How to Clean Shower Doors with Vinegar

As we all know, vinegar is mostly used in the kitchen, but, there are some other ways to use vinegar as well. Namely, if you want to clean your shower doors from soap scum and other debris, a solution with vinegar is the right choice.

Now, cleaning of your shower doors with vinegar is one of the best ways to achieve spotless results. In that light, we will now discuss everything that you need to know about cleaning shower doors with vinegar. Let’s begin.

Things We Need Before Cleaning


There are certain things that you need to prepare before you start the whole cleaning process. Namely, you should get these next items in order to clean your shower doors with vinegar.

A spray bottle – This will help you to apply vinegar to the dirty area properly.

Damp sponge – With the damp sponge, you will soak up the leftover dirt from the shower doors.

Clean dry cloth – A dry cloth will help you clean leftover water stains when it comes to shower door cleaning.

An old toothbrush – If you have a bit nastier stains on your shower doors, a toothbrush will help a lot.

Step by Step Guide to Clean Shower Door With Vinegar

Now, let’s begin with the cleaning process and see how you can clean shower doors with vinegar.

1) Make a solution with vinegar & water

Vinegar & water solution for clean the shower door

First things first, you will need to make a solution with vinegar and apply it later on the shower doors. Now, it is recommendable to pour equal parts of vinegar and water into the spray bottle and shake it until you get the wanted solution. However, the solution with half vinegar and half water is not that strong and it may not be strong enough for a bit more stubborn stains.

If your shower doors are really dirty and covered with a lot of soap scum and other dirt, it is recommendable to use only vinegar. In that case, you should pour only vinegar in the spray bottle and use it on the shower doors.

2) Spray On shower doors


After you already created the solution for the cleaning process, it is time now to spray it on the shower doors. Make sure to cover the whole area of the shower door and not leave any part. Also, you should feel a bit uncomfortable smell of vinegar if you use ‘’only vinegar solution’’, so don’t let that bother you.

Now, as you apply vinegar solution on the shower doors, the vinegar will slowly start to work its way up to killing all the bacteria and dissolving dirt from the shower doors.

3) Allow it to sit


Next, it is quite important to leave the already sprayed shower doors to sit for 20 to 30 minutes. This way, vinegar will have more than enough time to kill all the bacteria and dirt from the shower doors.

In the meantime, you can prepare the sponge and the cloth and wait for the vinegar to do its job.

4) Wipe down with Sponge or Shower Squeegee

wipe squeegee and sponge in shower door

When 30 minutes passed, it is time now to start to wipe down all the moist from the shower doors. Make sure to use a clean damp sponge or shower squeegee for this step of the process. Now, you should constantly clean the sponge/squeegee as you wipe down the mist from the shower doors.

Putting a sponge under a hot water stream will clean the sponge properly so that you can use it again until you wipe down every inch of your shower doors. However, you need to water down the sponge every time it gets soaked with moist that is left on the shower doors, otherwise, you won’t be able to clean the dirt properly. If you use shower squeegee you don’t need to think nothing, just wipe the squeegee. It will take care the dirt.

5) Use a toothbrush if needed

clean shower door hard stain with brush

If you happen to have a bit nastier and a bit more stubborn stains on your shower doors, a little help from a toothbrush is all you need. You actually just need to put a little bit of baking soda on the stain and start grinding with the toothbrush on that area.

This way, you will make sure that the stain is cleaned so that you can proceed with the damp sponge step of cleaning. Also, make sure not to pressure too hard since you can possibly damage the shower door that way.

6) Clean it with a cloth

shower glass cleaning with cloth

After you soaked all the dirt with the sponge and after you wiped down every inch of the shower door, it is time to use a dry piece of cloth and polish your shower doors to perfection. Now, you can either use an old towel or an old piece of cloth, the point here is to gather all that is left from the sponge on the shower doors.

This way, you will ensure that your shower doors are cleaned properly and that you actually have a bacteria-free shower door.

Know More About Vinegar

First of all, vinegar is known to be one of the best natural and free-of-chemical ways to clean almost anything inside your house. This is because vinegar is a strong acid that dissolves lots of different bacteria and dirt.

Furthermore, vinegar really works well for certain things, and cleaning shower doors is one of them. So, you shouldn’t have any doubts about vinegar as your choice since it is capable of providing great results when it comes to shower door cleaning.

Also, you can mix vinegar with some other ingredients and increase its efficiency which will definitely be helpful for shower door cleaning. All in all, let’s see how to clean shower doors with vinegar.


As we can see, vinegar is a great choice when it comes to shower door cleaning. You can easily and without any complications clean any stain from soap or any other dirt from your shower doors with vinegar.

Now, all that is left for you to do is to grab everything that you need for the cleaning and to start the cleaning process. The results will be outstanding, we guarantee it.

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