Top 10 Electric Pressure Washer Reviews & Buying Guide 2023

Electric Pressure Washer, quite popular among domestic users because of its minimal noise, lightweight, and high portability features. You can easily clean any 15-year-old house, dust-ridden car, backyard, furniture etc. (Check out The Cleaning Checklist). Gone are the days of scrubbing while carrying around a bucket of soap water.

Electric Pressure Washer takes in water and sends out a fine spray at super high speeds from 1000 PSI to 2000 PSI. However, the latest devices come with more speed as well as pressure (2000 PSI to 3000 PSI). Compared to a gas pressure washer, which is even faster as well as more intense than that of any latest electric pressure washer available in the market today. Check out our detailed guide on the knowledge section.

Let’s discuss the model now. It’s important to select the right electric pressure washer for the right cleaning jobs. Recently, more advanced products have been introduced to the market, therefore, picking the best electric pressure washers has become rather challenging. Many big companies like Shark, Yamaha, North star introduced new pressure washer products to the market, which still took over 200 hours of research for fixating on our 10 best electric power pressure washers.

How To Choose

To Get The Best Electric Power Pressure Washers You Have To Know 2 Things First, Objectives of Cleaning & 2nd The Essential Parts Of Pressure Washers. Let’s Have a Look!


Things You Need To Know

Electric-powered pressure washers generally take a bit more time than gas-powered pressure washers, but they afford you with more accuracy and thoroughness.

They’re perfect for regular maintenance of vehicles because they emit a bit weaker jets of waters which won’t damage the paint, they won’t break (or damage) glass windows while gas-pressure washers most certainly would, and they’re generally perfect for grills, barbecues, and outdoor furniture.

Cleaning Check List

Electric pressure washer 500 to 2000 PSI recommended for light and medium duty job for home user and for Professional 2000 to 4000 PSI medium & heavy duty job.

Best forBest for
Cars Patio Furniture
StairsOld House
PoolWood fence
Exterior sidingWindow
Surface CleaningOld Kayak Cleaning
Backyard Garage Cleaning
Brick Cleaning Chairs

Top 10 Best Electric Pressure Washer Reviews

1. Editorial Pick: Sun Joe SPX3000 Max Electric Pressure Washer

The first model in our review is also one of the best electric power washer models you can get for the money, not to mention that it doesn’t cost a fortune. The Sun Joe’s SPX3000 electric power washer is strong, versatile, and perfect for practically everything and everyone.

It might very well be the best pressure washer for home use as it economizes water and electricity consumption with its TSS technology (total-stop system). It features a 14.5 amp 1.8-kilowatt motor, and a couple of onboard accessories including the garden-hose adapter, the dual detergent-tank system, and a telescopic wand adjustment.

2. Best Saving: Greenworks 1700 PSI Electric Power Pressure Washer

Next up we have Greenworks GPW1702 electric pressure washer. Frankly, this particular model made it onto our list of the best power washers mainly due to its superb performance, but there are plenty of other benefits you will potentially reap from buying it, such as the attachments it already comes supplied with.

Briefly, the Greenworks GPW1702 electric pressure washer packs 1700 PSI of power and emits 1.2 gallons per minute, which means that it’s slightly weaker in comparison to the Sun Joe’s model. However, it still packs quite a punch and is absolutely perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, and it’s possibly the best home pressure washer in its price point category.

3. Best Warranty: AR ANNOVI REVERBERI AR390SS Blue Washer

Here we have AR Annovi Reverberi’s AR390SS power washer model which looks great, packs quite a punch, and doesn’t cost too much for it. It already comes with a variety of attachments on-board, including a huge 48-ounce detergent tank, and four quick-change pressure nozzles. This power washer has a 2000 PSI cap, although it typically works at 1700 PSI.

4. Best For 3000 PSI: Powerhouse International Platinum Edition

The next model on our list is also one of the most powerful electric pressure washers available on the market. The Powerhouse International has been true to its name while putting out this amazing ‘little’ gadget, as it sports 3000 PSI loading at 2.2 gallons per minute.

Though not exactly ‘little’, this pressure washer is literally all you need to clean virtually anything – it is laden with state of the art technologies and premium quality attachments and features, and it might very well be the best model on our list.

5. Renowned Brand: Stanley SLP2050 Electric Power Washer

The Stanley’s SLP2050 electric pressure washer is a portable cleaning tool best suited for cleaning your home’s exterior. It packs a variety of top-shelf features, excellent water consumption economy, and a variety of accessories to adapt to any given situation.

6. Amazon Choice: Sun Joe SPX3001 Electric Pressure Washer

We’ve decided to add another Sun Joe’s power washer model to our list, and this time we’re reviewing the SPX3001, a 2030 PSI electric pressure washer which puts out 1.76 gallons per minute jet streams.

Essentially, this is the first model that came out after the SPX3000, and even though there are several obvious improvements, it largely resembles its predecessor. The reason why we’ve introduced the SPX3001 to our list of the best electric pressure washers is because it offers a bit more versatility and convenience to those who don’t mind paying a bit more for it.

