6 Best Pressure Washer Under $100 Reviews 2023

Undoubtedly, your goal is to find a good power washer. But even better, it would only make sense to find the right power washer that is uniquely suited to your needs. If you choose a washer that is too big, it is going to be overkill. On the other hand, a washer that is too small may not handle the projects as you expect.

Power washers are generally used to handle thousands of cleaning projects outdoors. You can use them to clean your dirty car, driveway, windows, vinyl siding, or any other relevant area.

So, how about when you want the perfect pressure washer to handle your projects accordingly, but the maximum you wish to spend is $100? How would you go about that? Is there a reliable power washer that costs less than $100?

Yes, there is, and we will be covering the best pressure washer under $100 in this article.

Top 6 Under $100 Pressure Washers Review

We understand the challenge of sorting the best power washer under 100. But to save you time and effort, here are some of the top 6 models you should consider choosing.

1# GreenWorks 1600 PSI $99.99 Best Pressure Washer

First up on the list is this unit from Greenworks. This one is designed to enhance your outdoor cleaning by saving you time and effort. It comes with a 1600PSI rating that should offer enough pressure to get rid of the toughest grease marks. Plus, the 1600PSI pressure comes at 1.2GPM. This is the main feature that allows you to blast through dirt and grime with the pressure washer. With this pressure washer, you can easily restore your surfaces.

Another amazing feature to love about this pressure washer is the fact that you can easily work with it vertically or horizontally. This is a feature that enhances the user-friendliness of the machine. But also it betters the stability of the pressure washer.

The 13amp motor on this unit was enough to offer the needed power for cleaning the outdoor area of your house.

It comes with a 20ft hose that allows you to achieve a greater reach. This is coupled with a 35ft power cord that maximizes the reach further. The power cord comes with an inline GFCI that you can use on any exterior outlet.

Also onboard is a soap applicator that applies soap efficiently for a quick clean up. You can even attach a detergent bottle for you to complete whichever cleaning job you might be having.

One thing that we thought might be an issue for some users was the fact that it doesn’t come with an internal detergent tank. However, some wouldn’t mind attaching a detergent bottle to it.

2# Stanley SHP1600 Price $95.99 Electric Power Washer

Here is another decent power washer that comes with almost similar features as the first product on the list.

This electric power washer comes with a pressure rating of 1600PSI at 1.3 Gallons Per Minute. Of course, this pressure washer cannot handle industrial stains. However, it can still deal with grime and dirt without any problem. If you are looking for a machine to clean your deck, siding, pool, outdoor furniture, truck, car, ATV, pavement, extension lance, or even RV, we’d point you in the direction of this unit.

It is decently portable at around 15.21lbs and features a convenient handle to help you carry it around with ease. Still, you can make use of the 20ft soft, flexible hose that lets you extend your reach with the pressure washer. There are also some pro-grade brass garden hose connectors that let you hook up your regular garden hose to the power washer.

For those that appreciate an internal detergent tank, this pressure washer offers you that at 14 ounces. With the 14oz detergent tank, you won’t have to attach any detergent bottle to the machine.

Besides the pressure washer, you get other accessories such as a pressure washer wand, pressure washer gun, and a variable nozzle. This way, you will have the necessary accessories to help you handle your projects with ease.

While some units out there come with wheels for easy movability, this one doesn’t have wheels. Luckily, it only weighs 15.21lbs, which makes it easy to carry around.

3# Sun Joe SPX1000 1.45 GPM Corded Electric Power Washer

If you want a pressure washer that can handle your light-duty project with a slightly higher flow-rate, this unit from Sun Joe wouldn’t be a bad pick. The pressure washer runs on an 11.5amp motor that offers you 1450PSI at 1.4 Gallons Per Minute. However, 1450PSI is the maximum pressure limit. The working pressure is 1150PSI, which is why we consider this a good choice of power washer for handling the light-duty projects. In other words, you can use it for cleaning the lightly-soiled patio, windows, car, bike, or garden furniture.

This pressure washer has been designed to automatically shut off the pump if you don’t engage the trigger, thanks to the Total Stop System (TSS). In turn, this helps to save energy and enhance the durability of the pump. But there’s also an On/Off switch at your disposal.

You can easily adjust the pressure on the spray wand using the twist nozzle. This way, you will set the right pressure to handle the task at hand. Plus, the 33-inch wand offers you adjustable jet sprays of 0 degrees to 45 degrees.

