6 Best Window Glass Scraper Reviews 2023

Every professional window cleaner has at least one high-quality window scraper that allows them to clean windows to perfection. As we all know, window scrapers are quite convenient tool to have in order to remove some hard-to-clean stains, paint, tape, and labels from window.

With a good window scraper, you will be able to easily remove even the toughest stains and dirt that can be found on windows, and all that without any complications. However, window scrapers are also quite dangerous since they can damage glass and leave it in scratches. Therefore, you need to know how to operate with them.

Anyhow, let’s see everything about window scrapers so that you can have the full insight into this amazing window cleaning tool.

Top 6 Window Scraper Reviews

Here are some of the best window scrappers that you can possibly find on the market. As a professional window cleaner, Luke and Reanna would say;
‘’The right tool is essential for window cleaning job’’.

1. Unger Ergotec Ninja Scraper


Possibly the best window scrapper that you can find on the market is the Unger EN150. Namely, this amazing window scraper is made out of the high-quality materials and it is pretty convenient for getting the job done in no time. Now, let’s see everything about this scraper.

With the solid steel angle change mechanism, this window scraper allows you to switch between angles of 0 degrees and 30 degrees. This will ensure that you do the job properly which will lead to outstanding results, just like a professional window cleaner.

Next, this window scraper is made out of the high-quality steel material which ensures maximum durability and strength. Also, this window scraper is rust resistant so you don’t have to worry about any damages when it comes to getting in touch with water.

Furthermore, we can say that this window scraper is quite good and it comes with a comfortable handle. This handle is compatible with all UNGER telescopic poles and it will allow you to clean those hard to reach spots. Also, the handle is designed with a slip-resistant feature so it won’t fall out of your hand.

On top of everything, this amazing window scraper is quite good for even the most demanding job. Namely, the overall design and the length of the window blade scraper allow you to get the job done in no time and without much effort while still guaranteeing maximum results.

2. Unger EG150 Glass Scraper


For our second best window scraper, we have chosen the Unger EG150 6″ Wide Blade. With this absolutely amazing window scraper, every possible stain and dirt on your window will become the thing of the past. Anyhow, let’s see the main benefits of this window scraper.

Since UNGER manufactures cleaning and sanitary equipment, this windows scraper is one of their best products for sure. Namely, the 15 cm carbon steel blade will make sure that your window is perfectly clean. Besides that, you will definitely not put much effort in the window cleaning job with this outstanding window scraper.

Anyhow, the field where this window scraper excels the most is the removal of the paint, stickers, and other debris and residue that you can find on a glass. You will be able to get basically anything cleaned of from your window, we guarantee it.

Next, this window scraper has the ability to connect on a telescopic pole extension which will allow you to clean windows on a higher location that you can’t reach that easily. Also, the handle is quite comfortable and it will fit perfectly into your hands. The handle also is slip-resistant which will provide you with the tight grip and it will prevent any fall outs.

Possibly the most important thing about this window scraper is two sharp blades. Simply speaking, the window scraper razor blade is reversible and it has two pretty sharp edges which will ensure the best results when it comes to removing of the ‘’hard to clean’’ spots from your window.

All in all, this is one fine window scraper that will allow you to clean your windows to perfection. The overall value for the cash is quite good since this window scraper holds a pretty massive value for the price.

3. Moerman 17832 Pro 8 Inch Long Scraper


With the majority of useful features, the Moerman 17832 Pro Scraper is going to help you clean almost anything from your windows. This window scrapper surely is one of the most convenient window scrapers when it comes to cleaning of a bit smaller windows.

Anyhow, this window scraper is equipped with some really helpful features. First, the integrated blade guard that is specially designed will ensure that you never lose guard. Also, you will be able to easily clean even the most demanding stains on your window with this one.

Second, you will be able to easily change the blades since no tools are required for this kind of job. Simply speaking, this window scraper’s blade is so easy to change so you don’t have to bring any other tools for this.

Next, the handle is ergonomically designed which provides great dose of comfort for anyone who holds this window scraper. This will allow you to clean windows for a longer period of time since you will feel comfortable and there won’t be any complications. Also, the handle is slip-resistant and quite durable.

Anyway, this window scraper excels in more than only one field of performance. You will find it pretty useful when it comes to cleaning paint, tape, or labels for glass or any window. Also, you can clean some other surfaces with this window scraper as well.

To top it all off, you can easily and without any complications attach this window scraper on any WPEX03 or WPEX05 extension handles so that you can reach higher applications.

4. Ettore Pro Window Scraper


Ettore 1044 Pro Scrapper is one of the most convenient window scrapers on the market when it comes to quick window cleaning. Namely, this window scraper is quite lightweight and it really does the job pretty quickly. Besides that, you will find this window scraper pretty useful for even the most demanding jobs.

The first thing that describes this window scraper is the high-quality window scraper blade. Simply speaking, the blade has outstanding performance when it comes to window cleaning. Also, the blade is quite durable and long-lasting, which will allow you to use this window scraper for longer period of time.

Next, the safety rubber guard will make sure that you don’t get in touch with the blade when you are not working with it. This plastic guard is quite durable and it is made of durable plastic material.

