Top 6 Window Cleaning Bucket for Professional Cleaner

One of the most essential tools for cleaning windows like a true professional surely is a window cleaning bucket. Now, this is a pretty convenient window cleaning tool that will allow you to transport almost any other window cleaning tool or even a liquid solution.

Also, with a high-quality window cleaning bucket, you will be able to easily mix window cleaning soap with water in it and create the solution you need. Besides that, some window cleaning bucket has quite special features that you can benefit a lot from. Namely, an engraved measurement line inside the bucket, or even an ergonomically designed handle, this will all really ease the whole process of operating and use with the bucket.

On the other hand, you can find lots of differently shaped window cleaning buckets on the market. Simply speaking, there are rectangular types, and there are regularly shaped buckets out there. They all have its benefits and downsides as well.

After all, as a professional window cleaner, you surely need a good window cleaning bucket by your side. Anyhow, let’s see everything that we have prepared for you in this window cleaning bucket review so that you can have the best insight into the products that we have chosen. Let’s start.

Top 6 Professional Window Cleaning Bucket Comparison Table

Name Capacity PriceLength Handle
Ettore Super Bucket3 Gallon15.25″Ergonomic
Unger Pro Bucket6 Gallon21”Ergonomic
Moerman 19766 Pro6 Gallon19”Check Level
EVERSPROUT3 Gallon17.5”Ergonomic
Libman Bucket6 Gallon20”Check Level
Ettore 822223.5 Gallon16”Sturdy

Best Window Cleaning Bucket Reviews

We have chosen only the best window cleaning bucket that are made by well-known manufacturers. This way, you will be able to see the full insight into the products and decide which one to get. Let’s start with the reviews.

1. Ettore Compact Super Bucket


Ettore 86000 Compact Super Bucket is possibly one of the best window cleaning buckets that can be found on the market. Namely, this window cleaning bucket is specially designed to provide many benefits and ease the job for any professional window cleaner.

First, with the massive capacity of 3 gallons, you can use this bucket for storing lots of different stuff in it. It is common for window cleaners to mix soap and water solutions in the bucket, but you can also use for transporting other tools and equipment like squeegees or window scrapers.

This is one of the most convenient windows cleaning buckets since it provides you with the more than enough space and capacity. Besides that, it is ergonomically designed to ensure that you have the perfect grip while carrying this bucket.

Its compact size will ensure that you can transport this bucket almost anywhere you go and still be able to store it basically anywhere. This will allow you to clean windows to perfection without much complications and troubles.

All in all, the color of this bucket is highly visible which will ensure that you avoid unnecessary accidents. Besides that, you will most likely benefit a lot from this bucket in the first place since it offers quite good capacity and convenience when cleaning windows.

2. Unger Professional Cleaning Bucket


Unger Professional Heavy Duty Professional Cleaning Bucket is definitely one of the best window cleaning buckets on the market. This bucket has a lot of benefits to offer to any professional window cleaner since it is quite big and equipped with some special features.

Now, this bucket is pretty large and it is able to easily fit up to 18 inches squeegees in it. Other than that, this bucket has quite high capacity that reaches up to 6 gallons. This will allow you to transport more tools and more water or soap solution while working.

On the other hand, there is a comfortably designed handle on top of the bucket that will ensure that you have strong and firm grip. This handle is equipped with slip-resistant feature so that there are no accidents while carrying this bucket.

Besides that, there are measurement marks that are written inside the bucket so that you precisely know how much soap solution to pour inside the bucket. This is quite convenient feature since it will save you the time that you would spend on measuring.

To top it all off, the bottom of the bucket is specially designed to provide maximum stability which is quite important here. Simply speaking, this bucket will hardy fall and it will stay in its place even if you accidentally kick it or run into it.

3. Moerman 6 Gallon Pro Window Cleaning Bucket


Moerman Window Cleaning Bucket is our third and possibly the most convenient window cleaning bucket in this review. Namely, you can expect this window bucket to be your convenient tool that will help you to clean windows to perfection.

