How To Get Red Wine Stain Out of Carpet?

Wine spills can be a cause for frustration especially red wine which leaves behind nasty stains that can ruin the aesthetics and the texture of our carpets. Accidents happen often but counter measures can be taken to clean the red wine stains out of your carpet whether they are old or new. Recent spills can be effectively cleaned out but the spills which have dried up and already stained the carpet can be a bit tough to clean out. It may be difficult but it surely isn’t impossible.

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Here are two listed scenarios of red wine spills, old and new and effective methods to clean out the stains and residue leaving your carpet good as new. Follow the procedures as directed for best results.

How to Clean Recently Spilled Red Wine Out of Carpet?

In the occurrence of a recent red wine spill, the following methods of cleaning would suffice. The sooner the action is taken, the better results you will get.

1. Using White Wine

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For this process you will need white wine, namely vodka, to clean off the red wine stains. Since it is a recent spillage, you will need to use a paper towel to properly dab the area and remove excess fluid build up. Once it is dried enough you should saturate the affected area with white wine. Make sure to get it in all the spots and properly spread the white wine through every red stain.

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Let it sit for a while before sprinkling some baking soda over it. Once it is properly dried out, vacuum the affected area thoroughly to remove all the baking soda. This will remove the red wine stains when they are new and still wet. Repeat the process to improve results if they don’t satisfy. If this process does not suffice you may try the other methods mentioned below.

2. Using Hydrogen Peroxide

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For the most part this process has proven to be more effective in cleaning carpets which aren’t dyed since hydrogen peroxide is a bleaching agent and it may ruin the dye on your carpet while still cleaning out the red wine stain. If your carpet is white or a shade of white, you’re guaranteed the best result.

To begin with, you will need hydrogen peroxide which is readily available in most dispensaries or malls. Spray or pour the hydrogen peroxide over the affected area and spread evenly using a paper towel. Leave the area for a while, allowing the hydrogen peroxide to take effect. After about ten minutes, blot the area with a paper towel and pat dry. To complete the cleaning, pour some cold water over the area and pat dry thoroughly. This will entirely remove the stain, leaving your carpet good as new.

3. Vinegar and Dish-washing liquid to Remove the Red Wine

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The next procedure is simple and rather easy. Everyone has vinegar and dishwashing liquid at home and it can easily be used to clean out that nasty red wine stain of your carpet. As the scenario goes, you’ve just spilled some red wine and the stain is an eyesore.

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The first step to this is dabbing the area with a paper towel to absorb as much moisture as you can. Once that is done you will proceed to the next step. Using a bowl mix a cup of vinegar and a table spoon of dish washing liquid together and stir well.

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Apply the mixture to the affected area gently using a brush or pour the mixture gently. Scrub the area with a brush to make sure the mixture is well infused within the affected area. Leave the region of carpet and lt it sit for a while, preferably overnight for the mixture to take effect.

Finally, when the area is ready, pour cold water over it and use a paper towel to blot the area thoroughly. You may add more cold water and clean it off with a paper towel additional times to improve the results.

How to Clean Old Dried Up Red Wine Out of Carpet?

This is for when you’ve spilled red wine on your carpet and forgotten about it for a while which has left your carpet stained and the red wine dried entirely. There is a fix for this too. Read on further and follow the steps to get your carpet restored to its prime once again.

1. Wine Away Wine Stain Remover

Wine Away is a listed stain remover on amazon or walmart and is readily available within reach. It has proved time in and time out of its effective stain removing properties.

This process will explain how to effectively use Wine Away to remove those stubborn old dried up red wine stains. Begin by spraying Wine Away on the stain making sure to spray a generous amount. While spraying, you will begin to see Wine Away take effect almost instantaneously as it breaks down the dried up stains. Spray a second time over the stain and let it sit for a while. Prepare a bowl of cold water and a rag for the next step. Pour cold water over the stain and slowly dab away using the rag. This will clean out the stain which Wine Away has isolated from the fabric. Repeat the process of cold water dabs to finally restore your carpet to its prime.

2. Spot Shot Stain Remover

Spot Shot stain remover is yet another powerful stain removal which can be found in online stores and can prove to be greatly beneficial when it comes to dried up red wine stains. Its powerful cleaning agent is enough to restore your carpet’s original color. The product is available on amazon right here in this link.

The process is quite similar and simple as it is with most cleaning agents. There is absolutely no prepping required. Simply spray Spot Shot on to the stain. You will need to scrub with a brush if required. Spray another covering of Spot Shot and let it sit in for a while. Follow this with a cold water clean to remove stains and you’ll get the perfectly desired result. You may repeat the processes if you feel the spot runs deeper while in most cases this step will be completely unnecessary.

3. Using Hydrogen Peroxide and Dishwashing Liquid

Hydrogen Peroxide is a strong bleaching agent and as we’ve seen it in the situation of recent spills it can also be used to clean old stains. Old spills are dried up and usually have already caused a nasty stain. This process requires a priming to loosen up the stains. For the priming of the procedure you will need the dishwashing liquid and water mixture. Simply mix a tablespoon of dishwashing liquid and a cup of water to for a uniform mixture. Pour the mixture over the stain and blot with a paper towel to spread it around. Let the area sit for about thirty minutes.

For the next step, it is quite simple. Spray or pour hydrogen peroxide over the stained area and use a paper towel to blot the hydrogen peroxide in the well. This will require another few minutes to settle in and take effect. After about 15 minutes you may pour cold water over the area and clean it thoroughly using a paper towel to properly blot and soak up the moisture. You will notice the stains have disappeared leaving your carpet looking brand new.

Helpful Tips To Know

  • It is important to know your carpet before starting on any cleaning procedure since carpets made of natural materials do not respond well to liquid cleaning methods and may damage your carpet.
  • In case of severe stains or inability of DIYs never be hasty about seeking professional help. Professionals can give you the best results but at a cost.
  • Immediate action during spills can save a lot of damage and staining to your carpet so it is best to act fast in the case of spills.
  • Preventive measures are vital since it is best to avoid staining in the first place. Make sure to keep wining and dining a safe distance away from carpets.


Red wine stains look absolutely nasty whether they’re old or new but there are always ways to remove stains entirely. You may use everyday common chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, or dishwashing liquid which can be found in almost every household or you may get professional cleaning agents like Wine Away or Spot Shot. Never be afraid of stains again with ready solutions at hand but always remember to take preventive measures and quick action in case of spills.

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