How To Get Paint Out of Carpet

Paint is what we use to decorate our house. This coupled with carpets is what makes our homes look good. Sometimes it may happen that you’ve spilled some paint on your carpet. The paint spill might ruin the aesthetics of your carpet. It might also cause damage to its fabrics. That depends entirely on which pain you’ve spilled. We have got you covered on cleaning out spilled paint. Here we will be discussing how to effectively clean paint out of your carpet. We will cover several methods for different types of paints. We will also explain what you can do in situations of old or new spills. Read on further to find our how to get paint out of your carpet.

Remove Paint From Carpet

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First You Need To Know The Paint Type:

Before you tackle the cleaning job, it is best to familiarize yourself with different types of paint. It is important to know which paint you’ve spilled so you may use the right method for cleaning.

1. Latex or Water Based Paint

Latex, or water based paint is most commonly used to paint the interiors and exteriors of houses. These paints aren’t toxic and cure quite fast. Once cured, they are no longer soluble in water. You will need to use rubbing alcohol or isopropyl to remove latex paint. It being water based means it may not harm the fabric of your carpet. You can clean this out easily.

2. Acrylic Paint

Acrylic paints are chemical based. They also have a short curing time. They settle on surfaces and become insoluble. They are more commonly used for small scale art projects. They usually last longer than latex paints. Since it is chemical based it may cause damage to your carpet depending on the type of carpet you have. This paint can be removed using non acetone nail polish remover or denatured alcohol depending on how long the spill occurred.

3. Oil Based Paint

Oil based paint is also called enamel paint. They have a very toxic smell. Enamel paints usually have a long curing time which can range from2 hours to 24 hours depending on the surface. Oil based paints are used on furniture. They form a thick coat over the surface very evenly. Enamel paints can be removed using paint thinner or turpentine. His isn’t applicable for carpets. We will be looking at methods which will not cause further harm to your carpet.

Remove Water Based Or Latex Paint From Carpet

For Old Dried Up Paint:

Removing dried up latex paint from carpets is fairly simple. They can easily be tackled using denatured alcohol. Since they are water based and cure quickly, it is also easy to remove them. They will not cause much damage to the fabric of your carpet.

Step 1 – Application

Pour some denatured alcohol on the affected area. Brush in the alcohol using a clean paintbrush. Make sure it reaches the depths of the affected area.

Step 2 – Cleaning

Using a paper towel, gently dab the area where the paint is. Make sure to apply some fore and stroking motion to get the paint out. You will notice the paint transfer to your dabbing cloth. Repeat the processes to get better results.

For Recent Spills:

Latex paints are water based paints and are usually soluble in water before its cured. If you have had a recent spill, all you need is some cold water mixed with a little bit of dish-washing liquid.

Step 1 – Application

Pour some of the mixture of cold water and dish-washing liquid on the affected area. Pour enough so it spreads around well. This is a safe process and will not harm your carpet.

Step 2 – Cleaning

Using a paper towel, dab the area where the paint is. Watch for the paint transferring to the paper towel. This will effectively and slowly remove all of the paint. Repeat the steps to get better results.

Clean Acrylic Paint Stain From Carpet

For Old Dried Up Paint:

Dried up acrylic paint can make cleaning very tough. It dries up and settles in quite well. However, there are easy methods to tackle this situation. You will need acetone, an old toothbrush and a carpet vacuum cleaner for this.

Step 1 – Application

Pour some acetone on the affected area. Spread it around evenly using the toothbrush. Make sure to properly brush the acetone in. Let it sit for a while before continuing to the next step.

Step 2 – Cleaning

Once it’s allowed to sit for a while, use your carpet vacuum to clean the area. This will remove most of the dried up acrylic paint from your carpet. Repeat the steps to get better results.

For recent spills:

Acrylic paint cures very fast and it is better to tackle the situation as soon as possible to have it cleaned. Cleaning wet acrylic pain is much easier since it is still soluble in water. For this we will need a cup of hot water, some dishwashing liquid, a dabbing cloth and a carpet vacuum cleaner.

Step 1 – Loosening the paint

Mix some dishwashing liquid with the warm water and pour it over the affected area. Make sure to cover It properly and dab it in using a paper towel. This will loosen most of the paint.

Step 2 – Cleaning

Once the water is soaked in, use your carpet vacuum to dry the area. You will notice almost all the paint has disappeared. Repeat the steps for best results.

Get Oil Based Paint Out Of Carpet

For Old Dried Up Paint:

Oil based paints are the toughest to remove from carpets. Often times they will leave behind a stain no matter how much you clean it. Even carpet cleaners may give up and just remove and replace with a patch of fresh carpet. You could follow these methods to get the best cleaning results. For dried up oil based paint, you will need to loosen it first using a solvent. Once loosened, you need to put some time and effort to remove it entirely off your carpet.

Step 1 – Loosening

Use a solvent to loosen the dried up paint. You could use denatured alcohol or degreaser liquid detergents. Pour some solvent over the area and use a paper towel to dab it in. This will remove a lot of the paint.

Step 2 – Stain removal

For this you will need a mix of warm water and degreaser detergent such as a dishwashing detergent. Combine the mixture together and pour over the affected area.

Step 3 – Cleaning

Use a paper towel to dab away as much of the paint as you can. Repetitive dabs with fresh towels will remove the stains entirely.

For Recent Spills:

If you have just spilled oil based paint you can follow this method. It may take a while but it can help you remove the paint from your carpet entirely.

Step 1 – Removing access paint

Pour some warm water over the affected area and dab away as much paint as you can. Repeat the process and the results will be visible.

Step 2 – Cleaning

For this next step, dab a cloth soaked in turpentine over the affected area. This will loosen and remove most of the paint.

Step 3 – Finishing

Pour a solvent or a degreaser over the area and wipe with a paper towel to get rid of the paint entirely. Repeat the steps and your carpet will be good as new.

Professional Solution for Paint Spills

Home remedies and methods can prove to be useful when it comes to carpet cleaning. Professional cleaners are also available to make your cleaning job much easier.

Goo Gone Latex Paint Cleaner

Goo gone is already a well known name in the cleaning industry. It can remove the worst stains including paint stains from your carpet. Goo gone is a professional approach to carpet cleaning and restoration. With just a few sprays you will start to notice the difference professional cleaning can make.

EZ Strip All Purpose Remover

This professional solution can work wonders for you. With just a few sprays it can help you clean your carpet. It can tackle almost all sorts of paints. It also helps remove staining and leaves the carpet like new. You can always retort to professional help for that extra bit of reliability.


Carpet cleaning can get messy when it comes to paint spills. Paint can be of many different types therefore it is important to know what type of paint you are dealing with. Some processes require effort and patience and this can help you get the best results. The methods provided above will help you clean your carpets with precision. Make sure to follow each step and your carpet will be like new.

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