Best Mop For Kitchen Floors- 7 Reviews & Expert Guide

You know the old proverb – Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Well, being clean and keeping your home/works pace clean is a must. Therefore, the kitchen – being the room in which the food is prepared – should be spotless. In the following text, I will try and help you out by giving you advice and recommendations on how to buy the best kitchen mop for your needs, either for professional or home purposes.

Top Pick
BISSELL PowerFresh
  • Steam Mop
  • 1 Microfiber & 1 Scrubby Pad
Rubbermaid Reveal
  • Spray Mop
  • 3 Microfiber Pad
Bona Premium
  • Spray Mop
  • 1 Microfiber Pad
Best Value
Turbo Microfiber
  • Microfiber Mop
  • 2 Microfiber & 2 Scrubby Pad
Microfiber Wholesale
  • Microfiber Mop
  • 3 Microfiber Pads & 2 Microfiber Cloths

The kitchen is often the most difficult area to clean, so you will need as much help as possible when you do it. And if you really crave for a thorough but easy process of cleaning, here you will find your best mop for kitchen floors.

I know, what does the floor have to do with food, right? I’m not suggesting that you generally eat off the floor, but after cleaning it with one of these products, you may as well.

5 Best Kitchen Mop Comparison Chart

Top 7 Best Kitchen Mop Reviews

1# BISSELL PowerFresh Steam Mop- Editorial Pick


Having said that hardwood floors are still the most common type, and stone tiles being second, the first choice would be Bissell’s PowerFresh! It’s a perfect kitchen mop for these two floor types since it is a powerful steam mop.

The powerful 1500 watts steam maker will wash away all the bacteria on your hard floor. You can easily adjust the steam level from low to medium and finally high power. I recommend a low level for light cleaning, that is, regular maintenance. If you don’t regularly clean, then the medium level is recommended. The high steam level should be used if you really made a mess, otherwise, it is rather needless.

The steam cleaning with this mop is so strong that you don’t need often harsh chemicals. The steam alone is sufficient, but some chemicals I would recommend, in order to make your floor extra fresh.

Soft and scrubby microfiber pads are included, and you can change them purposefully. Since this mop is mainly used for easily scratching hard floors, I suggest using a soft pad more frequently. In addition, you get a carpet glider, because, why not?

Swivel steering makes this simple cleaning process even easier, and solidly sized pads cover reasonable areas. It’s ready to use in 30 seconds and you will need 3x less time to clean with Bissell’s PowerFresh than with some other non-steamed mops. Definitely the Best Kitchen Mop for hard floors.

2# Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop- Trusted Brand


Not as powerful as the previously mentioned model, which is quite natural since this mop doesn’t use steam but sprays water and chemicals on the floor. Still very efficient, as this mop can clean any floor type. In this regard, probably the Best Mop For Kitchen Floors overall.

The cleaning pads are microfiber as well, rather large and quite grateful for washing. They can cover lots of space, and go in between the ceramic tile or vinyl spacing. This material is adequate for dust cleaning, as mentioned, and since it is not steam-powered, you can use this mop for both dust and mess.

The bottle is relatively large, enough for home kitchens, but rather small for restaurants and bigger areas. You can fill or refill it with ease, though, so that won’t be much of a problem. At least you don’t have to take the pads off and clean them in the bucket.

Unlike steam mops, these ones must use chemicals, that’s why they are called Spray mops. Simply add hot water to the previously inserted cleaning solution of your choice and the cleaning process may commence.

The water/cleaning solution is sprayed to the floor using the trigger on top of the handle (where your hand is). That way you can dose how much of this solution you want to use. I would recommend putting one bottle cap of cleaning solution and fill the rest of the mop bottle with hot water. Spray it once in a while, approximately when your strokes become a bit dry.

3# Bona Spray Mop for Stone, tile & Laminate Kitchen Floor


Similarly to the previous model, The Bona Stone Spray mop has identical possibilities and general use, but with slight differences. Let’s make a comparison.

Well, the number one similarity is being a spray mop. You can fill in the cartridge with hot water and cleaning solution and not think about buckets and gloves. Simply press the trigger whenever you want to put more of this cleaning fluid on the floor and simply go over it two to three times.

The second similarity is the microfiber pads. Great for removing dirt, dust, and grime. Pretty easily washable, either by hand or in a machine. Even though they might need a thorough cleaning, I would not recommend high temperatures as the microfiber could lose its perfect performance.

Now some differences. This mop is highly recommended for tile and engineered wood, but not hardwood. The reasons are: The microfiber pad is enormous and uses a lot of water and solution when triggered. As I’ve mentioned before, larger quantities of water are not good for hardwood floors, therefore you should avoid this.

On the positive side, the large pad is connected to the large base plate that has flexible corners. This type of plate will reduce the chance of harming your furniture or other objects you may possess in the room. Also, a larger pad means faster cleaning. Very good for restaurants.

