10 Best Magnetic Window Cleaner Reviews & Buying Guide

Magnetic Window Cleaner is a brilliant option for Technologically Advancement world. It works like a two-way professional window cleaner. This is one of the best tools for both side window cleaning.

Top Pick
Magnetic Window Cleaner
  • Style:Magnetic
  • Item Weight:0.5 Kilograms
  • Blade Material:Rubber
Magnetic Remote Controlled Window Cleaner
  • Brand:SAMSUNG
  • Special Feature:Remote Control
  • Color:White
Baffect Magnetic Glass Wiper Gilder
  • Brand:XJJZS
  • Color:Red
  • Style:Magnet,Adjustable,Double Side,Triangular,Magnetic

Washing windows on a single-story house isn’t the same as washing the windows on your apartment, 20 levels above the ground. One of the ways to even out the playing field and clean your windows safely is to use magnetic window cleaners.

Today we will show you our picks for the best magnetic window cleaners for double side window cleaning. Any of these will make window washing an easy and simple chore. After we go over our picks, we’ll discuss what makes a good magnetic window cleaner, what to look for and more.

Top 8 Magnetic Window Cleaner Comparison Table

NameCovered ThickPriceMegnet Q.
Tyroler Bright Tools D-30.8″-1.1″4 Magnet
Tyroler Bright Tools D-20.3″-0.7″4 Magnet
Tyroler Bright Tools S-10.1″-0.3″4 Magnet
Baffect4-30 mm2 Magnet
Neo Chimera LvDD15-24mm2 Magnet
MIFXIN15-24mm2 Magnet
DBJIE35-48 MM2 Magnet
XSJZ Glass Cleaner5-32mm2 Magnet
Alfawise S606mm2 Magnet

Top 8 Magnetic Window Cleaner Reviews

Our Expert is Help You To Find The Best Magnetic Window Cleaners

1# Tyroler Bright Tools The Glider D-3, D-2, S-1 – Best High End Magnetic Window Cleaner


At the very top of our list, we find The Glider from Tyroler Bright Tools. This particular cleaner is considered to be original manual glider which we’ve all grown to love. TBT offers The Glider in three different versions, There’s the Green, Blue, and Black Glider to choose from. What sets these apart from most of their competition is the quality of materials used. The rubber portions that come in contact with the glass are durable and will withstand numerous uses.

Black Glider is the most basic one. While all three versions share a fairly similar design, they can’t be used on just any type of window. The black model is designed for windows that are 0.1″ to 0.3″ thick. That means a single glaze, an average run of the mill window. The magnets on this model offer a good grip and ensure that there is no lag between the two cleaning pieces.

Next up is the Blue Glider. This model is designed for double glazed windows which measure anywhere from 0.3″ and 0.7″ in thickness. Overall, the design and layout are the same as what you can find on the Black Glider, with the exception of stronger magnets. Still, you are looking at plenty of grip and traction even if you use the microfiber cloth inserts that come with the cleaner. This is a great magnetic window cleaner for double glazing.

Lastly, we have the Green Glider that can service triple glazed windows with ease. Like it is the case with the previous two versions, this one differs mainly in the strength of the magnet. Even though it is meant to be used on windows that range from 0.8″ to 1.1″ in thickness, you can definitely get great results if you use this model on standard double glazed windows.


2# Alfawise S60 Magnetic Remote Controlled Window Cleaner


Manual magnetic cleaners are a good way to speed up window washing, but there is always a much faster way. Window cleaner robots are slowly becoming more and more interesting. Models such as Alfawise S60 demonstrate just how effective these machines can be. With that said, S60 here is no regular window cleaner robot. On the contrary, it is different enough where it stands out from the rest. First of all, these robots use vacuum motors to stick to glass. That in itself is nothing new. What is definitely different is the way this robot cleans the glass.

