How to Clean & Maintain a Laminate Floor- Best Practices

As we all know, the laminate floor is not that easy to clean if you are dealing with some nasty stains.

However, you can always clean some stains from the laminate floor without any complications. Namely, removing of the stains from the laminate floor is not that hard if you are dealing with:

Spills, Dust, Pet hair/dust/urine odor, Wax, Glue, Oil paints, Permanent Marker

Things That Can Damage

Now, it is quite important to know what things can damage your laminate floor in order to avoid them when it comes to cleaning. Simply speaking, these things are considered to be dangerous for laminate floors:


Polishes or waxes – You should never use any polishes or waxes when it comes to laminate floors. These things can damage your laminate floors pretty bad.

Refinish – It is also quite important to know that you really should never refinish your laminate floors. This will definitely damage it and cause some problems that are beyond repair.

Orange Glo – Orange Glo might be good for laminate floor appearance, but it will definitely damage it. Also, if you already applied Orange Glo to your laminate floors, removing would be really hard and it will leave streaks for sure.

Ammonia – Ammonia is pretty bad for laminate floors when it comes to cleaning. You will definitely damage your laminate floors if you use this kind of products.

Abrasives – Every cleaning product that contains abrasives is definitely bad for laminate floors. Besides that, scouring powder and steel wool is also pretty bad for laminate floors.

Steam cleaners – Steam cleaners are not that bad when it comes to laminate floor cleaning, but, they will definitely damage it over time. It is recommendable to avoid them.

5 Best Ways to Clean Laminate Floor

Let’s see some of the best ways to clean your laminate floors. Simply speaking, learning how to clean laminate floor is not that hard. Also, you can learn how to deep clean a laminate floor as well.

1# General Cleaning Process

Possibly the best way to clean laminate floor is by using a regular mop. Namely, let’s see how to clean a laminate wood floor in the best possible way.


Sweep the floor

Now, it is quite important to remember to sweep the floor with a regular dry dust mop every few days. You just need to find the suitable dry mop and sweep every inch of laminate floor until you are finished.

Anyhow, laminate floor is fairly scratch-resistant, but, if you don’t sweep it often, excess dirt and other debris can actually cause scratches on your floor. With the regular sweeping, you will prevent any scratches for sure.

Also, you can use a vacuum with a soft brush instead of a dry mop. This will also help your laminate floors to stay unscratched and undamaged.

Next, it is also quite important not to use straw-like dry mops since their bristles will damage the laminate floors. Also, keep in mind that you need to sweep in the direction of the laminate floor tiles in order to know how to clean a wood laminate floor naturally.

2# Clean With Mop and Vacuum


When it comes to mop and vacuum cleaning, it is quite important to pick the right kind of product. Anyhow, there are lots of different mops and vacuums out there, and therefore, you need to find the most suitable one for your laminate floors. This way, you will know exactly how to clean laminate floor boards.

Now, if you plan on using the mop, make sure not to press or put too much pressure on the floor. With just a few swipes of the mop, you will be able to clean the wanted area and continue cleaning the rest of the floor easily.

On the other side, vacuums are a little bit different and they surely are great for laminate floor cleaning. In order to know how to clean a laminate floor properly with a vacuum, you should choose a soft brush and everything will be great.

3# Vinegar and Hot Water Method


Now, let’s see how to clean a laminate floor vinegar. Namely, in order to know how to clean laminate floor without streaking, you should follow these steps.

Create a solution
First, pour ¼ cup of white vinegar into a spray bottle. Next, fill the spray bottle with water and shake it a little bit.

Spray it
Next, spray the floor with the mixture and wait for about one minute until you move to the next step.

Use wet cloth mop
After that, you should use a wet cloth mop that is soaked in water, and swipe a few times over the area where you applied mixture.

Dry the floor
Now, take a dry mop or a dry cloth towel and swipe over the area until you dry it all out.

And that is everything about how to clean laminate floor with vinegar and hot water.

4# Using Floor Cleaners and Microfiber

With a little help of laminate floor cleaners and microfiber mop, you can easily learn how to clean a sticky laminate floor and how to clean a wood laminate floor without streaking. Let’s see

Bucket of hot water
First, take a bucket of water and fill it with hot water. Usually, you just pour for about ¼ of the bucket with hot water.

Add laminate floor cleaning product
Now, it is time to add the product into water. Just read the product description and do as it says. Remember to use the exact amount of product as the label says so.

Soak the mop
Use microfiber mop and soak it into the mixture of hot water and cleaning product. The mop should at least wet if not soaked.

Wipe the floor
Now, take the mop and wipe the whole floor with it. Remember to use side-to-side movements in order to learn how to clean a laminate hardwood floor.

Dry it
Next, use a dry mop and wipe the floor with it. Anyhow, this is how to clean a laminate floor naturally actually.

5# Professional Help


Sometimes, if your laminate floor is really dirty with nasty stains, it is recommendable to ask for professional help. These professional cleaners will know exactly what to do in many cases.

Cleaning Tools for Laminate Floor

Here are some of the best tools that you can use for laminate floor cleaning. Knowing the best tools that can help you on how to clean a laminate floor naturally is definitely useful.

1) Laminate floor mops – There are specially designed laminate floor mops that are pretty convenient when it comes to laminate floor cleaning.

2) Laminate floor steam cleaners – Steam cleaners are usually bad for laminate floors, but, there are some specially designed ones which are good for laminate wooden floors.

3) Microfiber cloth mop – The microfiber cloth mop is great for any wooden floor cleaning including laminate floors.

4) Vacuum – Vacuums are good for cleaning dust and pet hair off of the laminate floors, but only the ones that are designed for laminate floor cleaning.

Some Tips & Tricks

Now, let’s see some of the best tips for protection and care of laminate floors.

1) Use suitable tools for cleaning – As we already said, you need to find suitable tools in order to know how to clean a dirty laminate floor. This way, you will provide much needed care and protection for your laminate floors.

2) Clean spills immediately – If you spill something on the laminate floor, it is quite important to clean it immediately. Also, this way your laminate floors will be protected and you will know how to wash a laminate floor.

3) Never use polishing machines on the floor – Polishing machines are pretty bad when it comes to laminate floor cleaning. If you want to learn how to clean the laminate floor, you should stay away from polishing machines.

4) Clean laminate floors every couple of days – Maintaining laminate floors every couple of days is great for protection and care. Anyhow, this is how to clean area rug on laminate floor properly.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Final Verdict

All in all, cleaning of the laminate floors isn’t such a hard thing to do. All you need to do is follow our instructions and consider everything important about laminate floors. After all, knowing how to clean and polish laminate floor is pretty convenient.

Even the areas around the rug or carpets aren’t that hard to clean if you know how to clean area rug on laminate floor.

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