Top 7 Old Fashioned Dust Mops Reviews 2023

Whether you’re in need of a quick, daily sweep, or top-to-bottom scrubbing, Old fashioned dust mops can do the job. or

If you prefer the efficiency, sturdiness and overall vibe of the old-fashion type of mops, you’ve come to the right place. Not to waste your time, this is how it goes: after extensive research and years of cleaning experience, We have prepared a list of the best old fashioned dust mops on the market today. You can be sure you’ll find everything you need is in this article. Let’s dive in!

Old Fashion Dust Mop Comparison Table

Product NameHandle Material HeadHead SizePrice
Sladust Big Wooly Metal Handle MopMetal11″ x 18″
JINCLEAN Cotton Floor Old MopSteel24″ x 11″
Turbo Microfiber Floor MopAluminum Alloy15 (3/4)” x 3 (1/8)”
O-Cedar Dual-Action Dust MopPlastic15″ x 5″
Nine Forty Cotton Hardwood MopAluminum16″ x 13″
Nine Forty Janitorial Old MopAluminum36″ X 5″

7 Best Old Fashioned Dust Mop Reviews

You know what they say – old-school is the best school!

#1 Sladust Wooly Old Fashioned Metal Dust Mop


We’ll kick things off in style, with the Sladust Big Wooly Mop. Let’s clarify this one right away – this is your top pick if you are willing to invest a bit more funds and get an item that will do a good job and last longer.

First and foremost, I’d like to point out that this isn’t one of those imported use-once-and-throw-out old-fashioned mops that’ll break apart after one spring cleaning. Nope – this is handmade in the US of A!

So, bear in mind that buying this means not only acquiring a sturdy, reliable product, but giving support to the small mom-and-pop businesses which are the backbone of the economy! Naturally though, you shouldn’t base your choice of cleaning mops solely on a patriotic sentiment. There are plenty of other reasons why Sladust Big Wooly is a good choice, from a practical point of view.

Namely, it’s got a metal handle that is essential to the product’s durability. But it’s not just safe from easy breakage; it’s also got a special resin-based coating that’s designed to completely prevent any corrosion. And while the words ‘metal handle’ may lead you to think it’s heavy or bulky – it’s actually quite the opposite.

You’ll find that the Sladust Big Wooly is made from a light-weight alloy that provides easy maneuverability. To put it simply – an all around good product that you can’t really make a mistake with; at least when it comes to home cleaning.

#2 JINCLEAN Industrial Old Style Dust Mop


Okay, so one of the things I love the most about the Jinclean is that it’s so eco-friendly. The pads that come with it are made from cotton, and it works excellently on surfaces made from hardwood, vinyl or laminate. It doesn’t require the usage of any chemicals, which is another big plus for me. It’s important to think about these things, especially when cleaning. We tend to use so many chemicals on a daily basis, so a mop that gives you (and your hands) a break from this is a godsend.

And in case you are an animal lover, I’ve got some great news! Being a dog owner myself, I worried if this mop could get the job done properly. And let me tell you, compared to some other old fashioned dust mops out there, it did an amazing job. Usually, the pet hair gets everywhere, and it’s a real struggle to get it off any surface; especially the wet floors. But not with this dust mop!

The next thing I would like to point out is that it has a very wide brush. This can come in handy when you are in a hurry, but still have to tend to your chores, or do a quick sweep. The wideness gives this mop a nice advantage compared to its smaller peers.

If you have a big house, Jinclean will do wonders for you. It has a big reach, but contrary to what you might think, it’s not bulky at all! So there are no worries about moving your furniture around; with this mop, you can access those hard-to-get areas without breaking a sweat. This mop saves you a lot of time and back pain. On the down side, some users have complained that the head is a bit too much on the thin side, as well as some minor issues with the handle.

#3 Turbo Microfiber Microfiber Dry Mop


Next up, I’ve got a perfect example of a dust mop that can be used on every surface. If your place features a variety of floor materials, pay attention. You can easily use it to clean tiles, hardwood, stone, or even cement – you name it, this mop can clean it.

It’s the first one on the list that is made from microfiber – and bear with me, as I explain what that means. Having a microfiber dust mop gives you an assurance that the mop will last and last. These mops have heads that you can effortlessly take off and put in a washing machine. You needn’t worry about the hair coming off the brush, or becoming ragged – washing the head of the microfiber mop is a part of its design!

