Turbo Microfiber Mop Cleaner Tested & Reviewed 2023

Today we’re going to test out TurboMops cleaning mop, and suffice to say, it’s one of the best budget cleaning tools available on the market.

Basically, The Turbo Mop features a telescopic stick with a built-in mop head, and two types of interchangeable mop pads. It’s incredibly easy to use simply because there are no complex systems and mechanisms onboard, although learning how to utilize its efficiency to the maximum might take some time.

One of the main reasons why we strongly recommend you give Turbo Mop a shot is because it offers plenty of customization-based options in terms of replacement parts. In fact, each of the separate pieces can be purchased to further optimize your Turbo Mop at a very affordable price. Without any further ado, let’s see what this cleaning mop is able to offer.

Turbo Microfiber Mop- Material & Technical Aspect


The TurboMops rocks a big, robust telescopic handle. It was built in such a way so that you will be able to leisurely clean every type of surface, be it tile, rock, vinyl, hardwood, or laminate.

The Handle of the TurboMops is built from very sturdy alloy material, which is just as light as it is durable. It’s remarkably easy to use and was specifically built to make the cleaning process a lot easier. However, it does come supplied with plenty of features that might require some time for you to get used to them.

The initial length of the handle is 35 inches, which makes it suitable for standard use, but if need be, it can extend to the length of 60 inches.

The head of the handle is pivoting, allowing you to navigate through the spots that are a bit harder to reach.


The TurboMop mop heads are incredibly convenient as they feature two Velcro strips. Basically, the head is sized the same as the pads (17.5 inches by 4.5 inches), and it’s made from the same alloy material as the handle stick.

The main benefit of the Velcro-based attachment is in that it’s more reliable than ‘click & connect’ mechanism most single-use mops tend to be equipped with.

In plain words, instead of attaching the pads to the head, TurboMop features a ‘sticky’ mechanism that securely holds them in place. Furthermore, disconnecting the pads for cleaning (or if you want to attach another adjustment) is just as easy.

Mop Pad

The TurboMops Mop Pads are built in a very unique way. They’re bigger than most conventional pads which means that they cover a bigger portion of the surface. Moreover, they’re also very thick and highly absorbent as they are supplied with exquisite curled-microfiber strands that grip onto the dust and debris more efficiently.

The Pads are machine washable and are estimated to endure some 50 cleaning processes before any strands start falling off.

Lastly, the TurboMops are compatible with the Turbo Flat Mop and Spray Mops, as well as with any conventional mops which use 18 inch pads. Since the Velcro attachment system is so plain and straightforward, you can switch between mops and pads as you like.

The only different pad is the Scrub Pad, which is 18 inches by 5 inches big. It can be attached in the same way as the standard TurboMops pads.

Cleaning Aspect Reviews

Floor Type

The TurboMop is essentially so versatile that it can be used on any floor or window type without damaging the surface. Most stock mops can be used on materials such as laminate, for example, but simply because they’re not able to control the amount of water they apply to the surface, the floor will usually warp.

Rock tiles, for instance, can’t be warped (easily), so you’ll be able to spray as much water as you want, whereas vinyl, on another hand, is a bit more delicate and requires a different approach.

The bottom line is that the TurboMop can be used for surfaces such as wooden floors, vinyl, marble, stone, laminate floors, tiles, rock, but it can also be used for windows and glass-type surfaces as well.

Cleaning Type

One of the best things about the TurboMops cleaning system is its versatility. It is equally efficient when wet as it is when it’s completely dry – it can adapt to the types of surfaces you need to clean, allowing you to use it both professionally and at home.

a) As Dust Mop

As a dust mop, the TurboMop is absolutely great. It’s completely hygienic, and it works like a charm for cleaning after your pets, picking up spider webs, large (and small) chunks of debris, or dust.

You can use the microfiber pads to clean virtually any type of mess, but in case you’re having a tough time, you should put on the Turbo Scrubbing Pads. They were specifically designed for persistent stains and for situations where microfiber pad attachments simply can’t get the job done.

However, you should note that the Turbo scrubbing pads should never be used on any floor surface which can be easily scratched, such as painted surfaces, delicate marble, or laminate wood floors for example. The Turbo Scrubbing pads are outfitted with incredibly strong bristles which might ruin your floor.

b) As Wet Mop

Like we’ve just mentioned, the TurboMops cleaning heads are equally efficient when wet as they are when they are dry. Basically, the microfiber pads are very versatile and highly absorbent to water, so you can easily mop, sweep, or polish any type of surface with ease.

Furthermore, the microfiber pads are very tacky, so they’ll able to catch onto dirt pretty tightly. You should be extra careful when cleaning surfaces such as delicate concrete or stone floors, though, as you might need to alternate between using Turbo microfiber and scrub heads.

Residential & Commercial Cleaning

The microfiber Turbo mop is absolutely great for both residential and commercial cleaning situations. Basically, it can even be labelled as a professional cleaning mop which comes at a bargain price, which further means that it’s perfect for home use as well.