7. Best Additional Feature: Briggs & Stratton 20680

Briggs & Stratton is a huge brand which boasts a hefty catalog of premium-quality appliances and gadgets. We’ve plucked out their 20680 model for our review due to many reasons, specifically because it offers a great balance between performance, water economy, and accessories it comes supplied with.

It’s definitely a bit weaker than most models we’ve covered so far since it packs only 1800 PSI (at peak) at 1.2 GPM, although this does bring a variety of other benefits to the table.

Some of the most notable features of Briggs & Stratton’s 20680 electric power washer are the welded-steel frame, a long 20-feet hose, the telescopic wand adjustment, and two oversize rolling wheels for additional mobility.

8. Below $100 Electric Pressure Washer: Greenworks GPW1502

If you’re out on the market looking to sport a low-impact power washer, Greenworks’ GPW1502 might be a perfect solution for you. This particular model is substantially different from the previous Greenworks model we’ve covered (GPW1702) as it comes from a completely different series.

The GPW150w is small, compact, and incredibly light. Although it doesn’t come supplied with some of the features which we could easily label as ‘traditional’, such as a power washer platform or caster wheels, it’s just as mobile and easy to use.

9. Generac 6882 GPW 2900PSI

Simply put, Generac 6882 SpeedWash is a powerhouse of a power washer. It rocks 2900 PSIs and can easily go toe to toe with some of the strongest gas powered pressure washers due to its sheer power.

However, it doesn’t rely on brute strength alone as it comes outfitted with a multitude of highly convenient accessories and adjustments, such as the turbo nozzle, the power broom, a huge 30-feet pressure-flex hose, as well as four quick-change nozzles.

10. Karcher K5 X-Series Electric Power Pressure Washer

Let’s wrap it up with Karcher K5 electric pressure washer. Basically, the K5 is a schoolbook example of what a decent power washer should be like. It’s quick, fast, adequately powerful and very easy to use.

As far as its most notable specs are concerned, the Karcher K5 rocks a 120-volt motor, it rocks 2000 PSI at 1.4 gallons per minute, a 25-feet pressure hose, and a plethora of accessories you can use to optimize its performance to different cleaning situations.

Electric Pressure Washer

What is Electric Pressure Washer?

First of all, let’s define what a pressure washer is before we get to the electric ones. A pressure washer is one of the most convenient tools you can have at home simply because it can be used in so many ways and situations. Pressure washers are basically super-hoses which shoot incredibly powerful water jets, allowing you to clean pretty much anything in the fastest way possible.

Now, there are two main categories of pressure washers – those that work on electricity, and those that work on gas.

Electric-powered pressure washers are connected to the electricity-powered station which provides them with power whereas gas-powered washers use a similar platform, with the only exception being that it works on gas.

Buying Guide

First of all, you should consider how much of power you need. If you’re looking for a power washer to use indoors, you should be fine with as much as 1,000 PSI model. If you need a model for exterior use, though, models with 1,500 – 2,000 PSI are recommended. For heavy-duty cleaning (trucks, for example), 2,500 PSI and above should do the trick.

Secondly, consider how much portability you need. There are small, compact power washers you can carry around as you spray, but there are also those supplied with wheels – the former is perfect for indoors, the latter is perfect for outdoors.

Lastly, think about the value before you even see the price tag. Most models come in bundles, which means that you’ll almost always receive at least a couple of very convenient accessories.

Differences Between Gas & Electric Pressure Washer

There are numerous differences between gas and electric powered pressure washers, so let’s start from the very top.

First of all, Gas pressure washers are usually stronger and typically boast at least 2000 PSI of power. They also consume more water, which makes them a bit less economical in a sense.

On another hand, gas pressure washers are more efficient and faster, which basically means that you’ll get the job done a lot easier while saving up your precious time.

One of the most notable differences between gas and electric washers is that the latter category is actually suited for indoor use while the former isn’t. You can use an electric power washer to clean your home’s interior due to the smaller water output.

Last, but not least – gas-powered pressure washers are incredibly noisy while most electric powered pressure washers are basically soundless. This means a lot if you are surrounded by grumpy neighbors who are just waiting for an excuse to annoy you.

Electric Pressure Washer Attachment:

Essentially, the world of pressure washers is so huge, and it’s only going to get bigger with new technologies and gadgets flooding in each month. By using these adjustments and attachments you can modify your pressure jet with surface cleaners, water brooms, spray rollers, gauges, regulators, and more.

There are dozens of pressure washer attachments you can sport on the market, so let’s begin by dividing them into categories:

Surface cleaning pressure washer attachments

Most people who use electric pressure washers for surface cleaning have noticed that the process is quite slow, mainly because this particular sphere of cleaning is gas pressure jets’ domain. If you want to speed up the process substantially, we recommend that you try out surface cleaner, water broom, or spray roller adjustments.

