Top 10 Best Gutter Cleaning Tools Reviews 2023

If you own a house, gutters are an integral part of your household. But at the same time, definitely the most overlooked part of your home. By diverting water away from your house, they protect your walls, roof, landscape, and foundation.

If you neglect your gutters, they can easily become a nightmare for you, because they can damage both the exterior and interior of your home.

They can get clogged with sticks, leaves, and all kinds of debris, and consequently create water damage or a leaky roof to your household. Also, clogged gutters can be an accommodating environment for rodents, pests, honeycombs, and mold.

Luckily for you, today there are numerous gutter cleaning tools that you can use. Choosing the best one for you can be challenging, however, you shouldn’t worry.

we here can help you to choose the right one, based on your budget, and of course, your needs.

We have worked with 10 best gutter cleaning tools to help you to pick the right one for you, so read on to learn more about your opinions.

10 Best Gutter Cleaning Tools Reviews

Since this is an important topic, we’ve research the market far and wide to bring you a list of the best gutter cleaning tools currently available. There’s a bit of variety so that anyone can find something that fits their home, budget, and even physical stature.

However, we tried to look for products that offer good quality at their price range, and come with all the useful advance & basic features you need to keep your gutters clean throughout the year.

Below you will find a list of pros and cons for each of the top ten products we’ve covered, along with a brief reviews. We hope that it will help you make up your mind and get the best tool for the job.

#1 Gutter Sense Effictive Gutter Tools


First on our list is the Gutter Sense Gutter Cleaning Tool. This is many peoples’ favorite on the market, mainly because of its simplicity and effectiveness. Nowadays it’s easy to clean your gutters from the ground, without having to use a ladder.

Also, Gutter Sense can reach a two-story gutter, as it fits on a classic extension pole and is light enough. However, you should know that it doesn’t come with an extension pole.

It can clean beneath the support, take out all the dirt that may be in your gutter, and all of that without getting the woodwork wet or blowing debris all over the place.

If you adjust its tongs straight, you can also take out objects that are out of reach. When using it, you don’t even have to use the ladder, and you can stand safely on the ground while successfully removing all blockages or debris that may cause damage to your home.

Moreover, you don’t even have to get your hands dirty, let alone your clothes with this one. It can be attached to any extension pole, and with it comes a 12ft pull rope, and naturally, a manual with all the instructions for best use.

This is a very reliable tool to keep your rain gutters clean and maintain them in the long run.

#2 Orbit 58543 Gutter Cleaning Wand & Telescoping


The second on our list is Orbit Telescoping Gutter Cleaning Wand. It has some traits that you will definitely find useful when choosing your perfect gutter cleaning tool. Its versatility and convenience are what make people so excited about it.

Some benefits that this product offers will definitely make your life easier. However, it should be noted that it is only for outdoor use and that it should be used with cold water only.

The Orbit 58543 features a telescopic pole that can extend from 40 to 70 inches, allowing you to clean all those rain gutters that are hard to reach, even if you are not that tall.

Another interesting part of this product is its rotating nozzle, which can rotate 180 degrees. You don’t have to move at all, and you can set the spray at any angle and direction you want.

You also have the ability to change the angle of the spray head either up or down. Its durability is by far its best feature, as it can last for many seasons with its strong and non-corrosive construction.

With its padded foam grip, you can be certain that your hands will be protected from cold water, and it also adds a bit of extra comfort when you’re out in the yard for a long time.

#3 Xtend & Climb Aluminum Ladder For Professional


This one is for both people who want to clean your gutters by yourself, and for professional contractors. Ladders that come with Xtend & Climb are very durable and lightweight, they can also be extended and locked one foot at a time and provide very safe operation.

Professional Edition ladders, as opposed to non-professional ones, have non-slip end caps, which helps them stay firmly in place.

It’s made of sturdy and proven 6061 aluminum alloy, with rungs that are built tough to offer robust footing. For each Xtend & Climb Professional Edition Telescoping Ladder you get a six-months warranty for parts and repair.

#4 WORX WA4092 Leaf Blower Cleaning Kit- With Universal Fitting


WORX Universal Fit Gutter Cleaning Kit is a ladder-free tool that allows you to maintain the cleanliness of your gutters while safely standing on the ground. The only thing you need to do with this one is to place the universal fit sock over your cordless, electric, or gas blower.

