Top 10 Hardwood Floor Broom Reviews and Best Pick 2023

Maintaining and cleaning your hardwood floors can be a tricky thing to do sometimes. You can easily damage your hardwood floors if you don’t invest in a proper tool for the job. In that light, we are here to present everything about the best hardwood floor brooms.

Top Pick
  • O-Cedar Pro Maxi-Lok
  • Bristle Material: Plastic
  • Use: Commercial
  • Handle Length: 56 in.
  • Handle Material: Steel
  • Quickie Bulldozer
  • Bristle Material: split-tip
  • Use: Home & Commercial
  • Handle Length: 60 in.
  • Handle Material: Steel
  • Superior Performance
  • Bristle Material: silicone
  • Use: Home & Commercial
  • Handle Length: 48 in.
  • Handle Material: Steel
Best Value
  • Super Sweep 36-Inch Gray
  • Bristle Material: Synthetic Flagged
  • Use: Home & Commercial
  • Handle Length: 36 in.
  • Handle Material: aluminum
  • FlexSweep Unbreakable
  • Bristle Material: Coarse/Styrene
  • Use: Commercial
  • Handle Length: 59 in.
  • Handle Material: Aero-Aluminum

The hardwood floor broom is a pretty convenient thing to have in order to clean your floor from dust, dirt, and even pet hair. These brooms are quite great and they offer great results, especially if you find some good ones.

So, let’s not waste time anymore and get down to best hardwood broom. Let’s see some of the most important things about the best hardwood floor broom and reviews.

Quick Comparison Table 10 Best Broom For Hardwood Floor

10 Best Hardwood Floor Broom Reviews

Now, let’s see some of the best brooms for hardwood floor and mops that we found on the market.

1# Evriholder Rubber Broom- Good Choice for Pet hair & Water removel


As we advance further into the best brooms for hardwood floors, we stumbled upon this really amazing broom. Now, the Evriholder fur remover broom is quite good for cleaning almost any kind of mess. Namely, this broom really excels in more than just one field of performance, therefore, it is quite valuable.

The first thing about this broom is that it has an innovative design that makes cleaning of pet hair really easy and quick. In that light, this broom is quite good for dust, dirt, and hair removal from your hardwood floors. And, as you can see, the bristles are made out of high-grade rubber, so there won’t be any damage to your floors.

On the other side, these natural rubber bristles will attract more pet hair and dust than any other broom. So, this means that you don’t need to swipe one area a couple of times, you actually need only one sweeping in order to achieve great and perfect results.

But, one thing separates this push broom from others in this review. Namely, this broom is equipped with a built-in squeegee. This will help you to deal with spills anytime that you want. Also, you can clean windows or any other glass surface with this built-in squeegee.

However, this broom is also equipped with the extension pole that is able to prolong the length of the broom up to 60 inches. With something like this equipped, you can actually clean much more, even the hard to clean areas on higher applications.

2# Libman 206 Precision Angle Broom with Dustpan


Libman 206 Precision Angle Broom is definitely one of the best brooms that money can buy. Why? Well, this broom is equipped with some really great features. In that light, this broom is able to provide much more benefits and perfect results, than any other broom in this price point category.

Now, the first thing that separates this broom from the rest of the brooms in this review is the dustpan that comes included. Namely, this dustpan is quite conveniently designed to ensure that you can easily scoop the mess from the floors. Also, you don’t have to worry about any complications, since this broom and dustpan won’t damage your hardwood floors.

Next, this broom doesn’t have classic bristles, it actually has quite amazing fibers that will provide only the best cleaning. This means, that you don’t have to swipe too much in order to get the wanted results. Also, the fibers are made out of the high-quality material and they are so good when it comes to cleaning of the hardwood floors.

But, possibly the best thing about this broom is the handle and overall design. Namely, the handle is made out of the durable aluminum and it is lightweight and comfortable to hold. Besides that, the overall design of this broom is outstanding and it offers quite easy and fast cleaning.

3# Bissell Smart Push Droom- Branded & Our Top Choice


Now, we have our first push broom for hardwood floors here. Simply put, the BISSELL hardwood floor push broom is a great tool for sweeping almost anything from your hardwood floors. This broom actually is one of the best brooms for hardwood floors that you can find on the market.

As we all know, the main part of every push broom are the bristles. Therefore, this push broom is equipped with natural horse bristles that are quite good for sweeping small particles of dirt and dust. This means that you can actually achieve much more with this broom since it offers a perfect cleaning of your hardwood floors.