At this moment most window cleaning robots use a large cleaning surface to clean the glass. In other words, they are dragging a massive microfiber cloth along whatever path they’re following. With Alfawise S60, you are getting much more than that. Instead of just dragging a cloth across the glass, S60 uses two spinning polishers which are covered with a microfiber cloth. As the robot moves along its projected path, these surfaces spin. That way you are guaranteed a much better performance and efficiency for your dollar.

The cool thing about the S60 is that it comes with a very smart AI. It will quickly calculate the optimal path to take. No matter what size of windows you have, this robot with get the job done easily and efficiently. Should you feel that some areas aren’t as clean as you’d want them to be, you can always direct the cleaner using the remote. Another cool feature is that this robot doesn’t use batteries. Instead, it is constantly plugged in. In an odd case of power loss, S60 has built-in UPS secondary power sources which will keep the device on glass for an additional 30 minutes. Oh, there is also a 150kg rated safety rope provided.

3# Baffect Magnetic Glass Wiper Gilder


There are two schools of thought when it comes to cleaning windows. You have those who believe in the traditional design which requires a bit of technique to clean corners. Then you have those who feel that a triangular cleaner design is a much better solution. Buffect’s cleaner we are looking at here represents the latter. All things considered, it is a smart design. Buffect has found a way to optimize the cleaning surfaces in a way that leaves no portion of the cleaner unused.

If you look at the business side of the cleaner, you will see three sponges located at all three ends of the triangle. These are completely removable which allows you to wash them or add your cleaner of choice directly onto them instead on the window itself. An even closer look reveals a rubber blade on one side of the triangle. This means that Buffect’s cleaner has a dedicated scrubbing section and the standard blade that collects the water from the window. Together, these two components work flawlessly.

At this point, you are probably wondering how strong the magnets are on this model. Buffect actually went with an adjustable setup which you don’t see too often. The indoor side of the cleaner features a knob that allows you to select the magnet setup. There are 5 levels to choose from and those will cover windows that are anywhere from 4mm thick to 30mm thick. In other words, this setup covers just about everything under the sun.

Last but not least you have the 2.5-meter long safety rope. That length is good enough to cover just about any window size most often found in residential settings. Overall, Buffect offers a very attractive solution at a price that is too good to ignore.

4# Alfawise WIN660- Robot Window Cleaner


Manual cleaners are great, but sometimes you just need the whole process to be automated. This is where models such as the Alfawise WIN660 step in. This is to windows what Rumba is to floors. You are looking at a smart cleaner that is designed to take care of large windows. WIN660 is best used on windows which are larger than 40x40cm. On top of that, it is pretty quick and fairly silent.

The way it works is very user-friendly. WIN660 comes with preloaded AI software that allows it to calculate the best possible cleaning path with almost no interaction necessary from the user. Additionally, you can use the available remote control or the Alfawise app to control the robot. At max speed, WIN660 will cover a square meter in 2.5 minutes. Noise is always a concern with designs such as this one. At 65dB, WIN660 is among the quieter models on the market.

Alfawise WIN660 uses a vacuum motor to stay connected to the glass surface. In case the battery runs out, you have an emergency USP backup system that kicks in and prevents the smart cleaner from detaching from the window. The cleaning surface is detachable from the machine. As a matter of fact, you have to pop it off if you intend to spray a cleaning solution directly onto it.

What you don’t want to do is spray the cleaning cloth while it is still on the cleaner. Doing so can cause damage to electronics and sensors. Similarly, you don’t want to use WIN660 on a window that is drenched with water. The fact that it is so susceptible to water damage is the only real downside to this cleaner. However, that is a small price to pay considering all of its benefits.

5# LvDD Magnetic Window Cleaner


Speaking of corner friendly cleaners, the one from LvDD is definitely worth looking into. Their design is somewhat similar to the one we’ve just looked at, but there are a few interesting differences. For starters, it is much more intuitive to use. Just like our previous pick, this one is also a triangle. However, LvDD has taken any and all guesswork out of the equation. No matter how you grab this thing, you will know exactly which sides of the triangle are padded with sponges and which side is the squeegee surface.

