any wet circuitry. You can remove the entire tank, fill it in with water, and put it back in. The pads are made of microfiber cloth so they pick up things like hair and dust quite well.

What I didn’t like about this model is that for a two-hour charge time, the battery ran out fairly quickly. You can easily check the battery status on the indicator, but the frequent need to recharge makes long cleaning sessions almost impossible. I also found that It also sacrifices a lot of power to accommodate the waxing feature – if you need to remove stuck-on stains, you need to use an actual brush to get them out. It can scrub away dust, but not caked dirt.

7# Shark Genius Hard Floor Cleaning System Pocket Mop

One problem that I found with using steam mops is that it’s possible to use too much steam. Some floors like granite or sealed hardwood can tolerate the moisture, but others like vinyl plank flooring need something a little more delicate. That’s why I recommend the Shark Genius to anyone who needs a steam mop, but doesn’t want to risk damaging the structure of their flooring.

Unlike the VACMOP Pro, the Genius is a product that’s completely focused on mopping rather than general cleaning. However, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing – what it lacks in versatility it makes up for in simplicity and efficacy. This ease-of-use, along with a few other choice features, make this my #1 pick for the best electric mop for vinyl floors.

What’s great about this mop is that you can use the targeted steam blaster to precisely remove specific areas of dirt rather than douse your entire floor with hot air. This keeps the adhesive below your flooring safe and prevents mold forming between tiles. I also like the dual-sided mop head design: once one side gets dirty enough, just flip the head over to use the clean side.

One irritating thing that I did find with the Genius is the water tank’s design. Unlike other steam mops or spray mops, you can’t remove the water tank. And because the best way to keep the electronics running is to empty the water tank before storage, you need to hold the entire mop upside down to get all the water removed.

8# Bissell PowerFresh Slim Hard Wood Floor Steam Cleaner System

A sturdy and lightweight mop that you can use almost anywhere, the Bissell PowerFresh Slim Steam Mop is a handy yet compact cleaning tool that will suit most apartment dwellers. It’s a portable model that packs in a lot of features and attachments, and it’s one of the few mops that I can use for overhead cleaning.

The PowerFresh Slim is easy to operate, and preheats as soon as you plug it in. Between the four different accessories and the handheld design, I was able to clean a large portion of my rooms aside from the flooring! I was even able to reach small areas and tight corners with the concentrator nozzle, and closely scrub areas like bathroom tiles with the crevice brush.

However, this mop does run into a few problems: the most annoying is that the brush and pads aren’t as durable like the ones you can find on other models. I found that the plastic bristles on the brush get flattened if you use it for too long, and the design of the mop pad doesn’t absorb a lot of water. You might have to leave some time for your area to air-dry or wipe it down with a cloth after you use this.

9# Shark Cordless Hard Floor Vacuum Mop

The Shark VACMOP is basically a more budget-friendly option of the VACMOP Pro. It still has the disposable pad and vacuum + mop combination, but you do miss out on a few nifty features that can make your cleaning session a lot easier. But despite these drawbacks, I find that it’s still a reasonably efficient tool that cleans well.

The biggest difference between the VACMOP and the VACMOP Pro is that this model doesn’t have integrated headlights or a magnetic charging connector. This might not seem like a big difference, but these features help improve the handling of the VACMOP Pro and make it safer to operate. The missing headlights make cleaning underneath cabinets a bit more difficult, and the standard charging connector can be dangerous if you have kids around. Aside from these differences, the two models are almost identical with their features.

But that also means the VACMOP has the same big downside as the VACMOP Pro: the disposable pads. You’ll either love the disposable pad because it’s easy to use, or hate that you need to keep buying extras. Fortunately, the refills for both models aren’t different, so you can always use your extra pads if you decide to upgrade to the Pro Model.

10# Bissell 20391 Hard Floor Mop Cleaner

The Bissell Spinwave is the perfect fit for sealed hardwood flooring, managing to bring the best of steam mop cleaning with the hard-to-clean nature of wood flooring. While I normally shy away from using steam mops to clean sealed hardwood, this model can deeply scrub wood while leaving it free from moisture damage.

That’s all thanks to the combined action of its circular scrubbers and water sprayer. The Bissell has an even spray compared to other steam or spray mops, which help you gauge how much water you need to remove any grime. With a width of 14 inches, the mop head can cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time, and I found it easy to tuck it underneath cabinets and other furniture because of its short height. You can swap between the scrubbers or the soft pads depending on the mess, and you can clean both of them in the washing machine.