If the sizes of the base plate and microfiber pad are greater, logically the size of the cartridge is proportionally greater as well. Bona Stone’s cartridge is approximately 40% bigger than regular ones. The handle is long and durable and comes with a hook on top for practical disposal after cleaning.

#4 O-Cedar Easy Wring Spin Mop and Bucket System


Let’s get some fun involved, and O-Cedar’s EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop is exactly that! Although probably not as good as previously mentioned kitchen mops (this is neither spray nor steam mop), it is still highly recommended.

What’s distinctive about this kitchen mop is a unique bucket that comes with it and its spin system. This means that you can wring the mop using the foot pedal situated on the bottom of the rather large bucket. Simply insert the pad inside the oval plastic, step on the pedal, and the bucket will spin it out to make it dry. This way you don’t have to twist it by yourself, saving the strength in the process. In addition, this mechanism can completely wring the water out of the mop, or as much as you want – you have complete control of the moisture level.

If you fear that this quite fast wringing system will splash the water all around you, be not alarmed, for this system has a Splash Guard. It is impossible to make a mess unless the pad is completely soaked and you really step on the pedal. Still, the mess will be reduced to a minimum since the Splash Guard is very effective.

The microfiber pad is triangularly shaped, which is very convenient for corners and narrow angles. You can reach and thoroughly clean many areas that other mops cannot. I would recommend this mop if you have lots of different floor types in your home as O Cedar’s EasyWring can clean any floor. Very good mop for home kitchens.

The reason why this mop is not good for bigger rooms is its size. It is quite small in both handle and pad size, so you will have to put a lot of effort to clean a restaurant, for example. Even though you will be relieved of manual wringing, a lot of stroking is needed.

5# Turbo Microfiber Kitchen Floors Cleaning System


Another great all-around kitchen mop. By all-around, I mean that it can clean any floor type AND is great for any space! Its practicality and versatility is unparalleled.

The handle is adjustable, meaning that people both tall and short can use it pleasantly. Apart from adaptable length, it is light as well, having been made out of aluminum. If that is not enough, the handle can rotate 360 degrees. This option has numerous advantages, like reaching underneath the closet and couch or cleaning while sitting.

The device’s light weight is also convenient for simple dusting and wall refreshing. Yes, the microfiber material, as mentioned, is basically adequate for everything – floors, furniture, walls, etc. and the lightweight of this mop, as well as 360 rotation possibility, make it a perfect all-around mop.

The mop head is huge – 17 inches, which once again comes as a great advantage for larger kitchens, restaurants or offices, but not very convenient for smaller and furniture-packed spaces. This mop is best utilized for regular dusting and refreshing, while thorough cleaning of hard stains may be a problem, due to its bulkiness and lightweight.

On this head, you can put basically anything – pads, towels, rags, whatever you have at the moment. But you will get two scrubbing pads and two microfiber soft pads, so there is actually no need to experiment unless you don’t want to use these pads to clean walls and cement. The four pads are durable and washable, quite money-saving.

6# Microfiber Wholesale Professional Large Cleaning Mop


Microfiber Wholesale produced one of the best ‘large area’ kitchen mops you can find today.

Its 18-inch wide pad is pretty huge and can cover a lot of ground in only one stroke. So, if you need to clean restaurants, offices, halls or simply kitchens without much furniture, then this is the mop for you. I emphasized furniture because this enormous pad/head is not very mobile, so cleaning corners and smaller areas may be a problem.

The handle is stainless steel and very light in weight. It can also be extended quite a lot. In regards to quality and durability, this is one great mop.

With the mop you get wet and dust pads which you can change according to your needs. Unlike the handle, these pads are not of great quality. They can be used for simple dusting or moping, but nothing more. Luckily for you, they can be changed, that is, a lot of other more quality pads can be put on this mop. I would recommend this change, especially buying turbo pads – it’s not expensive but you will get an ultimate kitchen mop if you do that.

7# Swiffer Sweeper Dry and Wet Mopping- Top Brand in USA


Last but not least – Sweeper Dry and Wet Mop is my final recommendation. Its performance is very similar to the 18″ Professional Microfiber Mop, hence the place on this list.

In size, it is much smaller – about 13 inches wide head. This is both an advantage and a disadvantage. If you want to use this mop for your home kitchen (or any other room, to be frank), then this mop is great. I would not recommend this mop for restaurants and larger areas.

You will receive both dry and wet pads (7 dry and 3 wet ones), so this mop basically works as both broom and a wet mop. Use your dry pads to clean the floor of any dust, dirt, hair, etc. then change to the wet pad and clean again with water.

These pads take about a minute to be attached to the head, but once you do this, the connection will be firm and tight. Simply put the cleaning solution on the pad, or spill it on the floor and spread. You can use any cloth instead of pads if you like.

The reason why I suggest this is that these pads are not washable, but replaceable. Yes, you get 10 pads with the mop, but once used, you must buy a new package. It’s not expensive, but still, why not use some cloth from time to time if there is a possibility?