Like our first two products on the list, this one also offers you a 35ft power cord, along with a 20ft high-pressure hose. A female couple garden hose adaptor lets you connect your garden hose to the machine.

This might not be the best pick for a heavy-duty project, but it won’t disappoint you on a light-duty cleaning project.

4# WEN PW19 2000 PSI $81 E. P. Washer

Anyone in need of a decently powerful unit. If you have medium-duty projects, this should be your best pick.

Running on a 13amp motor, this pressure washer offers your 2000PSI at 1.6GPM. You can perfectly use this one to revive your old furniture, walkways, decks, or stained sidings. Typically, this machine can handle just about any project at home. If you are from a rough cruise with your 4×4 and you need the best power washer to get rid of that heavy mud, this one would suit you perfectly.

The pressure washer itself comes only at 14.3lbs, which is lightweight enough. But what makes it more unique is the briefcase-style design with a carrying handle. This way, you can conveniently carry it wherever you wish.

You can adjust the spray width of this pressure washer, thanks to the variable flow nozzle. Furthermore, there is no need for attaching a detergent bottle since this washer comes with a 13oz detergent soap tank onboard. This assures you of extra cleaning power on your projects. Like our previous product, this one also comes with a Total Stop System to shut off the machine when the trigger is not engaged.

One negative side of this pressure washer is that it only comes with a 16.5ft reinforced hose, which is shorter than most units. But with its lightweight and convenient design, you shouldn’t have a problem moving it around.

5# YARD FORCE YF1600A1 Compact Water Pressure Washer

This happens to be the heaviest pressure washer on our list, but it still comes in at only 17lbs. It is one of those units that offer you an easy time when storing your accessories.

In terms of power delivery, this machine offers you a 13amp motor that delivers 1600PSI at 1.2GPM. With this, you can easily handle your car, sidewalk, siding, garden furniture, and more. The axial cam pump delivers the needed power for handling your multiple projects.

This fella comes in a compact design, and also features roll-along wheels to let you move it wherever you wish with ease. All you have to do is pull it like a suitcase. It also comes with the largest onboard soap tank of 32 ounces. The onboard tank allows you to apply soap easily and have an overly easy time when handling your cleaning projects. If you need to change the detergent, simply release it through the drain plug at the bottom of the tank.

You get two quick-connect nozzles for cleaning stains and those hard surfaces such as bricks, metal railings, or concrete.

This one might come with a compact design, but there is an inbuilt storage compartment for storing the hose, nozzle, spray gun, and power cord. In turn, this assures you that everything is well-organized.

One issue that might be a concern to some users is that there is slight back pressure on the trigger. In this case, you may have to add some pressure when holding the trigger. If you have large and stronger hands, this shouldn’t be an issue as such.

6# PAXCESS 2150 PSI High Pressure Washer

If you want the perfect pressure washer to easily handle your hard surfaces like concrete, this would be the best pick on the list. The power and pressure delivery of this fella is worth mentioning.

This electric pressure washer runs on a 1800watt motor that delivers up to 2150PSI at 1.85GPM. This pressure washer can easily work for you if you want a unit to handle your low-level commercial projects. It can generally handle any try of the cleaning project. Just make sure you lay some protective covering over the sensitive surfaces when using this pressure washer.

You get a 26ft high-pressure hose, along with a 33ft power cord. The combination of the two helps to extend the maximum reach of the pressure washer. This monster is heavy at 23.5lbs, which might seem difficult to move one. But on the flip side, it comes with two sizeable wheels that allow you to move it around with ease.

Also, you get an adjustable nozzle for you to choose the spray angle of your liking. Besides that, you get to supply water to the washer in two ways. First off, you can connect the hose directly to the tap, or place it in a bucket of water for it to suck water automatically.

Unfortunately, you only get one adjustable nozzle, compared to the two nozzles offered by other brands. Still, the single nozzle will serve you well with your projects.

How To Choose a $50 -$100 Cheap Pressure Washer?

Even with a list of the top power washers under $100, it is still important to explore the tips on how to buy one. That being said, here are the top factor you should consider when choosing a cheap pressure washer

Source of Power

We like to start with the power source when finding a reliable pressure washer that goes for less than $100. It is important to understand that there are three categories when it comes to the source of the power of the machine.

They can be gas-powered or electric washers. Under electric power washers, they come in either cordless or corded units.

We won’t cover the gas-powered units because they rarely go for less than $100.

But for the corded-electric units, they tend to be most professionals’ favorite. They tend to be more reliable in terms of power delivery. This is because most homes with running water will have electricity that would power the machine.