Surface cleaners

In a nutshell, surface cleaners are the most widely used electric pressure washer attachments simply because they’re superior in terms of efficiency. These little gadgets have a round-shape casing equipped with bristles on the bottom which will help you clean virtually any surface while scrubbing it at the same time.

Consumer-grade surface cleaner attachments are relatively basic, easy to install, and just as easy to use. The more you are willing to invest in these adjustments, the more options they will provide for you. Professional grade surface cleaners are typically outfitted with a variety of premium quality features, such as roller-caster wheels for enhanced mobility, for example.

Water brooms

The water broom electric pressure washer attachments are used to ‘split’ the jet from your electric washer in two or more smaller sized jets. They’re always outfitted with caster wheels and are best used for cleaning lawns and home exterior floors. More advanced models feature larger wheels and built-in adjustments which allow you to further tweak your pressure washer’s performance.

Spray Rollers

The spray roller attachments are much similar to water brooms with the main difference between them being the way they are designed. Rollers don’t have a ‘set’ of caster wheels, instead they have just one ‘rolling wheel’. They’re perfect for wooden decks, but not so great for grassy surfaces or brick and stone surfaces.

Pressure washer attachments for hard-to-reach spots

Even though electric pressure washers are capable of emitting very accurate and powerful water jets, most models aren’t really well suited for cleaning hard-to-reach nooks and crannies. That’s the main reason why we suggest you try out the following attachments:

Telescoping wands

If the spots you are struggling to clean are just beyond your electric pressure washer’s reach, the best attachment you can use is the telescoping wand. Basically, these wands give you a better grip and provide you with a moderate boost in terms of reach and mobility.

Extension wands

Unlike telescoping wands, extension wands actually make the cleaning process a bit more difficult. By attaching an extension wand to your electric pressure washer you will significantly enhance its length, allowing you to reach virtually any spot both indoors and outdoors. However, this will add a bit of weight to your washer.

Regulators and gauges

In essence, regulators and gauges are small adjustments for older models, as most newer ones already have these feature installed. The pressure regulators are small pins that regulate the water pressure in your electric pressure washer, stabilizing the water jets and granting the washer a substantial boost in accuracy.

The pressure gauge is relatively useless when installed on any newer model as most bleeding-edge technology pressure jets already have a limitation cap in terms of pressure they can’t exceed under any circumstances. If you want to pimp up your old pressure washer, though, a pressure gauge will give you the pressure parameters which will change as you use the washer. Most gauges are analog.


Although detergents can’t be categorized as electric pressure washer accessories per se, they most certainly are and play a vital role in thorough, deep cleaning processes. No matter how strong your power washer is, there will be times when sheer force won’t be enough to get rid of some of the most persistent stains.

You can use a wide array of detergents to improve the dirt-removing ability of your power washer, or to simply skip the final stages of the cleaning process.

Most power washer manufacturers sell their own detergents, but you can also use pretty much anything you have at home. However, you should completely avoid using bleach, but we will talk about this particular topic a bit later on.

How To Use An Electric Pressure Washer?

In short, simply power up your pressure washer, point and spray. You can add as many attachments to your power washer as you want, but the gist of it remains the same – press on your wand, aim, and the water jets will pour out.

Of course, learning how to optimize your power washer and use it more efficiently will take some time, especially due to the fact that most models come in bundles comprised of different accessories and gadgets.

Uncommon Features of Unique Electric Pressure Washers

Different brands make different electric pressure washers, that much is certain. However, certain manufacturers go an extra mile and introduce models that are so innovative and revolutionary that they come packed with unique, exquisite features. In this section we’ll talk about some of the most uncommon features you can find in certain power washer models.

Let’s begin with the Sun Joe’s SPX 3000 power washer. This model rocks the Total-Stop System which shuts the pump off automatically when the trigger isn’t engaged, ultimately prolonging its lifespan.

The Stanley’s SLP2050 electric power washer features a ‘cart design’, which affords it superior mobility along with all the usual benefits.

Lastly, the Karcher’s K5 power washer rocks a variety of unique wands, such as the various Power-Spray wand attachment and the Dirt blaster wand. The first attachment packs on-board spray controls while the second one was specifically built to handle the toughest dirt stains.

How to Stay Safe While Using an Electric Pressure Washer?

The first, as well as the most obvious tip we can give you is to never point the end of your power washer at yourself or any other person. Even if the power washer isn’t plugged into an outlet, a direct hit could severely injure whoever it hits.

Apart from that, you should make sure you’re always using your power washer from a safe distance. Even though the jets lose almost all of their power upon impact, you should always be at least a couple of feet away from where you’re aiming at.

FAQ-Frequently Asked Questions


At the end of the day, it’s up to you to decide which power washer is perfect for you. Most models we’ve included in our review are well-rounded and more than well-suited for both indoor and outdoor use, they’re laden with plenty of useful accessories, and generally, each model can very well bear the title of ‘the best of the best’. Kick back, relax, and take your pick, we wish you all the luck in finding the perfect electric pressure washer.

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