Best Mop For Laminate Floor- Buying Guide & Top Reviews

A mop is one of the most convenient tools for cleaning and maintaining a laminate floor. Choosing the right mop for laminate floor is absolutely important, as it’s a little tricky job to deal with. To remove the stain, dust, pet hair, grime off the laminate floor and bringing the shiny outlook back.

Having a laminate floor surely makes your home more beautiful and definitely more welcoming. Now, we all know that cleaning & maintaining laminate floors is not an easy task. Therefore, you will need the proper cleaning tools for the job.

Mop is the ultimate cleaning solution for that. A right mop will prolong the life of your laminate floor for sure. Laminate floor mops are also used for other hardwood floors and even tiles, which makes them pretty valuable.

However, there are lots of different laminate floor mops on the market, but only a few of them are actually considered as the best mop for laminate floors. In that light, we have prepared the laminate floor mop reviews so you can decide which one to pick.

How to Choose the Best Mop?

Now, let’s see the main criteria that we used in order to judge and rate our laminate floor mops. These criteria are very important and they are showing the big difference between the best mop for laminate wood floors and a mediocre one.

Budget: As we all know, budget is possibly the most important thing when it comes to buying any product. Therefore, we have only picked the products that have a massive value for the cash. In that light, these laminate mops are definitely worth every penny.

Right Pad: When it comes to right pad, the laminate floor cleaning mop should be equipped with the microfiber. This way, the performance will be on suitable level, and the effectiveness of the mop will be high.

Handle Length & Material: When it comes to the handle length and material, we picked only the best laminate mops that will be convenient for anyone. Namely, handle length is important as much as the material since they both contribute to the overall performance and durability.

Work On: Basically, the best floor mop for laminate floors is also excelling greatly when it comes to other wooden floors. You can clean any hardwood floor with the best mop since it is suitable for cleaning other types of floors beside the laminate.

Including : All the mops that we reviewed here come with lots of different things in the package. These things that are included are here to make it easier for you to clean and to improve the quality of the cleaning as well. This way, the best floor mop for laminate floors is usually equipped with lots of accessories and helpful things.

Customer Reviews: We have chosen only the mops with the high customer reviews since they hold pretty good value for the cash. Customer reviews are usually the best way to get the full picture of some product and decide if the product is worthy of your money.

Why is Steam Mop out of the picture?

Before, we start with the best mop for laminate floors review, we must mention why we think that steam mop is not that good for laminate floors. Simply speaking, steam mops are specially designed for carpet cleaning in which field they excel greatly.

But, when it comes to laminate floors or wooden floors in general, steam mop is just not that safe. As we all know, steam mops are providing so much moisture when they clean, and that is something that will definitely damage the wooden floors.

Therefore, a typical drying time is long and it can take up to 2 to 6 hours. In that time, wooden floors will soak the moisture and become softer and easier to get damaged.

Top 7 Mop For Laminate Floor Reviews

Rank #1- Microfiber Wholesale Professional Mop

Professional Microfiber Mop is considered as best microfiber mop for laminate floors for so many reasons. You can easily clean your floor without much effort since this mop covers a wide area while mopping.

The handle is extendable up to an amazing length of 70 inches which will ensure that anyone can comfortably worth with it. Simply, this mop excels in every field of performance and it is definitely the best dust mop for laminate floors.

To top things off, this mop’s microfiber attracts all sorts of dirt, dust, and hair, so you shouldn’t worry about any parts being left dirty. Therefore, you can easily count on this laminate floor mop to clean your floors without any complications which actually makes it pretty valuable and worth every dollar.

  • Easy to use due to the 360 degree maneuverability.
  • Durable and heavy duty construction.
  • Handle is adjustable which allows you not to bend over while mopping.
  • Long pile microfiber picks up more than a regular one.
  • The overall weight of the mop is a bit heavy.
  • Since the frame is 18’’ wide, Little hard to use home owner.

Rank #2- Rubbermaid Easy Microfiber Spray Mop

Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop is really going to make your laminate floor cleaning easier and better. This top choice spray mop for laminate cleaning is equipped with many different features which will ensure the best performance of the mop.

In any case, this mop is safe to use on any type of wooden floor including laminate where it excels the most. It’s no wonder why Rubbermaid brand offers only the best and the most valuable mops for nearly 80 years.

On the other hand, the durable but lightweight material will ensure that you don’t need to put much effort in cleaning and still get the wanted result. In conclusion, this mop truly is one of the best mops for laminate floors on the market.

Rubbermaid spray mop for laminate floor cleaning
  • Durable and lightweight material.
  • Convenient for easy and fast cleaning due to the spray feature.
  • Best works on laminate, but can be used on hardwood, tiles, vinyl.
  • Easy to operate with.
  • Pads are washable up to 100 times.
  • The trigger for spray is very sensitive.
  • The head of the mop might not fit in some places.

Rank #3- O-Cedar Flip Damp Mop for laminate floor cleaning

O-Cedar Microfiber Flip Mop is possibly the best mop for laminate and any other hardwood floor. The wide mop head will ensure that your cleaning process goes easier and faster. Also, this mop is excellent when it comes to deeper cleaning.