However, they tend to be less favorable in terms of movement freedom. The length of the power cord will determine how easy it will be to move around with the power washer. Ideally, don’t go for a power washer with a power cord shorter than 30ft if you don’t want movement inconvenience.

The cordless electric power washers, which are also known as the battery-powered models, are the cheapest of all. But also, they tend to be the least powerful of the three types. But the good thing about the battery-powered power washers is that they allow you to take them wherever you wish. As long as they have a fully-charged battery, you won’t have a problem carrying them anywhere.

If you have a massive project that might take hours to finish, you shouldn’t go for the battery-powered units. A battery-powered pressure washer would be a good pick for someone looking for a machine to wash their car.

Pounds-per-square-inch (PSI)

After you are sure of the right source of power for your pressure washer, you should consider the pressure level or PSI. This is simply the amount of force the pressure washer can produce. If the PSI count is high, then it means that the flow of water jetting from the nozzle will be stronger. You can get those that range from 1000PSI to around 2000PSI. Still, there are the cheapest units that deliver only 800PSI.

If you want the right PSI range for handling tough stains or rough surfaces like concrete, then go for those that come with 2000PSI or above. For mild projects like cleaning the pathway or garden furniture, a pressure washer with 1500PSI would be a good pick. But for fragile surfaces like windows, you should choose a pressure washer with 1000PSI or less.

Regardless of the PSI level you choose in a pressure washer, remember that even the weakest power washer can still damage your windows or car paint. That is why you need to be extra careful when using the pressure washer.

Gallons-Per-Minute (GPM)

The ability of the pressure washer to produce more pressure while consuming less water is what makes it better than a regular garden hose. A standard garden hose will deliver around 40PSI to 70PSI at a maximum of 24GPM.

But for a power washer, it only uses as little as 1.2GPM. This helps to save your water bills in the long run.

That being said, a power washer that comes with 1.5GPM should be good enough to help you with your projects.

Length of the Hose

If you are going for the corded-electric pressure washer, you must ensure that they come with a hose length that is long enough. You don’t want to choose a unit with a short electric cord and an equally short hose. It won’t do you any justice.

Instead, consider going for a hose between 20ft and 35ft, depending on how and where you intend to use the power washer. You can still go for the units that let you extend the hose. Keep in mind that a longer hose will always reduce the pressure of the machine.

Soap Applicator or Detergent Tank

With a pressure washer, you will have two ways of applying soap to the surface you are washing. It can either be through a soap applicator or using a soap tank that is inbuilt. The soap applicator is typically a separate gun that is designed to shoot the soap.

Here, you can choose the one that you prefer, but the soap applicator might be somewhat more efficient because you won’t have to refill it as you would with the onboard soap tank. Either way, both deliver the same results.

Pressure Adjustability

Ideally, you should choose a pressure washer that lets you adjust the pressure to match your cleaning needs. If you will be handling vehicles and windows, or any other fragile surface, a power washer with adjustable pressure is a must.

Here, you will have three options; you can go with the quick-connect nozzle tips, change the pressure setting with a variable pressure dial, or twist an adjustable wand to regulate the pressure.

The adjustable wand is usually the best choice in this case because it is easy to use and change the pressure. Plus, low-cost pressure washers will not come with the variable pressure dial.


It is important to consider how you will be moving the pressure washer around. In this case, consider the weight of the machine and if it comes with a handle or a pair of wheels. Any unit lighter than 15lbs can be carried around with ease.

Nevertheless, ensure that it comes with a convenient handle if it is lighter than 15lbs or if it has wheels if it is heavier than that. Above all, always go for units from reputable brands.

Use Of Cheap Pressure Washer:

The pressure washers at low cost are mostly considered to be best suited for light or medium-duty projects. They are not the best candidates for heavy-duty and demanding cleaning projects. Typically, it might not be the best idea for a commercial cleaning company. Nevertheless, there are some units that can handle partial commercial cleaning like cleaning roofs or homes.

All in all, these cheap pressure washers would be good for cleaning soiled paving, small cars, bikes, garden furniture, concrete surfaces, trucks, RVs, roofs, vinyl siding, windows, patio, sidewalks, and more.


There you have it. Now you have an idea of the best pressure washer under $100, you can step out there and shop for the best unit accordingly. Always remember to consider the buying guide before you place your money on any machine. Above all, follow the necessary safety precautions when working with the pressure washer.

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