You can just twist both of the tubes to the length you need on the end the hook tube and simply blow out all the debris that may be clogging your gutters.

This gutter cleaning tool allows you to just stand on the ground while doing it all. Since there is no need to climb a ladder, you’ll have a much safer experience. And the kit also offers you an extensive 11-foot reach.

The airflow that this tube design creates is more than capable of eliminating all possible pine needles and dry leaves that are causing you trouble. However, it’s recommended that you wait for the debris to dry out for the best possible results.

What this product offers you is the enjoyment of cleaning all your gutters and the maintenance of the same, without having to mess around with ladders and brooms to clean all the litter.

And once you add the ability to do all this while safely standing on the ground, it can prove to be an excellent tool for shorter people who feel uncomfortable scaling ladders.

The connector of the gutter kit’s universal sock does fit all the most popular gas, cordless, and electric blowers.

#5 Gutterglove Raptor Gutter Guard


With Raptor Gutter Guard’s stainless steel micro-mesh, all roof grit, pests, leaves, and pine needles will be blocked from entering your gutter. Its heavy-duty materials ensure durability and it will never warp or rust.

One of the better traits is easy installation – it can work on any 5 inches wide or even smaller gutters. Also, it won’t null the warranty for your roof.

The 25-year warranty and their exceptional support team have got your back – all you need to do is make a phone call. The additions that are included with this gutter guard are stainless steel screws, magnetic hex head driver, and self-tapping screws.

This gutter cleaning tool eliminates all the seed pods, roof grit, rodents, leaves, pine needles, and insects that may trouble your gutters. Its micro-mesh filters can keep the smallest debris out of the gutters. Also, the V-Bend construction allows water to flow freely, even in heavy rain.

It’s built only from professional-grade materials, which are naturally very durable. Gutter guards that are made of foam, aluminum, plastic or even cheap metal materials can easily crack, increase mold growth, collapse or blow off the gutter.

They are very easy to install on most roofs, and they are also very flexible should any customization be needed.

#6 WORX WG520 Electric Leaf Blower for Gutter


The WORX WG520 Hyper Stream nozzle and dynamic airflow design enable high-level performance and shifting speed control, so that you can adapt it easily to any outdoor situation.

With a weight of only 6.4 lbs, you can work with it for extended periods of time without getting fatigued. It also features an 11 1/2 inch cord, giving you plenty of room to move around the yard. The warranty that you get from the manufacturer is 3 years.

This WORX WG520 Blower features a turbine fan that makes it a high capacity air volume blower and enables you to experience very powerful performance while using it. The fan enables very intense and high capacity air volume, which produces twice as much power as lower-end professional gas blowers.

It goes up to 600 CFM, and the airspeed can go up to 115 mph. When you add to that its variable-speed control system, there is nothing it can’t tackle. The dynamic airflow design forces air in a streamlined motion to deliver consistent performance.

And lastly, when you realize that the 600 CFM is what you would get from some professional blowers, you’ll understand that this gutter cleaner can definitely get the job done.

#7 Massca Gutter Guard Aluminum Filter


If you constantly had to unclog your downspouts and gutters, you have probably had enough of it. These gutter guards promise to keep your gutters and downpipes protected from leaves, debris, dirt, and twigs.

What’s appealing about this product is how easy it is to install it, as opposed to other gutter guards or filters. You wouldn’t need more than a few seconds to install the Massca down pipe leaf guards. And anyone can do it, no need to get help from a professional maintenance company. You just need to stick them into place and that’s it.

They are made of non-corrosive, waterproof and weatherproof aluminum, which ensures that they will last for seasons to come.

You can try out their 4-pack gutter downpipe filters for 30 days and without any risk. It’s worth noting that each unit comes in a 5x5x6 box, with product information.

This gutter guard’s filter enables the rainwater to flow more easily through your gutters and downspouts, they also filter some of the contaminants.

Gutter guard strainers are there to avert the stagnant water in your gutters, and in that way prevent an overflow that might damage your household. Also, they minimize the chances of rodents creating nests in your gutters.

