How to Clean Gutters on a Two Story House

Gutter cleaning is not an easy job, especially if your home has more than one level.

As you might already know, a two-story house has its gutters on a higher level, which makes the cleaning a more dangerous task if you’re not equipped with a proper set of tools.

Now, let’s see how to clean gutters on a two story house. Let’s begin.

Important Things To Do

First things first, here are some of the most important and crucial things that you need to consider and to do before you get up on a ladder and start cleaning.

Gutter Cleaning Tools for 2 Story House

ImageNameTools TypePrice
Orbit-58543Orbit 58543 Gutter WandTelescoping/Wand View Price
Cen-Tec-Systems-94643Cen-Tec Systems Hepa VacVacuum View Price
AgiiMan-Gutter-Cleaner-for-Pressure-WasherAgiiMan Gutter Power WasherPressure Washer View Price
DocaPole-6-24-Foot-Extension-PoleDocaPole Extension PoleTelescoping Pole View Price
Toro-51667-Vac-KitToro 51667 Vac KitBlower Attachment View Price
GutterMaster-Classic-PoleGutterMaster Classic PoleWater Fed Pole View Price
The Gutter Tool Gutter CleaningSpoon/Scoop View Price
WORX WA4092 Blower Attachment KitWORX WA4092 Blower KitBlower Attachment View Price
gutter-mopCHOMP Microfiber Gutter MopGutter Mop View Price

Ladder Safety

Since you will need a long ladder in order to reach gutter height, it is highly recommended to follow this safety advice and guidelines before you get up on it.


Check the ladder condition – First, you need to check the ladder condition in order to know whether to get up on it or not.

Choose the right surroundings – It is highly recommendable to find good surrounding when getting up on the ladder. Simply speaking, you should always position the ladder at a 75-degree.

Secure the ladder on the ground – Next, you need to make sure that the ladder is correctly footed on the ground.

Shoes – Consider wearing rubber-soled shoes that have tread pattern.

Don’t overreach – Last, don’t try to overreach when you start to clean your gutters.

4 Ways to Clean Gutter on a Two Story House

1# Traditional gutter cleaning

We will divide the whole process in 5 steps. Let’s begin.

2 story house gutter-cleaning-traditional-ways
2 story house gutter-cleaning-traditional-ways

1) Start from the middle of the gutter

Now, it is quite important to start from the middle of the gutters. Simply speaking, you will need to position the ladder on a spot that is equally far away from both downpipes.

2) Adjust the pipe spray nozzle

Next, you should adjust the hosepipe to spray a thin and powerful stream of water. This way, you will be able to clean a bit ‘’harder to clean’’ debris.

3) Use aluminum PVC pipe

The use of aluminum PVC pipe is crucial when it comes to a bit more demanding jobs. Namely, a use of PVC pipe will make it easier for you to loosen stubborn debris that has been there for a long period of time.

4) Wash away any debris

Now, you should start washing away debris from gutters with a hosepipe in a direction that is pointed at a down pipe. That is why you need to start from the middle of the gutter.

5) Move the ladder closer to down pipes

The last thing you need to do to clean your gutters on a two-story house is to move the ladder closer to the downpipes as you progress. This will allow you to clean the gutters thoroughly and properly.

2# Sky Vacuum Gutter Cleaning

Now, for this method, you don’t need to get up on a ladder and clean the gutter yourself. With a sky vacuum, you will be able to let this machine do all job for you. Let’s see how.

2 story house gutter-cleaning-with-sky-vacuum
2 story house gutter-cleaning-with-sky-vacuum

1) Assemble the machine

First, you need to follow the instructions on how to assemble the sky vacuum machine. Do this part slowly and with patience.

2) Inspect the gutters with telescopic pole

Next, use telescopic pole and inspect the gutters. This will allow you to have a better view of what is in the gutters and how to clean it.

3) Use the vacuum to clean the gutter

Now, assemble the vacuum pole and slowly put the end of the pole in the gutter. Start the machine, and move the pole from one side to another until you get your gutters perfectly clean.

After that, use a telescopic pole again to see if you missed some part. If you did, use the vacuum again in that area and you are good to go.

3# Pressure Power Washer Gutter Cleaning

Another method of gutter cleaning that doesn’t require you to get up on a ladder. Let’s begin.

2 story house gutter-cleaning-with-Pressure-Power-Washer
2 story house gutter-cleaning-with-Pressure-Power-Washer

1) Set power washer machine in the right place

First of all, you will need to place this power washer machine at the right location. Namely, you should place it directly underneath the middle of the gutter, so that you can start from the middle and slowly progress to the down pipes.

2) Use the pole and put it in the gutter

Now, take the pole in your hands and place the end of it in the middle of the gutter. This way, you will be able to properly clean your gutters.

3) Power on

Press the button on the machine and the power washer will start to spray water in the gutter so you can clean it. Now, work slowly and thoroughly and progress to the down pipe of the gutter. This way, you will clean your gutters properly.

4# Use Blowers To Clean High Gutter

Let’s see how you can use leaf blowers to clean your two story house gutters.

2 story house gutter-cleaning-with-leaf-blowers
2 story house gutter-cleaning-with-leaf-blowers

1) Combine leaf blower with a PVC pipe

This is the most important part. You will need to find a perfectly long PVC pipe that can swallow your leaf blower pipe. Simply speaking, you want to extend the leaf blower pipe with this PVC pipe.

2) Place the end of the pipe in the gutter

Now, make sure that your PVC pipe has a bent end so that the wind form the leaf blower will point in the gutter. Next, place that end in the gutter and you are good to go.

3) Start cleaning

When everything is set, you need to press the button on a leaf blower so it can start blowing leaves out of your gutter. Slowly progress and clean your gutters this way.


That is how you clean gutters on a two story house. With just a little bit of preparation and a help of some requested tools, you will be able to do it without any complications.

Jobs like these require you to pay more attention on safety and your overall health than on the quality of the cleaning. Anyway, we surely hope that this article helped you and that your gutters are cleaned to perfection now.

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