How We Rank & Reviews Tools or Products

The purpose of Cleaning Tools Pro is to generate unbiased and unfiltered reviews on various tools to further enable our audiences to compare pricing and other necessary information. This leads us to hire writers that are well aware of the cleaning tools industry. Therefore, reviewing such products is comparatively easier for them.

Although we are servicing for free the links connecting to each product on our page help us make small commissions when you decide to follow through our platform. The writers contributing reviews are not affected at all, especially their research and opinions about tools.

Our Method of Testing and Ranking Products

We follow certain criteria to rank every tool that we review on our website. In addition to extensive research as well as the recommendation from technicians, there are industry standards and results following product testing that further affects our whole rating methods.

Brand endorsement:

Our job is to find out if any of the chosen products are endorsed by other well-recognized brands out there, and also the extent to which such brands are following standards imposed by the cleaning industry.

User interest:

As we are technically advertising various brands of cleaning tools, it also falls under responsibility to know how these brands are handling the feedback from their customers.

Customer service:

The next phase of the job involves finding out how these customers are treated by different manufacturers of cleaning tools and hardware; whether, the customer support is helpful, informative and available 24/7 or not.

Pricing information:

Price comparison is one of the underlying responsibilities of Cleaning Tools Pro; therefore, we routinely check for pricing updates and rebates, if available at the time.

Review factors:

We compile reviews, ratings as well as feedback from users all over the world and determine the popularity level for every manufacturer/company to be included on our review platform.

Additional features or add-ons:

Our consideration includes wide variations of products as well as brand features and additional equipment that generally include in a package.

Technological adaptation:

For customers, we also include the level of sophistication attached to a particular brand to help customers know if they will be compatible to use such products.

Value added:

Our main goal is to know what you truly deserve in exchange for the price you pay for any product. All hidden charges that usually appear on the final invoice will be clearly mentioned for your convenience.

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