#8 iRobot Looj Gutter Cleaning Robot


One of the fiercer gutter cleaning tools on our list, the iRobot Looj 330 takes care of all dirty gutters simply at the press of a button. Looj takes care of any debris with its high-velocity, four-stage auger.

It will blast away all clogs, dirt, and leaves, and while doing so, will clean the gutters with its brush. All that you would need to do is press the CLEAN button. Immediately afterward, Looj will roam around your gutters, locating and adapting to your debris so that it can perform the best possible cleaning.

Also, you can control the spin direction of the auger with the remote, and that way debris can be blown in the right direction. Additionally, Looj can clean your gutters on its own, all you need to do is press CLEAN.

It definitely provides a safer way to keep your gutters clean. With Looj, there is no need to climb the ladder, or struggling to reach all the nooks and crannies. With its remote control, or actually its detachable handle that serves as one, you have the complete power of robot’s movement, both forward and reverse.

#9 CHOMP Microfiber Gutter Cleaning Mop


The CHOMP Microfiber removes debris, dirt, and any possible stains very easily. It works on all types of gutters, siding, and exterior trim including vinyl, aluminum, and steel. The extra thick nozzles work very well on all gutters and siding shapes.

The experience of using this product is very smooth, it’s very easy and safe to operate, and you can attach any standard extension pole on it.

#10 Gutter Getter Gutter Cleaning Kit


The last but not least on our list, the Gutter Getter 00-612 is very easy to use. Cleaning gutters with it may even be considered as fun. It comes with a full kit, of course. A Gutter Getter scoop is included in the kit, as is a gutter grabber debris retriever, and an extension handle that is 42 inches long.

You can rake all the debris with the gutter grabber, and then scoop it with its Gutter Getter scoop. With its extension handle, you won’t have to move the ladder frequently, as you can clean 14 feet of gutter from every position.

It saves you time, and it is also safer than some of the other gutter cleaning tools. Lastly, it works on all possible types of gutters.

More Tools That You Need to Know

Safety Ladder

The gutter safety ladder is a necessity for most gutter cleaning tools. You use them to climb up and down, to reach the height of your gutters and your roof. Also, you need them to adjust the angles and positions of your gutter cleaning tool so that it can do its thing.

What you need to do when using them is make sure they are applied properly to your roof, so they won’t wiggle and move, allowing you to safely take care of everything that you need to do.

Before using gutter safety ladders, make sure there aren’t any slippery surfaces that may result in any injury, that they’re placed firmly on the ground, and that they rest firmly on a solid surface.

Gutter Wand

The Gutter Cleaning Wand is a tool that comes with most of the gutter cleaning tools. It sprays water that makes your gutters clean. It’s an extension that allows you to reach all those places you usually can’t. Their length can be extended, depending on the model, and they can be rotated to make the shape you need.

And regardless of what amount of pressure you’re creating, their shape stays the same. They are telescopic and you are supposed to attach your gutter cleaning tool on top of them.

Plastic Scoop & Hose

Scoop and hose that come with cleaning tools for gutters are accessories that you may want to use on some occasions. It’s literally a scoop and a hose, just like you’d imagine. To use them, you need to climb the ladder, and without leaving it, you use the hose to bring debris as close to you as possible.

What you do next is gently scoop all the leaves or whatever is clogging up your gutter, because scoops are usually made of plastic and you don’t want to damage them. They are best used when your gutter isn’t clogged.

Gutter Robot

Meanwhile, brushes, situated behind the blades, pick up the remaining, tiny bits of debris for a final sweep.

This one, a gutter cleaning robot, is a remotely controlled device that you need to put inside your gutters. It does all the work for you, and you control it with its remote controller, which can usually be the detachable handle.

The robot travels on tracks, cleaning the gutter on its way forward, or backward. And its auger, with gentle spinning blades in the front, battles through any dead leaves, debris, and twigs it may find on its way.

There are also brushes, which are behind the blades, and their purpose is to collect all the remaining bits of debris to complete the cleaning process.

Telescoping Gutter Cleaner

A telescoping gutter cleaner, or a wand, is an extender that allows you to reach heights you usually cannot while standing on the ground. They are usually lightweight and cheap and are to be used with cold water.