The most important thing about this window scraper is that it fits ALL extension poles on the market. This will allow you to attach this window scraper on any pole that you have in your window cleaning kit. Basically, you won’t need to get some special extension pole that fits only for a certain window scraper, you will definitely save some money with this one.

Next, the overall shape and the design of this window scraper are quite convenient for quick window cleaning. Namely, you will be able to swiftly glide this window scraper on the glass surface and be able to finish the job in no time.

The blade is 6 inches long which is literally enough for any window cleaning job. On the other hand, you can expect this window scraper to clean paint, tape, and most of the dirt that you can find on windows.

5. JBF Triumph Angled Professional Glass Scraper


Now, we have come to the amazing and definitely one of the most valuable window scrapers on the market, the JBF Triumph MK3 Scraper. With this one, you will certainly see what a professional window scraper looks like and how it cleans stains from the windows.

The newly and improved high-quality materials make this window scraper quite good when it comes to getting rid of anything from glass. Namely, you will definitely experience smoother working experience and better working results for sure.

The specially designed handle with rounded corners will make sure your grip is secured and tight. This will allow you to glide across the glass with this window scraper like a true professional. Besides that, a secure and firm grip on slip-resistant handle will basically allow you to get the job done in no time.

On the other hand, the handle of this window scraper is compatible with most of the extension poles that you can find on the market. This means that you don’t need to waste money on some specially designed extension poles. You can actually get the most suitable one and attach it to this window scraper and get the job done.

But the most important thing about this scraper surely is the double-edged window blades. Simply put, this blade is made out of carbon steel and it is 6 inches long. There are no stains and dirt on the window that will stand in a way of this strong and amazingly designed blade. You will be able to get every inch of the window perfectly cleaned like a professional.

6. Stanley 28-593 Window Scraper


The last, but definitely not the least window scraper in our window scraper review is the Stanley 28-593 Window Scraper. Namely, this one is quite good when it comes to quick and efficient window cleaning. Most of the professional window cleaners prefer this one actually. Now, let’s find out why.

The Stanley is well-known brand name that makes only the best window scrapers on the market. In that light, you can rest assured that this one is going to do the job without any complications which will ensure maximum results.

The handle of this window scraper is specially designed to ensure that you can make quick and easy movements with your hand. This will allow you to clean every inch of any window or mirror as well. Also, it is quite comfortable to hold this window scraper while you work with it.

As for the window cleaning blades, this window scraper is quite good for cleaning paint or any other ‘’hard-to-clean’’ dirt from the windows. The utility blade is quite sharp and it offers quick and easy clean up of any window, especially the mirrors or tiles.

On top of it all, this window scraper is quite good when it comes to cleaning of the most demanding stains. Namely, the long and durable blade will make sure that you have no troubles cleaning anything from the window.

Buying Guide

Now, in order to know which window scraper is the best, it is definitely recommendable to take these things into consideration before buying a window scraper.


First of all, you need to consider the material of the window scraper. Most of the good ones are made out of durable plastic materials which is quite good. Some of the most experienced window cleaners such as Luke and Reanna would also suggest getting the plastic window scrapers.

Blade length

When it comes to the blade length, you need to know find the most suitable one. Namely, window scrapers with shorter blades are quite good for quick clean ups of the windows while those with longer blades are better when it comes to cleaning bigger and wider windows.

You certainly want to cover bigger areas while cleaning wider windows. On the other hand, if you need to clean only some certain spots on the window, a smaller blade window scraper is all that you need.


The overall performance of the window scraper depends on its features. Namely, you need to look out of the sharpness of the blade and the blade in general. Also, there are some scrapers that excel more in other fields of performance than some other window scrapers. That is why you need to take into consideration more than just one thing.

Possibly the best one to get is the window scraper with stainless steel blade. Most of the professional window cleaners use exactly that one.


The handle is also quite important and it is really crucial to find the window scraper with the ergonomically designed handle. Simply put, handle should be comfortable and able to provide firm and strong grip. Also, you need to look out for the handles with the slip-resistant features as well.

How to Use Window Scraper like a Pro

In just a few steps, you will be able to clean ant window without any complications, let’s find out how. With some helpful tips from professionals like Luke and Reanaa, cleaning of the windows was never easier.

Step 1 –Wet down the glass

You first need to wet the glass down with a recommended window cleaning product. You can do this step in lots of different ways. Simply apply the cleaning product on the window and you are ready to go to step 2.

Step 2 – Removing of the debris

Remove debris with the window scraper but start from the center of the window and glide the scraper towards the sides of the window. This way, you will be able to clean your window like a professional without any complications.

Step 3 – Removing the water from the glass

Now, use window scraper and remove all the water from the window. Make sure to repeat this step several times if needs. The point is to remove all the water from the glass so that your window doesn’t have any water stains.


Considering everything we said about window scrapers, it is quite easy to conclude that you can easily clean your windows with a good window scraper. We have reviewed six of the best window scraper models on the market so that you can choose the one you fine the most suitable for you.

They all hold pretty good value for the cash and are able to provide maximum results without putting much effort in the job. Now, it is only up to you to decide which one to get and clean your windows in the best possible way.

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