No bucket is included, but with this head type, I don’t think there are suitable buckets anyway. Instead, you will need to apply the cleaning solution on either the pad or the floor, as mentioned before. This is time-consuming, but still rather practical.

How To Choose?

Not to make rocket science out of it, but there are actually several factors that you should consider when buying your kitchen mop. The most important being



This is probably the most important aspect to consider when buying a kitchen mop, I find. Wood and ceramic floors are obviously quite different in every structural sense, hence the cleaning process is different as well. I will go through some of the most commonly used floor types in kitchens and recommend an appropriate mop type for it.

1. Hardwood floor – Although not the most popular type in this year’s trend, still probably the most common type worldwide. The reason why this flooring type is getting replaced is its complex cleaning. The surface is easily scratched and too much water can seriously damage the wood. In order to avoid such issues, it is recommended to use mops with microfiber pad featured with steam or spray possibilities. Steaming will not scratch the surface and water retention is reduced to a minimum, while spray included mops work with less water and can dry the wood as well.

2. Ceramic/porcelain tiles – In contrast to the pure wood, these stone-cold tiles require a bit different methods. This type of floor is much easier to clean since it won’t absorb the water, but the problem of tile spacing should be addressed. So, I would recommend kitchen mops with microfiber pads as they can easily clean the uneven surface these floors have. Traditional cleaning, while not as glamorous, is still the most effective one here.

3. Engineered flooring – Laminate, vinyl, and engineered wood. There is a reason why these types of floors are becoming ever so popular, and the reason is – practicality. Since these floors are specifically made for (mostly) kitchen purposes, it is no wonder why they are so good. Easy to clean, easy to set up, a bit warmer than hardwood and a variety of designs to match the rest of your kitchen. But they have 2 problems – they get dirty almost instantaneously and, similarly to hardwood, are somewhat fragile. If you have this kind of floor, I would suggest some light kitchen mop with soft material. It will take time to clean it, but the effect will be satisfying.

Home or Restaurant Needs

Small/Mid Mop Pad
Large Mop Pad

Apart from before mentioned types of both floors and mops, the size is also an important factor to be taken into consideration. For your home, it is often a good idea to have a smaller kitchen mop with a not-so-large pad. That way you can clean between furniture and appliances, and, let’s be honest, home kitchens are not so spacious, so there is really no need for anything bulky. The main concern is not to damage anything.

On the other hand, restaurants are quite spacious, and often those mops are used for both the kitchen and the dining part. Not only will you have to clean daily, but also a lot! Needless to say that size and durability are very important here, so find a mop that has a large pad, strong structure and that is easy to clean! That way you will save your time and energy. The biggest advantage is that restaurants usually have ceramic or porcelain tiles that don’t absorb water, therefore these bulky mops won’t damage anything.

Professional & Home Use

Pro High-Quality Mops
Large Mop Pad

If you use your mops for professional purposes, then, naturally, I would recommend any high-quality mops that can go on either floor and can clean as good as possible. While pads are great for big areas, I suggest buying something a bit small and more universal for your home, and that would be string-end! Mops with soft strings can go on every floor type, they are easy to use and flexible enough to clean everywhere. The only problem is the number of swings needed to clean an area, but the job will be well done.

Mess or Dust control

Steam, Spray or Strong Mop
Dense and Thick Microfibers

While some people use the same mop for both dust and other kitchen mess, I would state that you should use two separate mops for these two purposes, if you want the best results. Now, in the kitchen, there are a plethora of messy stains that can potentially be found on the floor – grease, broken eggs, dropped food, milk, etc. The previous text is mainly focused on such stains, so the Best Mop For Kitchen Floors would be the one with steam, spray or strong microfiber qualities.

For dust, on the other hand, you don’t need water-powered mops, just the ones with dense and thick microfibers. These kinds of mops will collect 99% of the dust from your floor, and they won’t harm your floor in any possible way. The fabric is soft, and can easily collect tiny dust particles. Find a mop that is suitable to your height, for this kind of cleaning doesn’t require much effort and power, so you can clean erect, without having to arch your back at all.


Last but not least – your budget. If you don’t make a lot of mess, then I wouldn’t recommend spending a lot of money on your mop (unless you have lots of money to spare). But, if you have pets and/or children, or you are a professional cleaner, or simply a clumsy person who drops things occasionally, then buying a good, pricey mop is a good investment. Below,we short a price list for different features.

There you go, that was my list and recommendation for your Best Mop For Kitchen Floors. Simply think about what kind of cleaning you need and use this text to find the Best Kitchen Mop for you.


  • Steam mops are great for hardwood and stone tile floors.
  • Spray mops are not suitable for hardwood, but are great for stone tile and engineered wood floors.
  • Regular microfiber mops are suitable for any surface, but lack cleaning power.

I know, I know, it’s not rocket science, but as you can see, the way you clean your kitchen can either be easy and satisfying or you can ruin your floor and have back pains. It’s up to you to make your life easier, and using either one of these recommendations will surely do you good.

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