With most other old fashioned dust mops this is not the case; but with this one you can rest assured that a long time will pass before you need to stress about shopping for a new head. If you pick a microfiber mop such as this one, it’ll last through as many as a hundred washings.

Microfiber Mop Floor Cleaning System is equipped with soft nonabrasive pads, so this makes them one of the best cleaning tools for hardwood floors. This generous mop also comes with 2 scrubbing pads, 2 additional microfiber pads, and a handle which is adjustable for any height. The handle itself is made from strong, yet light aluminum alloy metal. Like with the Sladust Big Wooly, you don’t need to worry about this handle breaking or being too heavy to use.

The metal frame of the mop’s head is fully maneuverable, giving this old fashioned dust mop a modern twist; to be more precise, a full 360 degrees rotation. This feature makes this mop perfect for professional use, so if you are just starting with the cleaning business I would strongly suggest using Microfiber Mop Floor Cleaning System.

Furthermore, this item is re-washable, meaning you’ll be able to use it extensively and over extended periods of time. On the down side, the sturdiness and quality don’t come for free, hence the price is a bit steeper. Overall, this mop is without a hint of doubt one of my top picks – an excellent example of a superb product that is worth your money.

#4 O-Cedar Old Style Dry Mop


If you are looking for something simpler, this is probably a good mop for you. It’s nothing too fancy, just your regular old dust mop. Indeed, I would recommend O-Cedar Dual-Action if you live in an apartment, and don’t have to clean that often.

It has some drawbacks compared to some of the mops I mentioned. For one, it’s not premium quality compared to some of the other picks on this list. But as I said, if you’re not in the cleaning business, or simply don’t have that much time on your hands for a frequent scrub, this mop does the job.

Like the previously mentioned product, O-Cedar Dual-Action is also made from microfiber, so you can know that it will gather dirt with ease. On the first touch, it might seem that the brush made from microfiber is sprayed with something. But in fact, that stickiness is actually there to collect all of the pesky dust!

As I mentioned, owning a microfiber dust mop means you can save your money in the long run. It is re-washable, so you can simply take the brush off and pop it in the washing machine. If you want, you can even order additional heads for your mop. That way, you don’t have to wait or be concerned if your brush is clean, dry and ready to use.

Besides microfiber, the brush of this mop is also made from chenille, which guarantees softness. This is due to chenille yarn being primarily produced using cotton. Though, it can also be made from some other, similarly soft, products including silk, wool or acrylic. But what does this mean for you?

Well, if you have wooden areas in your home, this mop will be very gentle with them, even if you need to scrub! It comes in two colors, red and blue, and from what I’ve seen you don’t have to worry that it will leave any trace of color on your clothes while washing. Unfortunately, with some of the brushes this can be an issue – but not this one!

#5 Nine Forty Home & Commercial Dust Mop


Here’s another product that is handmade in the USA – the Nine Forty Residential. The heads for this mop are hand-sewn domestically, guaranteeing a higher degree of quality compared to some of the imported products. It’s an old-school, long lasting product that will outdo the industrially-manufactured stuff the market is loaded with these days.

If you ask me, paying attention to details is always a plus in my book. With this product you will receive a note from the seller, which makes it a really old fashioned dust mop, with a thoughtful touch. I love when I know exactly what I am buying, and with a product like this, so can you!

The Nine Forty Residential has all natural cotton, which is perfect for collecting dust or hair. If you have animals, you know that they are more often than not shedders. And as I’ve mentioned, with a cotton brush you can say goodbye to that problem. This brush can snatch up pet hair like no other! You can effortlessly dispose of it, without thinking if it will fall down on the ground again, while you make your way to the trash bin.

As I mentioned, the brushes that are made of similar materials like cotton, or better yet, pure cotton are sent from heaven itself, cleaning-wise. They quickly collect dirt and dust from any given surface, and work wonders on wooden areas.

Hardwood can look astounding in any home, and it usually costs a lot of money, sweat and effort to install. So, to prevent any possible damage. I would advise you to check with your flooring manufacturer prior to using any hard chemicals on your wood. That goes for both spray and liquid ones!