You can basically use this mop on all type of hardwood floors including laminate, and that is something that makes this mop pretty valuable and worth the money. You don’t have to worry about any dirt being left behind since this mop will clean it with ease.

All in all, this is surely the best wet mop for laminate floors since it excels in nearly all field of performance.

O-Cedar Flip Mop for floor cleaning
  • Covers a wide floor area due to the size of the mop head.
  • Specially designed for laminate floor cleaning.
  • Excellent mop for deeper cleaning.
  • Microfiber pad is washable up to 100 times.
  • Safe to use on any hardwood floor.
  • There is only one microfiber pad in the package.
  • The handle is not that durable and might bend when you apply a bit more pressure.
  • Microfiber pad is not that easy to take off and put on back again.

Rank #4- O-Cedar Spin Mop & Cleaning System With Bucket

O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop is definitely considered as one of the best mop for laminate wood floors out there. With its deep-clean technology that leaves only shining laminate floors behind, you can really count on this mop to perfectly do its job.

Since it is easy to spin this mop, the whole process of cleaning your laminate floors will be piece of cake. Also, the best sponge mop for laminate floors like this one will surely come in handy at any time.

On the other hand, you can reach every part and every corner of your house where you have laminate floors. This easy to maneuver mop simply is one of the most valuable mops out there.

  • Hands-free wringing.
  • Specially designed mop head for hardwood floors.
  • Splash Guard equipped.
  • Great microfiber performance – absorbs all the dirt and grime.
  • The foot pedal requires a bit more gentle approach.
  • Not safe to use in a combination with bleach.
  • Microfiber is a bit harder to wash.

Rank #5- Swiffer Sweeper Cleaning Started Kit

The Swiffer Sweeper Cleaner Dry and Wet Mop is definitely one of the most convenient mops on the market. With its ability to perform excellently on any hardwood floor, including laminate, this mop is surely going to provide a good and clean laminate floor in your home. This mop is rated as the best dry mop for laminate floors.

Anyhow, with everything that comes included, it is no wonder why we listed this mop as the number one mop in our review. Simply speaking, with all the disposable sweeping and mopping cloths, you will be able to provide the proper cleaning for your laminate floor.

All in all, you can’t possibly go wrong with this one since it picks up every inch of dirt, dust, or hair with its 3x cleaning action.

  • Easy to replace cloths.
  • Dissolve dirt and grime.
  • Great for maintaining laminate floors.
  • Excellent performance on other floor types.
  • The handle is a little bit flimsy.
  • This mop is designed for laminate floors, so, it sticks from time to time on kitchen and bathroom floors.

Rank #6- LINKYO Reusable Dry Mop

LINKYO Microfiber Hardwood Floor Mop surely is one of the most convenient heavy-duty mops that will offer you to clean your laminate floors perfectly. With the long handle that is convenient for anyone, you will be able to mop your floors easily.

With the handle that is extendable up to the length of 70 inches, you can use this mop to perfectly clean your floors without getting tired at all. Also, the 360 degree swivel head, you can clean under the furniture without the need to move it ever again.

Simply put, this mop really offers something great for anyone who uses it and it surely is worth every penny. Its value truly stands out when it comes to laminate floor mopping.

On the other hand, you can always use this mop to splendidly clean any other hardwood floor or even tiles. Be sure that this mop will always provide a good cleaning action on any given floor surface.

Rubbermaid spray mop for laminate floor cleaning
  • Durable construction and stainless steel frame.
  • This mop covers a lot of areas while mopping.
  • Washable microfiber pads up to 100 times.
  • Excellent performer on any hardwood floors especially laminate.
  • The internal parts of the mop are not that durable.
  • This mop weights a lot, and therefore, it is not that easy to work with it.
  • It is not that convenient for reaching into tight places.

Rank #7- O-Cedar ProMist Spray Mop

O-Cedar ProMist Microfiber Spray Mop holds massive value for the cash and it is a convenient way of cleaning your laminate floors. Anyhow, this is possibly the best laminate floor mop with a sprinkle feature. Therefore, it deserves to be listed here among the best mops for laminate floors in general.

It offers nothing less than a perfectly cleaned laminate floor and all that is achievable without much effort. Also, the microfiber is absolutely perfect for laminate floors since it provides a good cleaning without damaging the laminate in any way.

The microfiber is washable up to 100 times which means that you can use it for a long period of time before replacing it. All in all, this mop is a perfect addition into any home with laminate floors.

Rubbermaid spray mop for laminate floor cleaning
  • You can choose your own cleaning solution.
  • Convenient for any type of wooden floor.
  • Microfiber pad is washable and safe for use.
  • Superior performance due to the easy maneuverability.
  • The head of the mop covers wide area.
  • Plastic nozzle of the water bottle is not that durable.
  • The mop is not that convenient for tall people.
  • You must tighten the bottle cap strongly, so it doesn’t leak.


The importance of a good laminate mop is simply huge. With the best mop for laminate floors, you will provide your home with nice and clean laminate floors for sure. Therefore, we have provided you with some of the best mops for laminate floors on the market to choose from.

We surely hope that this review helped you to take decision of getting a mop for laminate floors. In any case, get one of them and see for yourself.

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