There are also aluminum ones, and they are more durable. Basically, they have a hose, a high-pressure one that goes inside the pole, and that way you can adjust the length as you like. While using a telescopic gutter cleaner, you always have to be at least 10 feet away from your power lines.

  • Remain safely on the ground while cleaning
  • Clean second story surfaces (windows, siding, roof, etc.)
  • Clean out the gutters using a hook attachment
  • No need to use a ladder or have to move it around
  • Ability to use quick-connect tips

Pressure Power Washer

Pressure power washers are some of the best tools you can use to do any exterior cleaning, including your gutters. However, as they generate an incredible amount of high pressure, you must know how to operate one.

They use either electric motors or gas engines to produce high pressure while taking water from your garden hose. At the end of a pressure power washer, you attach a cleaning tool and do your thing.

They are excellent for gutter cleaning, as they can remove any kind of debris, all leaves, and basically anything that is clogging your gutters. But, since you must use a ladder as well, be careful.

Gutter vacuum

A gutter vacuum is essentially a vacuum cleaner for your gutters. However, it has much more power, and it can easily relieve your gutters of any leaves and debris that may be clogging them.

Gutter vacuums have a long cord and adjustable extensions, so you could have the best experience while operating.

An upside with them is the fact that you don’t have to use a ladder and can suck all the debris from the ground. You can find many powerful options out there today, so you should have no problem cleaning your gutters in record time.

Gutter Mop

A gutter mop is self-explanatory – it’s a mop for cleaning gutters. They are usually made of non-looped cotton strands, and they can be used for all kinds of gutters.

A good trait of these mops is that they can be washed in washing machines, and their wireframes can go from 18 inches to 48.

Gutter Guard

A gutter guard is a product that is designed to avert all possible clogs from your gutters, and at the same time, reduce the maintenance requirements of the same gutters. With them, rainwater is allowed to reach the gutters, but the debris stays out. There are a few different kinds of gutter guards:

  • A reverse curve gutter guard directs water downwards from the roof to your gutters, and while doing so it allows large debris to fall to the ground.
  • A mesh gutter guard spreads a mesh sheet all over your gutters. Through the small holes of the mesh, water seeps into the gutters, but at the same time, all the debris gets trapped on top of the mesh.
  • A bottle brush gutter guard is, as you can imagine, a long brush with bristles, and those bristles are set into your gutters. The upright bristles keep debris on top while water can freely flow through the brush.
  • A nylon gutter guard is made to fit on the top of the gutter without you having to attach it to the shingles as well. It has a slick surface that helps leaves just slip off the top, and the porous nylon absorbs the water.

Gutter cleaning leaf blower

This one you don’t buy – you put it together yourself. Most of the corded electric leaf blowers can do a decent job of cleaning your gutters. And if you are lucky, they will be powerful enough so you won’t even have to climb a ladder.

The right way to make a gutter cleaning leaf blower depends on various criteria for every house, so if you opt for this method, you find a video tutorial on how to create one.

Gutter Brush

Gutter brushes may look like gigantic caterpillars or even large pipe cleaners. They are either 18 or 36 inches long, and they are 4.5 inches tall and wide, give or take.

Covered with polypropylene bristles placed all around a steel cylinder, they are usually sold as packages. The idea is to place them, somewhere around 24 of them, in your gutters to make them fully effective.

They are to be used for 5 inch wide gutters, but without any enhancement. The mechanism is designed to let the water flow through, while bristles would keep leaves and debris out.

Gutter scraper

A gutter scraper is a tool made for efficient and inexpensive cleaning of the sidewalls of your gutters. They come in many shapes and sizes, all so you could clean any gutter system that you may have for your home. The good thing with them is that you only need to set them up once, and they will do the job for you.


The modern gutter cleaning game has definitely taken a massive leap forward. It’s much easier to find the right tools and learn the proper steps to take care of your gutter system by yourself. If you have gone through our list here, you’ve definitely found one of the best gutter cleaning tools for your home.

Regardless of what kind of gutters you have, one of these listed tools will serve you well and ensure that your gutters no longer cause you any headaches.

Regardless of whether you need to clean them a little bit, or you are dealing with some major clogs in your gutters, we made sure that you can find a tool here that will make your life a lot easier.

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