How to Get Marker Out Of Carpet

It just so happens when you have kids around the house they have a bunch of sharpies or markers which they love drawing with. Often times it happens mistakenly or intentionally that you end up with marker drawings on your carpet and it is looking bad. Not that it’s just bad, it is also near impossible to clean the permanent marker stains out of your carpet. There is absolutely no cause for concern since we have covered here on how to effectively get marker stains out of your carpet whether they’re back or red, permanent or dry erase.

The following methods will help you clean the stains and restore the carpet. Follow the step by step procedures listed below to get the best results. Professional solutions to remove marker stains have also been included to highlight the reliable products out there that will do the trick with industrial precision.

5 Best Ways to Remove Permanent Marker Out of Carpet

Here are five effective and cost-efficient ways you can use to remove permanent marker stains from your carpet. Each method has a couple of steps outlined below that you need to follow to handle tough stains.

1# With Rubbing Alcohol and Hair Spray


The first method for effective cleaning of permanent marker stains from your carpet includes rubbing alcohol, also known as surgical spirits and a non-oil base hair spray. Before starting, make sure you know the material of your carpet so as to not damage the carpet fabric as some fabrics are known to take damage from certain methods of cleaning. This method of cleaning is safe for almost all types since it uses safe chemicals.


To begin with, you will need to pour rubbing alcohol over the stained area, making sure to saturate the stain properly. The next step requires you to take a paper towel and gently blot the area carefully. While blotting, remember to keep the blotting confined to the affected area and not spread it, since it may make your work process longer. Once blotting is complete and the marker stain appears to be faint, spray a generous amount of hair spray making sure it isn’t oil based. The hair spray will remove the stains with a satisfactory clean and all you will need to do is clean the area out with paper towels, making sure to remove as much moisture as possible. If the marker stain is severe, you may want to repeat the process or better results or try the next method.

2# Vinegar and Baking Soda


The old reliable vinegar and baking soda technique can be used to take out the stubborn permanent marker stains effectively. This process will require a cup of vinegar, some baking soda, paper towels and a vacuum cleaner. Proceed carefully, since it is a delicate procedure and needs to be done with precision. The results will not disappoint you.


Start by pouring vinegar into the stained area and covering it entirely, making sure the vinegar goes deep inside. Next you will be required to blot the area gently with a paper towel and spread the vinegar evenly throughout the stains. After it is evenly spread, sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda over the stained region. Once the baking powder is sprinkled, spread it around evenly with a paper towel or a scrubbing brush. Leave the solution to sit for an hour or half before proceeding to the next step. By this time the stain would have almost disappeared. Pick up your vacuum cleaner and clean out the remaining powder of baking soda before dabbing the stained area with some cold water treatment. This should leave your carpet restored to its unblemished state. If this technique does not prove fruitful, you may want to try the third and most effective method.

3# Hydrogen Peroxide and Cold Water Treatment


Hydrogen Peroxide has proved to be an effective DIY non professional stain removing agent in the cleaning industry. However it has to be taken into account that hydrogen peroxide is a bleaching agent and removes ink markings entirely and may ruin the dye of your carpet. If your carpet material and dye are weak please do not use this step. If your carpet is white or any shade of white, you may proceed since this process will give you the best results. Remember to be meticulous and calculated in your approach for proper cleaning.


Begin by spraying or pouring hydrogen peroxide over the stained area. Add a generous amount of hydrogen peroxide to properly saturate the stained area. Use a paper towel to blot the area and spread the hydrogen peroxide evenly. Once it is spread around and properly saturated, put a paper towel over the stained area and leave it covered for up to 30 minutes. After letting it sit, you will notice the stains have already been reduced to faint patches of light color. The hydrogen peroxide has effectively isolated the ink from the carpet fabric and is ready to be washed out with cold water. Pour the cold water over the affected area gently and let it soak. Once soaked, use a paper towel to slowly rub and blot the area to remove moisture. While doing so you will notice the ink has almost completely disappeared. This process usually doesn’t need repetitions since it is effective on its first try.

