Mopnado Deluxe Premium Spin Mop Review

If you’ve been struggling with budget mop sticks in the past, maybe it’s time to consider an upgrade. Today we’re reviewing the Mopnado Spin Mop, one of the finest mop models on the market.

In short, it’s a cleaning system which allows you to automate any cleaning process since the mop can spin on its own (by using the appropriate feature), the mop heads are purposefully intended to be used on any given type of surface, and to top it all, it’s very cost effective and available at a bargain price. Without any further ado, let’s see what the Spin Mop can offer you.

Material & Technical Aspect Test


Mopnado Spin Mop features a huge extendable handle which can stretch up to 56 inches. It packs a pivoting head that will allow you to easily clean and navigate through hard-to-reach spots. Furthermore, it’s made from highly durable ABS plastic and stainless steel materials, which ensure its longevity.

On top of that, there’s a convenient feature located on the handle which will allow you to use the spinning feature.

Moreover, there’s another feature located on the handle called the ‘Twist Lock’. This feature can be set in either ‘unlocked’ or ‘locked’ position. When unlocked, the handle can reach the length of 56 inches.


Even though Mopnado’s Spin Mop bucket looks quite plain and straightforward, it actually packs a variety of innovative features.

First and foremost, there’s a convenient agitator for the mop heads in the bucket which takes out the need to manually wash them or use a washing machine. You will be able to instantly get rid of any debris or dirt, and all you’ll have to do is simply replace the dirty water with clean water when you’re finished cleaning.

The bucket’s dimensions measure 11.5 inches in height by 20 inches in length and 13 inches in width. One of the best things about the Spin Mop’s bucket is that it’s incredibly light, weighing only 9 pounds and 14 ounces. It’s also very sturdy as it’s made of stainless steel material.

To top it all, the bucket is also very transportable due to the fact that it’s supplied with two handles and a set of wheels.

Mop Head & Pad & Scrubber

The design of the Mopnado’s Spin Mop heads isn’t entirely innovative, but it’s more than just convenient and useful.

Basically, the mop heads were specifically designed so that you can use them on any floor type and immediately wash them in the bucket. On top of that, the bucket’s spin-dry compartment allows you to control how wet or dry they are at all times.

That’s not all, though. The mop heads were made of very rugged microfiber material which makes them suitable for all sorts of cleaning, ranging from gentle polishing, over thorough scrubbing, to downright deep cleaning.

There are two 14-inch microfiber mop heads in the bundle and a single 14-inch scrub-brush head for you to use.

Speaking of which, the Scrub brush mop head was not included as an accessory per se. It’s there for the deepest stains on the thickest and roughest surfaces where simply running the microfiber head won’t do the trick.

The brush head is basically sized the same as the microfiber heads, and the main difference between them is in that the scrub-brush head packs several ultra-thick bristles which can easily eliminate even the most persistent stains.

Spin & Mop Pad Dryness

As you could’ve probably guessed by now, the Spin Mop is basically more of a cleaning system than a regular, plain mop. It offers more convenience and more options for you to choose depending on which type of floor you intend to clean.

The feature that is largely responsible for the Spin Mop’s versatility is the spin-dry bucket. It packs a drying compartment supplied with a neat soap dispenser, allowing you to not just clean the mop, but also to control how wet (or dry) it is after you use it.

Basically, you can completely soak the mop in the basket for surfaces such as stone for example, but if you intend to clean delicate floor types such as vinyl or laminate, you’ll need to be careful about how wet the mop is else too much water might warp and ruin it.

Cleaning Aspect Test

Floor Type

Most mops were designed to be used on a certain floor type and usually come supplied with various accessories to boost their innate low versatility. For example, most mops can be used on plain hardwood or tile, but you’ll often have a hard time scrubbing rough floors that are made of stone or vinyl.

One of the best things about Mopnado’s spin mop is its versatility. It was purposefully designed to be used on basically all floor types, such as laminate, hardwood, vinyl, stone, concrete, or tile.

Moreover, the Spin Mop doesn’t feature any accessories mainly due to the fact that you don’t need them.


Cleaning with the Spin Mop is the key to its superiority over budget and stock cleaning mop models. Basically, Mopnado has devised a patented system which utilizes the handle-driven spin setting to pivot the head up to 180 degrees.

There are several reasons why this system is so great. First of all, you will be safer while standing on slippery surfaces because the mechanism is operated by a setting found on the handle. Secondly, there are no breakable pedals or features that will leave you with ‘manual’ cleaning in case of any potential malfunction.

Furthermore, the mop heads are made of premium quality microfiber material, which makes sure that you can deeply clean any type of surface. Of course, the durability and efficiency of the mop heads is further complemented by the sheer versatility of the Spin Mop’s handle, which results in less hand fatigue.

That’s not all, as there’s another feature which makes the entire cleaning process a lot simpler and substantially less fatiguing. The agitator for the mop heads is located in the reservoir, which basically means that you will be able to wash the mop right after using it.

Even though the mop heads are machine-washable, being able to scrub the dirt and grime off of them right on the fly speeds up the cleaning process.

Residential & Commercial Cleaning

While budget (stock) mop models that are often made in bulk are designed for commercial use while specialized mops are traditionally used in the commercial sphere due to their superior efficiency and features.

Now, what makes the Mopnado’s Spin Mop a cut above other mop models is the fact that it can be used in both situations.

Namely, the Spin Mop is versatile enough to be used on any floor type, it’s robust enough to withstand day to day use, and its efficiency doesn’t diminish over time.

Again, professionals seldom use one type of mop to clean business offices, so they rely on multiple mops to efficiently get the job done. The Spin Mop’s efficiency is absolutely perfect for cleaners as you can build a habit of relying on a single mop model in practically any given scenario.

Other Key Things

Cost Effectiveness

Basically, if you are looking for a definite cleaning system, then Mopnado’s Spin Mop is a no-brainer. The ‘Walkable deluxe spin mop’ system costs $59.99, which is certainly not much for such an efficient cleaner. On another hand, each of the standalone features is very affordable as well.

The mop heads, in case you’ve damaged or lost them, cost just $16.99, the plate costs $9.99, and the handle, which is outfitted with a variety of quality features, costs just $24.99. Even the Mopnado multi-purpose microfiber cleaning solution costs about $19.99.

All things considered, this cleaning mop is available at a bargain price and we highly recommend that you give it a shot.


One of the best things about Mopnado’s Spin Mop system is the durability of the mop handle, mop heads, and the bucket. Basically, every single feature of this cleaning system is highly robust and was built to withstand years and years of use.

First of all, the handle of the Spin Mop was made of a mixture of stainless-steel and ultra-robust ABS plastic materials. Even though this cleaning mop is incredibly sturdy, you should still take extra care when using it so as to avoid damaging the handle’s top where the spinning system button is located.

The bucket is also incredibly robust as it’s made of the same stainless-steel material. Lastly, let’s talk about the durability of the mop heads.

Basically, the mop heads are all made from thick microfiber material which helps them retain their durability even under incredibly harsh circumstances. Dipping standard mop heads into very sticky surfaces often results to ‘flaking’. The ‘flaking’ basically refers to the situation where the mop heads basically start falling apart gradually, which is something you won’t experience when using Spin Mop’s microfiber mop heads.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions


All things considered, the Mopnado’s Spin mop is definitely one of the best models you can possibly find on the market. It’s durable, versatile, and incredibly effective, and all you need is a bit of patience to understand how the many features it comes equipped with function. Overall, there are actually no reasons not to try it out, as it offers top-tier performance at a very approachable price.

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