10 Best Heavy Duty Industrial Push Broom Reviews in 2023

Push brooms are not just any kind of brooms. They are specially designed to provide easy and convenient cleaning of a bit more demanding messes. In that light, push brooms will help you to gather all the dust, debris, and even hard-to-clean dirt on a pile so you can swipe it up later.

Therefore, push brooms are quite convenient for cleaning of the outdoor messes & construction cleaning. However, push brooms are not only made for outdoor usage. They are also quite convenient for handling a bit smaller messes, but, they best excel in the field of an construction cleaning.

On the other hand, construction and bristle thickness of the push brooms are definitely designed for cleaning of the most demanding dirt and messes. And, that is why these brooms are quite good thing to have if you often spend a lot of time doing something in your garage or in your yard. Anyhow, there are also different sizes of the push brooms like 48 inch push broom.

To get the perfect job done you need the best push broom. We reviews & shortlisted 10 best heavy duty push broom from 49 product.

Top 10 Industrial Push Broom Reviews

We have carefully selected these top 10 industrial push brooms in order for you to choose one of them. Now, let’s see everything about these brooms.

#1 O-Cedar Professional Maxi-Lok Push Broom – Editorial Pick


We have selected the O-Cedar Professional multi-surface push broom to be our first and possibly the best push broom in this review. This broom is specially designed to perfectly clean not only one surface but many different kinds of surfaces. Also, this broom is quite convenient for everyday use.

Our first impression about this broom quite good is that it has quite good bristles. Namely, this broom is equipped with both soft and sturdy bristles. Providing you with the perfect results, the soft bristles will ensure that every particle of dirt will be cleaned. On the other hand, sturdy bristles will provide easy and good cleaning of a bit large debris.

Next, this broom features Maxi-Lok technology and anti-rotation socket as well. Simply speaking, you will have no troubles with operating with this broom since the head will never come loose, and stability is high as well.

As for the durability, we assure you that this broom is highly durable because it is made out of the high-quality recycled materials. These materials will provide long and great use of this broom and allow you to clean even the hardest messes.

#2 O-Cedar Rough-Surface Push Broom – Professional & Top Brand Choice


Here we have our second broom that comes from a line of O-Cedar professional push brooms. This quickie push broom is quite good when it comes to cleaning rough surfaces. On the contrary, this small push broom is not that convenient for surfaces like wood or tiles. But, that doesn’t lower its value after all.

This broom is equipped with stiff bristles that will easily clean even the most demanding messes. This means that you can actually use this broom for outdoor cleaning anytime you want. The results will be great since this brood is perfect for sweeping rough surfaces like concrete or sidewalks.

On the other hand, we already mentioned the Maxi-Lok technology feature, and this broom is equipped by it as well. This means that you can handle this broom quite easily since the head will never come loose. Also, the anti-rotation socket will provide much –needed durability and stability for the broom as well.

As for the material, this broom is also made out of the high-quality recycled materials that will ensure long life expectancy rate. Besides that, this broom is environmental friendly tool that really is valuable and worth the money.

Anyhow, for the best performance, you will need to shake and rinse the broom after every use since that will properly clean the broom from the dirt. Also, if you take good care of this broom, it will provide quite good results for a long period of time without any complications.

#3 Libman 823 Push Broom – Strong & Made in The USA


Libman Multi-Surface Heavy Duty Push Broom is quite convenient and great for both outdoor and indoor use. It really doesn’t matter on which surface you use this amazing push broom since it will perform greatly on all surfaces.

So, this push broom features a threaded handle that is ergonomically designed to ensure great and comfortable grip. In addition to that, you will be allowed to work with this broom for a longer period of time without getting tired or feeling any discomfort.

Next, there are some quite convenient features equipped as well. Namely, the hanger tip on the end of the broom will ensure easy and convenient storage. In fact, there are two resin brackets that are quite useful since they boost stability and durability of the broom as well.

