How To Get Lipstick Out Of Carpet

Carpets make our homes decorative, comfortable and most importantly they make our rooms appear neat with their white texture. Often times you may have accidents where your kids use your lipstick on the carpet or maybe you’ve just had an accident dropping some right there. Lipstick marks on white carpets can be an eyesore and an embarrassment if left unattended. Lipstick stains are also very stubborn when being cleaned from carpets since they are composed of grease. If left untreated, lipstick stains can be tougher to clean, since the grease settles into the fabric of the carpet and just will not come out. The following are four effective home remedies to get lipstick stains out of your carpet with ease. We’ve also added a bonus review of two reliable stain removers you can easily find in the market that may make your work much easier. Read on carefully and follow the steps as instructed to get the best results.

4 Effective Methods To Remove Lipstick Out of Your Carpet

1. Vinegar and Dishwasher Method

The most effective home remedy to remove lipstick stains from your carpet. The perfect combination of dishwasher and vinegar always go hand in hand to bring the best results in cleaning. The combined cleaning potential of the two can remove lipstick stains without any issues while keeping the fabric of your carpet safe. The process requires you to have white vinegar, a bowl of cold water, dishwashing liquid and some wiping cloths. Before you begin the procedure, remember to mix equal parts of dishwashing liquid, water and white vinegar together to make a uniform mixture.

Step 1 – Application

Using a wiping cloth, apply the mixture to the affected area evenly and in generous amounts. Continue blotting the area to get the mixture through the fabric of the carpet. Spread the mixture evenly and let it sit. This will allow the dishwashing liquid and white vinegar to take effect.

Step 2 – Cleaning

Once allowed to sit for a while, you will notice the stains start fading. Using the wiping cloth you should start blotting the area gently. While blotting, pour little amounts of cold water to help remove stains better. This will take a few wipes but with enough blotting and cleaning your carpet will be restored as the stain will disappear entirely.

2. WD-40 and Wiping Cloth Method

WD40 is a good degreaser and since lipstick is made of grease basically, it can help you remove stains almost as effectively as professional cleaners. WD40 is meant for machineries but can also be used for cleaning. For this you will simply need a canister of WD40 and a wiping cloth.

Step 1 – Application

Spray the stained area using the WD40 generously and make sure to cover all the points where lipstick stains can be seen. WD40 takes a bit of time to work so you may leave the area sprayed and covered for a while.

Step 2 – Cleaning

Once it has been allowed to sit for a while and take effect, you will need to clean out the area using a wiping cloth. Gently blot and dab the area and notice the stains come off with ease. Repeat the blotting with more wiping cloth until the area is left clean. You may want to repeat step 1 for more effective cleaning.

3. Coconut Oil and Wiping Cloth Method

Coconut oil is very effective in dissolving the grease and stains easily which can then be wiped out using a piece of cloth or rag. It is as simple as it sounds and will be easy to do if you follow the steps carefully. For this procedure you will only need coconut oil and a wiping cloth and a bit of diligence in wiping.

Step 1 – Application

To get started with the process, apply a generous amount of coconut oil to the stained area. Make sure to get the coconut oil evenly over the area using your fingers or using an old tooth brush. Rub the coconut oil in properly and let it sit for a while.

Step 2 – Cleaning

Once it has been allowed to sit and evenly spread throughout the area you will need to clean it out. Have multiple pieces of cloth ready for wiping and begin by slowly dabbing and blotting the area. You will notice the lipstick stains slowly come off little by little. This will require some diligence so you may need to use multiple pieces of wiping cloth to gradually remove the lipstick marks. After the third wipe, you will notice it has almost completely disappeared and from then on you may clean it more to your heart’s content.

4. Hydrogen Peroxide and Cold Water Method

Hydrogen Peroxide has always proven to be extremely effective when it comes to cleaning. Basically any stains on your carpet or hardwood floor can be removed using this old reliable home remedy. This process may take a while but it will give you the perfect result if done right. You are going to need a bottle of hydrogen peroxide, a bowl of cold water and some wiping cloth.

Step 1 – Application

Start by pouring or spraying hydrogen peroxide over the lipstick stains. Pour a generous amount and spread it evenly through the stain. Make sure to keep the application as close to the stained area as spraying out of the area might bleach that region. Once applied, you may let the hydrogen peroxide take effect by leaving it on for a while.

Step 2 – Cleaning

The cleaning part might be a bit tricky and may require some work, but if done correctly, it can restore your carpet to its former glory. Pour cold water over the stained area and blot it out using the wiping cloth. Pour little amounts of cold water and clean it out gradually. You will notice a huge improvement within the second or third wash as the hydrogen peroxide removes the inked grease easily and on to the wiping cloths. Repeat several times for best results.

Professional Cleaning Solution For Lipstick Out Of Carpet

Besides home remedies, there are some effective stain removers in the market that can amp up your cleaning process with a bit of price. These products are readily and easily available on Amazon or home depot and you can use these to your advantage. Read our reviews and decide for yourself.

Spot Shot Instant Carpet Stain Remover

The first professional cleaning solution you’ll need to look at is the Spot Shot Instant carpet stain remover. It is specially formulated to remove stains, especially red stains and it is proven to be effective against lipstick. The application and cleaning process for this is fairly simple and easy. Simply apply Spot Shot on the stain and spray enough to cover the affected area. Leave the stained area saturated with Spot Shot for about five minutes. After giving it time to take effect, wipe it off using a blotting towel. Repeat the steps if necessary.

Goo Gone Adhesive and Grease Remover

Goo gone adhesive and grease remover is a highly recommended professional solution when it comes to removing lipsticks. It has enzymes that dissolve the lipstick grease which can then easily be cleaned off using a wiping cloth. The product ranks amongst the best stain removers on Amazon and amongst professionals who use it. The steps to using this product are as simple as spray and clean with a blotting cloth. The results are instantaneous and it will give you the ultimate cleaning satisfaction.

  • When you see a lipstick stain act fast since the grease on the lipstick gets more stubborn to remove over time.
  • Avoid using chemicals that will damage your carpet. The chemicals mentioned above are safe for cleaning and stain removal.
  • Avoid blotting and spreading the lipstick with just cloth as this will needlessly stain the surrounding fabric of the carpets.
  • When in doubt, do not hesitate to call for professional carpet and upholstery cleaning since they can take care of the stains effectively.

Conclusion: Removing lipstick stains can be long and arduous but with the proper cleaning solutions, it can be easy. It wouldn’t matter if your lipstick is made of the toughest of greases, it will come off easily if the methods mentioned above are followed as per instruction. Always avoid panic cleaning since this can make the situation worse and do not delay cleaning either. With professional cleaning solutions, it is easier and much more effective but may come at a cost. These home remedies should work wonders for you with proper application.

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