The only reason I’d advise that you NOT use this mop is if you’re not sure about what kind of hardwood floor you have. Any excess heat or moisture can quickly seep into the wooden seams even if it has a finish. If you aren’t experienced with using steam mops or you’re not sure about the exact nature of your wooden flooring, don’t use this product.

What To Remember Before Buying An Electric Mop?

Now you know which models to look out for, how can you decide which is the best electric mop for all floors?

Your Cleaning Routine

Your cleaning routine is the biggest factor in deciding what kind of electric mop you should get. This encompasses the flooring you have, the size of the place you need to clean, and how often you have to clean it. If you don’t have to clean that often or have a small place, then you should choose the Shark Genius Steam Mop. But if you have a large place or there’s a lot of foot traffic happening inside it, then I recommend the Hoover FloorMate Deluxe.

Your Budget

While there’s not a lot of difference between the prices of most electric mops, your budget will also have to include products like cleaning solutions and replacement pads. If you don’t have the budget for replacing your cleaning formula and pads every time they wear out, go with the vmai Cordless Electric Mop. For people that don’t want to bother with the maintenance and cleanup, the Shark VACMOP Pro is a better choice.

Features vs Function

You’ll notice that there are some electric mops on my list that you can use on other surfaces aside from flooring. While they’re extremely handy since they cover a wider range of functions, you need to balance the use you’re expecting from your electric mop. Just because you CAN use a mop a steamer doesn’t mean you should. Aside from having more tools and attachments to tuck away, added features usually mean that some power has to be removed from the motor so it can work.

Water Tank Size

All electric mops will have a water tank that you can load with water so you don’t have to use a bucket when you clean. Electric mops will only continue to work as long as there’s water inside their tanks. Once it runs out, most mops will either shut down or start dirtying your floor. The larger the area you have to clean, the bigger your tank has to be. But also remember that bigger tanks need more time to warm up, so you can’t always clean as soon as you turn your mop on.

Motor Speed And Water Temperature

Some models will give you options with how hot the steam/water can get and how fast your mops spin. These give you more flexibility with cleaning delicate floors, with a slight dip in power and sizeable differences in speed between different brands. Single-setting mops are more reliable and perform consistently across the board, but you should be careful with using them on incompatible flooring.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about using electric mops that I wasn’t able to answer earlier

Can I Use An Electric Mop For Any Kind Of Floor?

Electric mops can usually work with almost any kind of flooring, but it’s important to check the packaging for specific floor types that it can work with. A key factor that many people seem to forget is that the mop pads and the cleaning solution also influence how well your flooring will hold up to an electric mop. I recommend doing a test on a small area of your floor before using your electric mop on the entire area.

Is Steaming Floors Better Than Mopping? (Steaming vs Mopping Floors)

It depends on whether you’re fine with using chemical cleaners on your floor. The biggest issue with mops is that they require detergent or similar solutions that can wear away at the flooring. Steaming is a great alternative for delicate floorings like wood, or when there are pets and small children in the house.

Do Steam Mops Really Work? (What Are The Merits Of Steam Mops?)

Steam mops work best when you have dirt that you can’t remove with a normal mop. One advantage I found with using steam mops is that they’re great for people who suffer from allergies. Since the heat both lifts dust and kills germs, I found the air quality in my place improved rapidly.

The second benefit of a steam mop is that you don’t have to spend anything on cleaning solutions. All you need to do is to refill the water tank and you’re ready! It’s an excellent choice for people on a budget who don’t need heavy-duty chemical cleaning products.

Can I Put Vinegar In My Steam Mop?

No. Vinegar is corrosive even in trace amounts and will wreck the internal mechanisms of your electric mop. The odor will also stick to any flooring you apply it to, which can be difficult to remove without professional products or help.


The best electric mop can help make cleaning an effortless task, even if you have a large place to clean. Once you’ve picked your model, maintain and clean it as the instructions specify, to keep it in good shape. You should also check the amount of dirt that sticks to your pads, so you know if you need to buy some extras.

While this list includes the best electric mops on the market, remember to choose a model that suits your home. Assessing your home’s compatibility with your new electric mop is the best way to make sure you get your money’s worth. When in doubt, I always recommend that you get a model with a generous warranty period and return policy, so you’re covered if it doesn’t work out.

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