Another thing which really left a positive impression is the handle. A thing that many of my short peers experience is that it can sometimes; it can be a struggle to reach those high places and clean them properly. Well, the handle of Nine Forty Residential can help you with that! You can adjust it from 42’’ up to 72’’ long and simply rotate it to tighten, without it sliding back or making you do it multiple times before actually making it put.

As for the downers, some users have reported that the brush is not all that thick. It’s been just fine in my experience, so maybe check it yourself and find out.

#6 Nine Forty Residential Commercial USA Floor Dry Dust Mop


Lastly, we’ve got another offering from Nine Forty, the same manufacturers of the cotton wedge hardwood mop we’ve mentioned above. While this product may seem similar, there are subtle differences that make the choice between them more than superficial.

But before that, we’ll touch on the similarities. Much like the previous Nine Forty product, this mop also comes straight from US manufacturers. And akin to the previous mop, it also boasts a handle with varying ranges, giving users ease of access to hard-to-reach objects or places.

The biggest and most crucial difference actually comes from the material of the mop head. Namely, while the previous mop was made of natural cotton, this one is made from synthetic nylon. And before you ask which one is better, let us stop you right here; there’s no easy answer to that question. Really, it all comes down to the user’s preferences.

On the one hand, the cotton mop is far better when it comes to cleaning sensitive surfaces, which require a softer touch. You’ll find that nylon is a coarser material; but one which attracts dust and similar particles better due to a static charge. On the other hand, nylon is far more durable, susceptible to more washings than cotton. So, at the end of the day – it all depends on how often you clean, and how large and sensitive of a surface.

#7 BISSELL Smart Microfiber Dust mop


Up next – my top pick for the readers who are not as mobile or can’t stand on their feet cleaning over extended periods of time – the Bissel mop!

Let’s face it, it can sometimes take hours to do a weekly clean, and afterwards you usually don’t have much energy left for the things you would much rather spend your time on. I, for one, blame those bulky sofas! That’s why you need a quality mop that takes care of your back. As I would imagine, you’re probably familiar with the battle that cleaning around, underneath and behind your household items represents.

Well, with Bissell’s Smart Details Dust mop you can go around your furniture, and save your free time for more fun things instead! It has a jointed handle that allows you to sweep around your home without having to constantly bend over. It can easily slide underneath your sofas, tables, and even ottomans!

It is also equipped with a flexible head that can bend to accommodate baseboards. The head can swivel around your furniture and avoid obstacles without getting stuck. This particular feature saved me a great deal of time, and I loved it! Trust me, having to stop the cleaning to move your items around will be a thing of the past with this old fashioned dust mop.

I would highly recommend this mop in case you have limited mobility. In that case, not only can you properly clean your house, but it is much easier. The handle has a soft grip feature which makes it so much more pleasurable to use. You don’t have to worry that it will harm your hands if you have to put in a bit of an effort.

Like the other mops with microfiber brush, this one also collects dust without a fuss. So not only can you access hard to clean areas easier with this mop, but it also pulls the dust to itself. All things considered, It is definitely one of the best mops i ever used.

Of course being said that it’s made from microfiber automatically means that it’s also eco friendly. You can rewash this mop a lot of times before it becomes disposable. So don’t hesitate to put it in a washing machine!

Why a Dust Mop?

When you’re cleaning with a wet mop, you need to think about preserving your wooden surfaces. Cleaning with water has many downsides when it comes to wood. If there are any flaws or cracks in the floor, for example – it can easily start to rot or decay. Even if you take great care, these things tend to happen over time; so I always say, better safe than sorry!

That’s where a good old fashioned dust mop comes in – it can save your floors from all of that pesky moist, that just somehow finds its way into your wooden floors. Plus, it’s a much easier solution than dragging a full bucket of water around your house; or even worse, up the stairs!

Another great thing is that some cleaning products can be sprayed directly onto floors while you’re cleaning with dry mops, providing you with a better aim for the hard-to-clean areas. And they’ll dry quicker as well!


As you might have gathered, choosing the best old fashioned dust mop isn’t as simple as it first seems. Firstly, there are more than a few options out there on the market, especially if you’re buying online. And on top of that, there are many different features to think of, as well as your own personal priorities.

For example, do you value a more eco-friendly clean higher than ease of use and durability? While that’s something to think about, I believe I’ve managed to provide you with a choice of quality dust mops for all preferences and cleaning habits. All that’s left for you to do is pick one – and the cleaning may begin!

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