To use the LvDD magnetic glass cleaner, all you have to do is follow a few simple steps. First thing first, take that safety cord and tie it around your wrist. That way you don’t have to worry about anything. The next step is to break the two cleaners apart. Once you do so, you will find that the inside is lined with a sponge that covers pretty much the entire surface of the cleaner. At this point, you can go ahead and apply your cleaning solution of choice.

Some like to dunk the cleaner into a bowl of water and let it soak for a while. That works as well. Next, just align the cleaners and you are good to go. LvDD has added a top side sponge that can absorb quite a bit of water. It works great as a portable source of moisture.

When it comes to the window thickness supported by this cleaner, you are looking at anywhere from 15-24mm. That covers most of your single pane and double glazed windows. The magnets used in these are very strong permanent magnets that offer more than enough grip during use. It’s safe to say that this is one of the best magnetic window cleaners of this type.

6# MIFXIN High Rise Double Side Window Cleaner


Going back to manual magnetic cleaners, we run into another triangular model. This time around the brand in question is Mifxin. It is definitely not the only cleaner on the market that uses this particular design, but it sure is one of the best. Here’s what makes it so interesting. Mifxin took the already established designed and changed it up a little. Their changes make the overall performance a tad better than what the competition has to offer. The best part is that they didn’t have to increase the price. On the contrary, this thing is quite competitive price wise.

The cleaner is simple. It uses that all too familiar triangular shape that we have seen already. The inside of each cleaner is lined with a sponge for the most part. The only portion of the cleaner that isn’t is the squeegee section in the back. The cleaner comes with all the usual features. You have the rather strong magnet that keeps the whole thing together and a safety cord you can tie around your wrist. One of those improved features e have mentioned earlier is the water holding sponge at the front of the cleaner.

Where most brands used a small sponge, Mifxin went with a fairly larger one. This improves the performance of the cleaner in the sense that you don’t have to add the cleaner or water as often. Another cool detail about this setup is its size. It is ever so slightly larger than cleaners it is running against. This improves things in two ways. For one, you are working with a larger cleaner which covers a larger area at any given time. The second benefit is a larger grip that allows for a much firmer purchase on the cleaner.

7# DBJIE Professional Double Side Window Cleaner


Not everyone is a fan of the triangular shape when it comes to window cleaners. One of the better alternatives comes in the form of DBJIE professional window glass cleaner. This particular model is all about performance. There are no gimmicky features nor did DBJIE spend way too much effort on aesthetics. No, this cleaner is utilitarian to the bone and that is probably its most attractive feature. By using a simple square design, they have maximized both the cleaning surface and the size of the squeegee blade. That fact alone means that you’re getting better performance than average.

Because it is a square cleaner and not a triangle, the cleaning pads are massive. In our experience, larger cleaning pads retain more of the cleaner fluid or water depending on what you are using. This, in turn, allows you to clean larger portions of glass without having to apply the cleaner fluid all over again. On the other hand, a larger squeegee blade makes it easier to use this as a standard squeegee. One of the golden rules of window washing with a squeegee blade is to use the S pattern.

Because the blade is located right underneath the handle, you can achieve that S pattern very easily. The whole thing is made out of quality ABS plastic which gives it good service live and decent resistance to wear. DBJIE went with rather strong magnets for this model. These allow you to use this thing on windows that are anywhere from 35-48mm thick. The only issue with such strong magnets is the fact that you’ll have trouble using this cleaner on a thin, single pane window. Overall, this glass cleaner works great and delivers good performance day in and day out.

8# XSJZ Household Magnetic Glass Cleaner


Last but not least we have a manual glass cleaner that is adding a new twist to what is essentially a saturated market. In all honesty, that was no easy task. However, XSJZ has found a way to improve the magnetic cleaner design to a point where it really makes sense to take their design over that of their competition. Before we get to those important differences, let’s cover the basics. This is a standard square magnetic cleaner which means two things. It is packing a massive cleaning surface, and it comes with a large squeegee blade.

