How to Clean Pet Pee from The Carpet

We all know that pets can sometimes leave us an unpleasant present all around the house. Also, you can discover an old dirty spot somewhere behind the furniture and that really can mess up your day.

Anyhow, regardless of the time when the deed was done, you need to clean the pee spot and restore your carpet. Now, there are lots of ways to do so, and that is why we are going to discuss some of the best ways to clean pee from carpet.

Now, removing old or new stains from your carpet will require you to walk through some steps and see how to clean pet pee from carpet. Also, this can help you to learn how to clean cat pee from carpet as well.

Cleaning of The Pet Pee New Stains

Let’s see all the steps that you need to do in order to clean pet pee from the carpet. Since new stains are fresh and moist, this process will require you to use a bit more products and things. Let’s begin.

1# Absorb The Pee

The first step that you need to do when it comes to removing fresh pet pee from the carpet is to absorb the mess. Namely, it is recommendable to use paper towels or wet towels for this step.

Now, take a towel and run it under cool water, after that, wring them and then put them on the stain. It is important that the towel is not dripping from water when you put it on the stain.

Next, take a heavy object and put it over the towel. This will allow the towel to soak all the pet pee from the carpet so that carpet will be cleaned properly.

I recommend:

  • Heavy books – but put a plastic wrap around them first.
  • Fold the towel twice and stand on it.
  • If the area was longer than 10 minutes, it is recommendable to spread the towel more.

All in all, you will need to allow the towel to sit there for 10 minutes and soak everything up.

2# Apply Water On The Pee Spot

Now, it is quite important to re-wet the whole area with water again. First, you will need to lift the towel from the carpet and pour some cold water on the stain.

It is recommendable to start from the corners of the stain and start pouring water towards the center of the stain. This way, you will ensure that your carpet will be cleaned properly since the water will prevent the leftover urine to spread on the carpet even more.

Next, wait for an about a minute and allow the water to soak into the carpet before you move to the next step.

3# Spray Enzyme Cleaner All Over The Spot

This step requires you to get the enzyme cleaner and spray it all over the area where you poured water. Anyhow, the enzyme cleaner will effectively break down the stain into smaller components which will eliminate the smells and other particles.

This way, the stain will be easier to clean and you will restore your carpet in no time. Also, the enzyme cleaner will prevent the pet to pee on that spot again.

4# Put a Tower On The Spot and Absorb The Cleaner

Now, this step is similar to the step 2 since you will need to put new towel on the stain to absorb the enzyme cleaner now. Basically, you will need to do everything from step 2 all over again.

Don’t forget to wait for about 10 minutes until the towel absorb enzyme cleaner properly.

5# Let The Towel to Sit Overnight

So, next step is to take the towel that is soaked with enzyme cleaner and urine and leave it to sit overnight. Anyhow, when you take the towel in the morning, you will notice that visible stain and smell is gone.

It is quite important to leave the towel to sit overnight because the enzyme cleaner will get rid of the urine and leave you with the fresh towel.

6# Dispose The Tower or Clean It

After that, you can choose to either dispose the towel or clean it and use it after that. The choice is yours, but, you won’t have to worry about any bacteria or other unwanted things in your towel if you clean it properly.

7# Steam Cleaning Might Help

To top it all off, you can also use a steam cleaner after everything you done so far. This way, the steam cleaner will provide the final touch to your stain cleaning from your carpet.

Make sure to use the steam cleaner the day after, since you will need the carpet to be dry.

Cleaning of The Old Pet Pee

Now, the process of cleaning old stains is a little bit different. Let’s see how to clean dog pee from the carpet.

1) Locate The Stain

The main problem with the old urine stains is that you can’t find them easily. Therefore pet owners usually have a lot of problems when it comes to locating the urine stain.

Now, you will need to explore all the areas where you think that your pet has left a urine stain. I recommend gradually moving towards the smelly location and checking every possible spot.

The urine stain will usually be the spot of a yellow or greenish color and it will smell badly. Anyhow, you can search these areas just to be 100% sure:

  • Small areas where your pet can squeeze into.
  • Objects with holes.
  • Furniture.
  • Bookshelves.
  • Inside of the vents.

2) Mark Every Spot That You Can Find

Now, when you start looking for old urine stains, you actually can find more than just one. Therefore, it is important to mark every spot so that you accidently won’t forget that you have to clean some area on your carpet.

Usually, people use blue or black painter tape to mark these areas since they are visible and easily noticeable. You won’t forget it this way for sure.

3) Use Eenzymatic Cleaner

Now, after you located the stain, it is now time to use the enzymatic cleaner and break down the stain into smaller components. First, pour a little bit of water all over the urine stain and wait for about 1 minute to soak. This is important since the old urine stains are dry and they smell bad.

After that, spray a lot of enzymatic cleaner on the wet spot and wait for it to do the work. I recommend that you wait overnight so that enzymatic cleaner can do the job properly.

Also, if you have a wool carpet, make sure to get the wool-safe cleaner in order not to damage it.

4) Use Wet Paper or Cloth Towel

Now, after you applied enzymatic cleaner product on the stain, it is recommendable to put cloth towels on top of the stain. This way, the towel will soak all the urine and bacteria from it and the carpet will be cleaned.

The only thing that you need to keep in mind is to leave the towel overnight to sit on the stain so it can soak properly.

5) Use Steam Cleaner

The last step requires you to use steam cleaner to make sure that the carpet is cleaned in the best possible way. Now, why is steam cleaner important here? Well, old urine stains are harder to clean than new urine stains.

Therefore, you will need to bring and use steam cleaner after already using enzymatic cleaner and towels.

The steam cleaner will work only if the stain is dry, so you can use it only after the stain that you already cleaned with enzymatic cleaner is dry. This will ensure the best results and your carpet will be restored to its former glory.

Also, you will be able to remove all the nasty bacteria and urine smell from the carpet if you use steam cleaner. The steam from the steam cleaner will most likely kill everything that comes from the urine and leave only a nice and cleaned carpet behind.

All in all, it is quite important to use steam cleaner for cleaning of the old urine stains from the carpet.


And there you go! Cleaning of the dog pee from the carpet is not that hard after all. All you need is a paper towel or cloth towel and an enzymatic cleaner. Also, you can use steam cleaner to make it perfectly cleaned afterward.

All in all, urine stains can be a real trouble sometimes, especially if you don’t deal with them instantly and on time. Anyhow, cleaning of the urine stains from the carpet is not that hard and you can do it by following these steps and making sure to do it properly.

We hope that this article provided help for our pet urine problems and that your carpets are cleaned and fresh now.

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