In like manner, the fibers are also of the highest quality and they contribute to this broom’s performance on any surface. There are both soft and sturdy bristles that are equipped and that will allow you to clean up almost any kind of mess. This broom is an excellent choice when it comes to cleaning concrete, brick, wood, stone, and even tile surfaces.

Furthermore, this broom is consisted out of the recycled materials, which tells us that this broom is eco-friendly. Besides that, these materials are quite durable and they prolong the life expectancy rate of this broom which allows you to use it for a longer period of time than any other broom on the market.

#4 Super Sweep 36-Inch Broom – Best for Smooth Surface Push Broom


Here we have a little bit different push broom than any we have reviewed before. The high-grade aluminum material is the material that this broom is made out of and it is quite durable and able to withstand lots of pressure. This broom is also lightweight and it will allow you to clean easily any kind of mess that you want to clean.

So, besides the high-quality aluminum material, this 36 inch push broom also has a really good plate that is welded together to the handle. This means that both, the handle and the plate, won’t rust and they are able to provide you with the easy and efficient cleaning.

One of the best things about this broom is that it ensures a perfect cleaning no matter the surface. Simply speaking, a heavy textured synthetic bristles are designed to pick up every particle of the dirt, dust, or any other debris.

Since this broom is quite special, the durability is high and the value is great as well. But, the stability of this broom is also something worth mentioning. You can easily put a lot of pressure on this broom without any worries about it breaking. The handle is so strong that will offer you the ability to have the strongest grip.

However, this broom is ideal for smooth, polished, or even waxed surfaces, which of course doesn’t have to mean that it won’t perform great on rough surfaces as well. The most convenient surface to clean with this broom is vinyl, wood, ceramic, or smooth concrete.

#5 Quickie Bulldozer – Multi-Surface Push Broom


Quickie Bulldozer 24-Inch Multi-Surface Push Broom the broom you need for a quick and easy clean up. Simply speaking, this broom is equipped with many features that are really great when it comes to boosting the performance. So, let’s see them.

First, this broom has stiff and soft bristles that are made out of the polypropylene fibers. In that light, this broom is absolutely fantastic when it comes to cleaning almost any kind of messes. If you need a quick and easy cleaning, then this broom is just made for you.

Second, the ability of this broom to sweep sand, mulch, and even grass clippings is quite amazing. With the feature like this one, you will be able to perfectly clean almost any surface no matter the dirt. However, this broom best excels in performance when it comes to cleaning concrete, sidewalks, and outdoor surfaces.

Possibly the best thing about this broom is the 60 inches long powder coated steel handle that is both comfortable and great to use. The handle is designed to provide strong grip and ensure comfortable time while cleaning. Also, the handle is really durable since it is composed out of the heavy-duty materials.

#6 Superior Performance Silicone Push Broom – Indoor and outdoor use


As we progress further into the category of Best Push brooms in 2019, we have stumbled upon this amazing push broom. The Superior Performance Silicone Push broom that comes from a line of high-quality push brooms, will definitely ease your work of cleaning, and allow you to achieve the perfect results.

This broom is a bit different than the rest of the brooms we reviewed here. This broom actually is made out of the high-quality silicone material that allows you to swipe everything in its path. Besides that, the bristles are durable and they won’t lose shape, that’s a fact.

Next, this outdoor push broom has some really great features that will allow you to benefit a lot. Simply put, there is a built-in squeegee that will allow you to perfectly clean any smooth surface like wood, tiles, or ceramic. But, this broom is not only great when it comes to indoor use. This broom actually is quite good for outdoor use as well since it is able to perfectly clean dirt from concrete surfaces as well.

Furthermore, this broom is scratch-free and water resistant, so maintaining process will be a piece of cake. Also, the handle of this broom is quite comfortable as it is able to provide great grip and comfortable time while cleaning.

#7 SWOPT Steel Handle Push Broom- Good Choice For Indoor & Outdoor Cleaning


SWOPT Multi-Surface Standard Push Broom has specially designed bristles that will offer you to swipe any kind of mess. This means that you can easily sweep dust, debris, or any other hard-to-clean particle that you might find on your pavement.