First and foremost, the TurboMop is perfect for professional cleaners for several reasons. Its massive reliability is what makes it better than most high-end mops simply because it offers a wide variety of features that you can trust not to let you down in your time of need. Cleaning offices and business buildings should be a simple matter if you are using this cleaning system, even in the dirtiest industrial zones.

As far as residential cleaning is concerned, the TurboMops microfiber pads are basically perfectly suited for the job. This cleaning mop will help you get rid of pet hair, the thickest cobwebs, the most resilient stains, and the largest chunks of debris in no time.

Other Key Things

Cost Effectiveness

In short, the TurboMops is a perfect cleaning solution for people who are on a tight budget. There are plenty of choices at your disposal, but even if you should opt for the entire bundle the cost will not exceed $100.

The most basic variant is the Extendable handle plus one microfiber mop pad, which totals in $35.99. Note that this option will suffice if you simply wish a more straightforward tool for day to day cleaning. However, a single microfiber mop pad can only withstand 50 machine washing cycles, so you should probably consider purchasing replacement pads as well.

Speaking of which, the replacement pad bundle includes four microfiber Turbo mops at the cost of $19.99. The replacement pads are currently on sale, as they used to be $24.99. It should also be mentioned, although there’s little value in it, that packages of 2 microfiber pads are also available for $17.99. For measly $2 extra you could get four pads, so we advise against 2-pack microfiber Turbo mops.

If you’re having a tough time dealing with tougher stains, especially if you’re a proud parent of a couple of daredevils who sow havoc wherever they go, we highly suggest that you at least consider getting a pair of Scrub Pads. The scrub pads are substantially more rigid and geared towards cleaning the toughest, most persistent stains. A package of two scrub Turbo pads costs roughly $8.99.

Alternatively, if you’re in the commercial line of cleaning, only two pads probably won’t cut it. A 5-pack of Turbo scrub pads is also available at $17.99, which is still pretty convenient.


The TurboMops cleaning system is built like a brick house. The handle stick is built from premium quality alloy material while the pads are built from highly robust microfiber material.

It should be mentioned, though, that the microfiber pads will lose a portion of their efficiency every time you machine-wash them. Like we’ve mentioned earlier, they can endure some 50 washing cycles, so stock up in advance.

The scrub Turbo pads, on another hand, are incomparably stronger, not to mention that they’re typically used quite less often.

Assemble Instructions

Assemble a microfiber mop head, pad & telescoping handle

Attaching the parts together is an incredibly easy process. Basically, the Turbo Mop stick is already connected to the head, so all you will need to do is attach the pad you want to use.

Now, attaching the pads is super plain simply because of the Velcro-attachment system. All you need to do is ‘stick’ the pad onto the Velcro strips and you’re set to go. Detaching the pads is just as easy; simply pull them down.

Washing instructions

As far as the maintenance and washing process goes, there’s just one thing you should avoid – bleach. Namely, chlorine bleach is the only component that can substantially damage the bristles on the scrub brush and the microfiber on the regular mops.

Obviously, TurboMops heads are machine washable, but there are a couple of things you should consider before you throw them into the machine.

First and most importantly, the microfiber grips onto the debris quite strongly. This means that you will definitely find plenty of pet hair and chunks of debris after you finish the cleaning process. If you wish to properly clean the Turbo mops, you’ll need to remove all the debris.

Simply shaking the Turbo pads will do the trick for smaller debris and wood chips, although pet hair and larger debris pieces are most likely to remain on the pads. You should use old brushes or a comb to remove them.

There are a couple of things you should want to avoid putting in the washing machine with the Turbo pads. Namely, towels and similar cotton and microfiber-based clothing pieces won’t wash well together with the Microfiber Turbo Mops, simply because the pads will grab onto the lint from the other items in the machine.

Additionally, make sure to completely avoid using chloride, bleach, and fabric softeners, as their highly corrosive agents can wear the Turbo mop pads down and substantially damage the fibers. This might make it a bit difficult to choose which items you can wash along the pads, but it will, however, ensure their longevity.

Dimensions of the turbo mops & mop pads

The TurboMops microfiber pads are 17.5 inches by 4.5 inches in size while the Scrub pad is slightly bigger, measuring 18.5 inches by 5 inches. Both pad types are considered to be average in terms of size, which means that you can use stock mop heads with the stick too.

Exceptionally durable constructionA bit harder to maintain
Superior versatility and valueThe microfiber pads will survive up to 50 washing cycles
Equally suitable for residential and commercial use
Very affordable

All things considered, the Turbo Mops cleaning mop model is well worth the buck. It doesn’t cost much, but it performs absolutely fantastic for the money. It’s very versatile, it rocks a highly robust build, and its efficiency is on par with some of the finest boutique models on the market. The only problem you might have with it is the washing process, as microfiber pads don’t wash well with other types of clothing.

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