Carpet Marker Cleaning Tools and Solutions

Besides your usual DIY effective methods to clean permanent marker out of carpets, there are some products which will definitely boost your carpet cleaning efficiency and they are widely popular being available on Amazon. Read on below of our finest available professional solutions that you can easily find online and use to your advantage.

Folex Instant Carpet Spot Remover


This name should be synonymous with most cleaning experts out there. Folex Spot remover is a reliable solution to any nasty staining on carpets, especially permanent marker stains. It is specially formulated to remove the toughest of stains and leave your carpet clean. This product is available on Amazon and it is very popular with almost everyone who has used it.

The process is quite simple and doesn’t require much time either, since it is instant. All that is required is to spray Folex Instant Carpet Spot remover on the affected area and let it sit for a while. When you notice the stains becoming faint, scrub it with either a brush or a carpet scrubbing tool. Let the stain saturate and dissolve while you wipe it off with a paper towel and use a vacuum cleaner to finish off the cleaning. The results will surely satisfy you.

Spot Shot Instant Carpet Stain Remover


Spot Shot is another popular solution to carpet staining and quite well known to even the professionals. Spot shot stain remover is known for its ease of use, availability and effectiveness at tackling even the toughest stains. Spot Shot stain remover is available to order on Amazon as well as most home depot outlets.

It is fairly simple to use when it comes to marker stains. Spray spot shot over the stained area and simply watch it disappear. If the stain is too deep or large, a bit more of spraying and maybe a bit of scrubbing might be required but in most cases the result will be instant.

Bissell 3624 Spotclean Pro


Bissell 3624 Spotclean Professional is a great and powerful portable carpet cleaning tool that is especially effective in removing stubborn dirt and tough stains. This compact carper cleaner is simply perfect for removing sharpie, permanent, and dry marker stains, as well as other types of tough stains. It combines two different professional deep cleaning solutions, vacuum suction, and high power scrubbing action.

With such a tool in your hands, you can deal with any stain removal task quickly and easily. Aside from carpets, this powerful carpet cleaner also cleans multiple surfaces, including auto interiors, upholstery, and area rugs.

On top of all aforementioned, you also get three robust stain cleaning tools and a protection solution to help you protect your carpet from future stains. This carpet cleaning tool will help you remove any stains effectively, quickly, and easily.

Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner


Aside from being budget-friendly, the Rug Doctor is a portable carpet cleaning tool that sets the standard for portable cleaning machines. It removes stains with 100% success and neutralizes odors on upholstery, car interior, carpets, and rugs.

The best thing about this carpet cleaning tool is that it’s just perfect for removing deep-down stains due to its double suction power. It goes deep into the carpet fibers and removes any tough stains quickly and easily.

It’s easy to assemble, move and use and comes with extra maneuverability and detachable, easy-to-use water tanks. When it comes to odor neutralization and tough stain removal, The Rug Doctor is your best option.

Tips and Tricks

  • Above all, the best trick is to always take preventive measures and keep markers and sharpies out of use near carpets.
  • Always remember to act quickly on permanent marker stains since they can settle in quite quickly.
  • When you do get a stained carpet, always take steps calmly while cleaning. Hasty cleaning can spread marker stains over a bigger area.
  • It is vital to ensure the safety of your carpet before cleaning since it could be made out of materials which would deteriorate if cleaned incorrectly.


To sum it all up, sharpie stains can be an eyesore, since they ruin the looks of your carpet but that doesn’t mean you can’t fix this. The above mentioned methods of cleaning are amongst the best way to clean sharpie stains out of carpets. With these methods you can clean out any marker stain of any age easily without compromising the health of your carpet fabric. Professional tools and solutions are also available which may cost a bit of money to get but will prove to be extremely effective at getting the job done. Professional cleaners can give you the best results hands down if you’re unsure of how to proceed in which case it may cost you a bit more. With these methods, tools and solutions, permanent marker stains will always seem like a simple task.

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