The ability of this broom to perfectly clean both indoor and outdoor surface really is convenient for most of the people. You can actually, easily clean any surface inside your home with this broom, and achieve the best results. On the other hand, using this broom on outdoor surfaces like concrete or sidewalks is also a good thing to do.

In addition to this, the amazing snap lock technology will provide you the ability to use this broom without any complications. This means that you won’t have to worry about this broom’s handle ever twisting or breaking. This will provide much-needed durability for the broom.

Furthermore, this wide push broom has an amazing bristles that are quite good when it comes to cleaning both outdoor and indoor surfaces. These bristles are both soft and stiff, so you can actually achieve much better results with this broom. Also, this broom is made to last for a very long time.

#8 FlexSweep Broom- Best Push Broom for Concrete


FlexSweep Unbreakable Commercial Push Broom is definitely better than the previous one when it comes to durability and life expectancy. This soft bristle push broom is made out of the aero-aluminum material that gives quite enough durability and strength to the broom, while still being lightweight and easy to work with.

On the other hand, this broom’s handle is quite comfortable because of the material and it allows you to have the strongest grip ever. This means that you can put a lot of pressure on this broom and not have to worry about it ever breaking or damaging in any way.

As you could suspect, the bristles are made out of the styrene material and they are quite good when it comes to cleaning both small and large messes. However, this broom best excels in the field of cleaning indoor surfaces like smooth ceramic flooring or wooden floors as well.

When it comes to maintaining, this broom is quite easy to maintain and to keep in good shape. All you need to do is to shake it and clean it after every use and the broom will be good as new. Besides that, the nearly unbreakable engineering that was used to make this broom guarantees the maximum dose of durability and long life expectancy.

#9 O-Cedar Soft Broom- Great Choice for Smooth Surface


Here we have yet another push broom that comes from a line of O-Cedar products. This broom is not that different from other O-Cedar brooms in this review. But, it has some special features that will allow you to easily clean any kind of mess.

This broom is made out of the heavy-duty plastic material which is different from other two brooms we reviewed. This material surely will boost the broom’s durability and stability of the head. This will allow you to clean easily on any surface and without any complications.

On the other hand, there is a similar Maxi-Lok feature equipped and anti-rotation socket as well. This is not a new thing for O-Cedar push brooms, but certainly is useful since it provides many benefits. Besides that, this broom is perfect for cleaning smooth surfaces like tiles, wooden floors, or even ceramic surfaces.

Next, the soft feather tip bristles will allow you to sweep smooth surfaces without any complications. This is the broom that best excels when it comes to sweeping smaller masses. It does that perfectly and quickly, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time on cleaning up messes that you made.

#10 Black & Decker 261086- Amazon Choice Push Broom


Black & Decker 261086 Indoor/Outdoor Push Broom is our last but not the least one broom in this review. This broom actually is quite valuable for so many reasons, and one of those reasons is high value for the cash.

This broom is quite good since it is made out of the durable steel material for the handle. You can actually put a lot of pressure on this handle and it won’t break or even get damaged slightly. To top it all off, this broom’s handle is quite comfortable as well. You will be provided with the strongest grip and you can actually clean much more with this broom.

On the other hand, this broom has quite amazing bristles. The bristles are made out of the high-quality fibers that can swipe every piece of dirt, dust, or any other debris you might find on the flooring. With these bristles, cleaning of the outdoor and indoor surface was never easier.

Never the less, this broom has a convenient self locking ratchet feature equipped that will prevent any unscrewing and complications. This means that you can actually count on this broom to get the job done quickly and without any troubles. However, handling this broom requires a bit more effort since it is not that heavy and it doesn’t have any lightweight features.


Now, it is only up to you to decide which broom will you pick and clean your future messes with it. Keep in mind that all of these brooms are quite great and you can’t go wrong with any of them. You just need to find the most suitable one.

 In the light of everything we said above, it is clear that all of these brooms are quite valuable and worth the money. We carefully selected these brooms in order to present to you only the best products in 2019 when it comes to push brooms.

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