4 Effective Methods to Clean Chocolate Spills from Your Carpet

Written by Alwin Sander |Update November 12th, 2019

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Accidents can happen any time and usually result in damage but there are some accidents that simply cause minor inconveniences and annoyances, like when you drop chocolate on your carpet. Whether it be chocolate bar, hot chocolate, chocolate milk or syrup it all leaves behind a nasty stain no matter how it is cleaned. Sometimes wrong cleaning methods may even damage your carpet. If you see chocolate spill and want to stop the staining, the action has to be taken swiftly, unless you have a professional cleaner next door.

Here are four easy ways to get chocolate stains out of your carpet that you can do all by yourself. The following methods are carefully divided into steps which must be followed to ensure proper cleaning and stain removal. Always make sure which material your carpet is made out of before proceeding so as to not damage your carpet further since not every carpet material supports cleaning agents. Carpets which are made out of natural materials may be damaged by any form of liquid cleaning. So if your carpet is made of grass, wool or sisal, you may need to use a dry method or a cleaning agent which is compatible with it.

How To Get Chocolate Out Of Carpet?

Below you will find 4 best ways to clean chocolate out of carpet step by step guide.
1 Easiest Method

This method is quite simplistic and can get the job done swiftly for stains small and large. It’s considered a simple DIY home remedy for stains and involves a simple brushing with detergent. Follow the steps carefully to restore the look of your carpet with ease. For this, you will need a spoon, some paper towels, some liquid detergent and a toothbrush.

Step 4

After thorough brushing and scrubbing you will notice the stains start to disappear or lighten. Using a paper towel, blot the affected area to soak up the liquid and try to dry the area making sure to blot in one direction so it doesn’t spread.

Once it is dried considerably make sure to repeat the process again if the stain persists and thru repetition, full stain removal can be achieved. The process is easy to do with all normal elements already in reach but it is necessary to make sure you know the material your carpet is made of.
2 Super Hygiene Method

This method will clean out your carpet in more ways than one. First it will remove the chocolate stains and secondly it is formulated to remove the smell left behind which becomes worsened with the growth of unwanted micro organisms in the affected area. It is fairly simple but requires time. The process requires a spoon, paper towels, baking soda, vinegar, a scrubbing brush or carpet scrubbing machine and a vacuum cleaner. The steps are fairly easy to follow so there is no scope of messing up.

Step 4

Scrub the area with a carpet scrubbing tool or brush thoroughly before soaking in the moisture with dry paper towels. Once it has dried, use the vacuum cleaner to further clean any remaining residual powder leaving your carpet clean. This cleaning will remove stains and it will remove the smell entirely thru adding vinegar. The vinegar smell will dissipate over the course of time and leave behind a fresh carpet with no bad odors.
3 Using Folex Spot Remover.

Folex spot remover has been a trusty name all throughout every neighborhood. It is easily available on amazon, home depot or online just an order away. A few sprays of this cleaning agent is enough to get the nastiest stains out of your carpet making this easy to use and extremely handy in such situations. Follow the step by step procedure below and do not skip any steps. This process may not be as effective for carpets with natural materials since those carpets require special cleaning. Folex has stated it is safe to use on woolen carpets however. For this procedure you will need a bottle of Folex spot remover, a brush and a vacuum cleaner.

Step 4

Once it is properly scrubbed, use a vacuum cleaner of a carpet dryer to dry the affected area after letting it sit for a while.
Once all this is done you’ll notice the chocolate stains on your carpet are properly removed and if not, you may repeat the process if necessary. We recommend you repeat the process to ensure thorough cleaning.
4 The Professional Approach

There are tools specially designed for the job of cleaning carpets and removing stain and it may be simple but the things you will need for this aren’t usually readily available at home. The process is however simple, you will just need the proper professional tools and solutions. This process involves the use of a professional carpet scrubbing machine, a vacuum cleaner and a carpet cleaner spray. Follow each step with precision and you will get the best results.

Step 4

Use the vacuum cleaner to clean out the area once you’re done with the carpet scrubbing machine.
It’s that simple, besides the use of professional cleaning equipment, that is all you will need for this simple procedure and it will leave your carpet free from the nasty chocolate stains.

Additional Tips

  • Whenever there is a spillage it is up to you to act fast before the chocolate dries.
  • Before every cleaning, make sure you have pre cleaned and primed the area for deeper and thorough cleaning.
  • It is important to know which material your carpet is made of so you don’t damage the carpet during cleaning since some materials can be damaged by liquid cleaning.
  • You may seek professional help whenever required if you are unsure about the above procedures.
To sum it up, carpet spills can be nasty, especially chocolate and the best and easiest methods are provided here so you will always know how to clean chocolate out of carpet. The methods are simple and easy. If you have the right tools, cleaning can be more effective. Precautions should always be taken whenever there is a spillage to stop further damage. Hopefully these techniques can work wonders for anyone who is in a situation such as this.

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