As a matter of fact, this is the largest manual cleaner on this list. As such, it offers the best coverage if that is something you appreciate. One interesting thing we have noticed is the handle. Most other designs have grips on them, but not actual handles. Even though a handle may sound like it’s too difficult to operate at first, it really isn’t. If you have ever used a standard squeegee, you won’t have any issues using this cleaner. Simple as that. The cleaning surface is large and offers good water retention.

Now for that cool feature that we’ve mentioned earlier. The outside portion of this cleaner comes with a built-in nozzle. This nozzle is connected to a hand pump by a small hose. This entire setup allows you to squirt water on the outside of the window without opening it.

That makes all the difference if you are washing windows which are up high or hardly accessible from the outside. Is this feature so good that it warrants all the hype? We think so. It makes this cleaner different enough where some users might find it better than whatever else is available on the market.

Know More About Magnetic Window Cleaner

What is a magnetic window cleaner?

Not every magnetic cleaner is created equal. That should be the very first thing you take away from this guide. Some are better than others while some are simply not worth it. We have done all the legwork and found a handful of models that will give you the necessary performance. The question is, what makes a good magnetic cleaner? What features are important and what can you live without? As you are about to find out, figuring this out isn’t all that complicated.

There are essentially three components you need to pay attention to. First and foremost, you will need adequate magnets. Notice how we didn’t say strong magnets. What most people don’t realize is that strong magnets aren’t always a good thing. If you have thick windows, stronger is often times better. However, if your windows are thin, a cleaner with a strong set of magnets built into it can be impossible to operate. Sometimes these can even damage your glass due to how strong they are. Because of that, it is essential that you find adequate magnets for your particular windows.

Next up are cleaning pads. Some cleaners have larger pads, some have smaller. Some come with numerous pads while others pack only one. The general rule of thumb is that larger pads are better. Sometimes you have to compromise. For example, if you want one of those triangular models, you will sacrifice a bit of padding. The best magnetic window cleaners feature large pads, that is for sure.

The situation is similar when it comes to squeegee blades. Larger is better but placement also matters. We like blades that are mounted at the very edge of the cleaner. That way you can really get into those corners and get rid of all of that residual moisture.

Process Of Working

How Does a Magnetic Window Cleaner Work?

As its name states, magnetic glass cleaners utilize strong magnets to connect the two sides of the cleaner. The whole idea is to sandwich the glass between two identical sets of cleaning pads which cuts down the necessary effort in half. So how do you actually use these devices? Are there any specific things you should know? While using a window cleaner is not rocket science, some precautions can make things much easier on you. For starter, you might want to learn how to properly utilize the design.

An average magnetic cleaner features a scrubbing, soft pad and a rubber blade that rides behind it. The idea is to lead your strokes with the cleaning pad. This way you are scrubbing the glass and removing all of the residues with the rubber blade. The technique is key if you want the best results. For starters, you should always apply a good amount of cleaner to both pads before proceeding. It is also recommended that you soak the pads beforehand. Just make sure that you don’t go overboard as doing so could be counterproductive.

The technique you are going to use will differ depending on the cleaner design. Most square models will yield great results if you use the S pattern technique. This is what pros use and you will find that it offers the best results overall. Some of the best magnetic window cleaners are triangular. These definitely excel with a simple zig-zag pattern. Their main advantage is the ability to get in those corners and clean them out. However, you should know that these aren’t always fitted with great pads. As a result, you might have to go over some places twice.


Finding a good window cleaner can make this choir very interesting and easy. What we have listed above are some of the best magnetic window cleaners on the market. We have tried to find models that represent a good cross-section of what the market offers at this moment. As you can tell, this includes both standard manual magnetic cleaners as well as robotic ones. Later are a bit more expensive but well worth the investment if you have larger windows in your home. Either way, you won’t be disappointed by any of these models listed above.

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