In addition to high-quality bristles, this broom also is equipped with a great and ergonomically designed handle. Namely, the handle is quite comfortable to hold and it will allow you to work for a bit more time if necessary, but, without feeling any pain or discomfort at all.

Also, this broom is not only good on hardwood floors, this broom excels pretty good in performance on all hard floor surfaces. So, you can actually use this push broom to clean more than just one type of hard floor. For some, this is really convenient thing to know and to have.

Anyhow, this broom really is good for many things, and it also has an adjustable handle that will offer you to find the best possible angle for cleaning. In other words, this is definitely one fine and quite valuable push broom for hard wood floors.

4# LINKYO Microfiber for Hardwood Floor Cleaning – Editorial Pick


To start our hardwood floor broom reviews, we will open with the LINKYO microfiber floor mop. The first thing that catches the eye about this mop is durable handle. This handle is made out of the stainless steel and I provide more than enough stability and durability.

On the other hand, there is an aluminum mop frame that will safely hold the microfiber cloth in its place. This means that you can mop hardwood floors without any complications or troubles. Also, this mop has some high-grade ABS plastic parts that will ease the whole process of cleaning for you.

Next, the handle is adjustable and it is able to extend up to 70 inches. With this ability of the mop, you can easily clean those ‘’hard-to-reach’’ areas such as high corners or deep under furniture. Besides that, you will also get a two year guarantee product warranty if you choose to get this one.

On top of that, this mop is equipped with easy maneuvering feature. Namely, the 360 degree metal frame is able to rotate and allow you to easily clean almost any part of your house when it comes to hardwood floors. Also, there are two microfiber cloths included in the package, and they are all machine washable. So, you don’t have to throw them away after each use, actually, you can benefit a lot from them.

5# Scotch Brite Hardwood Floor Mop- Special Design for hardwood Flooring


Scotch-Brite microfiber hardwood floor mop is one of the most convenient mops when it comes to easy and fast cleaning. This mop is made out of the high-quality and lightweight materials that are contributing a lot to its overall performance and value.

In that light, this mop is made out of the durable aluminum material for handle, and the frame is made out of high grade plastic. This means that you can depend on this mop to efficiently clean almost any part of the hardwood floor. In addition to that, this microfiber mop is quite good for quick clean-up.

Furthermore, this microfiber mop doesn’t only excel on one hardwood type of floor. It actually excels in performance when it comes to cleaning of the laminate and bamboo floors as well. So, if you happen to have some special type of hardwood floor, then, this mop is made for you.

Anyhow, the handle of this mop is not extendable, but, it surely is long enough to provide great and almost effortless cleaning process. You can actually clean quite a lot with this mop, and the results will be magnificent. But, the best thing about this mop is the microfiber cloth that it is equipped with.

With the microfiber mop like this one, every particle of dust and dirt will be trapped and lifted up from the floor. In addition to that, you only need to wash the microfiber cloth after every use and you can clean with it again.

6# Microfiber Wholesale Hardwood Mop- Professional Choice


Professional Microfiber Mop is possibly one of the best microfiber mop that you can find in the ‘’affordable’’ price point category of hardwood mops. In that light, this mop surely will allow you to achieve much better cleaning results and leave your hardwood floors spotless.

So, the fact that this professional mop is specially designed to ensure perfect cleaning, tells us that you can benefit a lot from it. This is a convenient mop for many different hard floors like laminate, tiles, and even concrete floors. Also, this mop excels best in the field of performance about cleaning of the hardwood floors.

Next, this mop is equipped with many clothes that you can change and achieve perfect results. Namely, there are two wet mop pads and one microfiber dust mop. This means that you can basically clean every hardwood floor without many complications.

In addition to that, there is an adjustable stainless steel mop handle, and one heavy duty aluminum mop frame. This shows us that this mop is equipped with high-quality parts and that durability is at the highest level. You can depend on this mop to get the job done in no time.

Anyway, this is one fine microfiber mop that is specially designed to ensure great results. And, in that case, you can’t possibly go wrong with it.

7# LandHope Push Broom Long Handle Rubber Bristles Sweeper


Here we have one of the most convenient push brooms when it comes to easy and quick sweeping. The LandHope push broom is equipped with many different features that are quite good and that will ensure you with the perfect results. So, let’s see them.

First, and possibly the most important thing, this push broom is equipped with rubber bristles that easily collect all dust, hair, paper scraps, and everything else. From this, we can conclude that this broom is quite good for cleaning any hardwood floor no matter the mess.

Second, there is a really good and adjustable handle that will allow you to clean with efficiency. Simply speaking, the handle is made out of the high-quality materials and it can be extended up to 54 inches. In that case, you can easily clean those hard to reach applications with this broom.

Furthermore, we can say that overall design of this broom really helps it to excel in the field of pet hair removal. No matter the surface, this broom will easily collect all the hair from pets. However, it bet excels in the field of hardwood floors cleaning.

8# Bissell Lightweight Tile, Wood Floor and Hard Surface Pet Hair Broom


When it comes to efficient cleaning and great results, this broom has it all. Namely, the Bissell lightweight broom is definitely the best thing to have if you need to sweep some mess. It doesn’t matter how big the mess is, this broom is going to clean it without any complications.

The first thing that catches the eye about this broom is the specially designed bristles. There are actually two different bristles equipped on the head of this broom. The first are rubber, and the second ones are high-quality bristle made for superior cleaning. Both of these bristles are contributing to the overall performance of the broom.

Next, this multi-surface broom can clean lots of different types of floors. But, it really stands out when it comes to hardwood floors and hard-like surfaces. However, you don’t have to worry about your hardwood floors, because this broom is not going to damage them in any way.

Also, these bristles are quite good when it comes to attracting pet hair and getting rid of them. In that light, this is one of the most convenient brooms for pet hair removal that you can find on the market. Besides that, this broom is quite good because of the adjustable handle. The handle is quite comfortable and it can be adjusted to perfectly hit any angle.

9# Professional Microfiber Mop for Hardwood Tile Laminate & Stone Floors


Here we have a whole set of hardwood cleaning tools that includes an outstanding mop, great microfiber cloth, and more. So, a professional microfiber mop like this one surely will enable you to save a lot of time on cleaning, but, ensure the best results.

The handle of this mop is really great because it is ergonomically designed and adjustable. Also, you can extend this handle to reach some hard to clean areas as well. In that light, we can safely say that this broom is quite good for so many reasons.

Next, the microfiber cloth is here to ensure that every particle of dirt, dust, or hair is collected and properly cleaned from your hardwood floors. If you want to get only the best cleaning results, then, this one is definitely for you. However, working with this mop requires a bit more effort since you have to do a lot of maintaining and swipes.

All in all, this mop really is great for so many reasons, and it offers the best results. If you are tired of cleaning without getting perfect results, then this mop will certainly help you to achieve them.

10# Microfiber Mop Hardwood Floor Cleaning


If you ever wondered what the best mop for hardwood floors is, then, we can proudly present this one. Namely, a Turbo Microfiber mop is equipped with many different features that directly contribute to its overall value and quality of the job.

So, this mop surely is providing the best results since it is equipped with the high-quality microfiber cloth. This means that you can easily clean your hardwood floors without any troubles and expect the best results. Also, these cloths are machine washable, so you can use them for more than once.

The perfect size and the outstanding design of this mop are really great. Simply put, you can easily work with this mop and the design will provide easy and great movement and swipes. You can surely achieve much more with this mop.

Next, the variety of surfaces that this mop excels on is quite big. You can use this mop on basically any household surface that you have. But, however, it mostly excels in the field of hardwood cleaning and wood floors in general.

The handle of this mop is quite great and it can be extended up to 50 inches which is more than enough for you to reach any area. Also, because of the rotation swivel wheel on the top of the frame, you can easily swipe and clean anything in your path.

Which Type of Broom Is The Best For Safe Hardwood Floor Sweeping?

As we all know, there are plenty of broom types, but, only some of them are great for hardwood sweeping and cleaning. In that light, here are some of the broom types that excel greatly in the field of hardwood cleaning


Push broom – The push broom is a convenient tool that will help you to sweep any kind of mess. Push brooms are mostly designed for hardwood cleaning and that is where they show their best work. These brooms are used for quick and easy cleanup and they are pretty great for pet hair removal.

Microfiber mop – When it comes to microfiber mops, there is great microfiber cloths equipped and they will clean any hardwood floor without problems. However, these mops for thorough cleaning of the floors and that requires a bit more time.


In the light of everything we said above, we can easily conclude that a good hardwood floor broom is essential to get the job done properly. Therefore, we have presented you with only the best brooms and mops for hardwood floors. They all have so great value for the price ratio and they all offer so many benefits.

So, it really comes down to you to decide which one to get, but, keep in mind that you need to find the most suitable one.

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