Anyhow, this window cleaning bucket is capable of providing an amazing capacity of 6 gallons. This means that you can carry more stuff in it and pour more mix solutions in this bucket while working. Besides that, this bucket has a heavy-duty construction that ensures maximum durability and stability on the job.

Because of its well-made design, this window cleaning bucket is quite durable and ensures great stability. This means that this window cleaning bucket will stay in its place and it will hardy flip on the side.

Possibly the best thing about this bucket is that it has wide enough space inside to fit 18 inches squeegee. You can work with a 18 inches squeegees or window washers with this bucket and achieve maximum results.

All in all, this bucket has molded measurements inside the interior that reads in gallons or liters. This will allow you to precisely measure the amount of water or soap solution that you want to pour inside the bucket.

4. Eversprout Super Bucket 3 gallon


Eversprout Super Bucket for professional window cleaners is quite good and possibly the best window cleaning tool to have by your side. This bucket will basically provide you with anything you need to get the job done. You can carry any piece of equipment in this window cleaning bucket, and still be able to use it to transport mix solutions without problems.

Something that best describes this bucket is the heavy-duty construction that ensures maximum durability even on the most demanding jobs. This means that you can rely on this bucket to help you transport almost anything you put in it.

Besides that, this bucket has an ergonomically designed handle that provides only the most comfortable hand grip. You can strongly hold this bucket by its handle and transport anything without problems or troubles.

Next, this window cleaning bucket is wide enough to be compatible to use with 17.5 inches long squeegees or window washers. You can easily soak squeegees or washers inside this bucket and clean windows like a true professional.

All in all, this bucket is quite valuable and it will provide you with lots of benefits while working to clean windows clean windows.

5. Libman Window Squeegee Bucket


This window cleaning bucket comes from a line of Libman’s window cleaning products. Namely, this is one quite valuable and pretty durable window cleaning bucket that will offer you many benefits. Anyhow, let’s see everything that this window cleaning bucket has to offer.

First, the amazing capacity that goes up to 6 gallons will allow you to carry much more inside the bucket. You can actually get more tools transported or you can pour more mix solution in the bucket. In both cases, you will benefit from this amazing capacity.

Next, there is a specially designed handle that is ergonomic and it offers quite good grip. Actually, the handle is very comfortable and it will make sure that you always have the strongest grip. Besides that, there is a slip-resistant feature on the handle as well.

This bucket is ideal for wide tools like squeegees and window washers. Simply speaking, this window cleaning bucket is compatible with 18 inches long squeegees which is quite something special. You can work with these tools in order to clean windows to perfection.

All in all, this is one quite good and valuable window cleaning bucket and it has so much to offer. Almost every window cleaning professional is looking for features and benefits like this window cleaning bucket has.

6. Ettore Window Washing Bucket Model- 82222


Ettore 82222 Window Washing Bucket is the last, but definitely not the least window cleaning bucket in this review. Namely, this window cleaning bucket is shaped a bit differently than any bucket that we reviewed here. This actually creates many more possibilities and offers more benefits for the user which we are going to discuss now.

First of all, this window cleaning bucket is made out of the high-quality materials which offer great durability and stability. You will hardly find any other window cleaning bucket that has such great durability when it comes to some of the most demanding jobs.

On the other hand, the capacity is great and it goes up to 6 gallons which allows you to transport more tools or more liquid mix solutions. This way, you will be able to get more job done in a shorter time period.

Anyhow, this window cleaning bucket is equipped with a sturdy and durable handle that helps you to transport things inside the bucket. However, this handle is not that comfortable but it is durable enough to withstand lots of pressure and weight.e and weight.

How To Choose The Best Bucket for Professional Window Cleaner?

Now, let’s see everything that you need to take into consideration before choosing any window cleaning bucket. Let’s begin.

Durability and construction

The first thing that you want to check when buying a window cleaning bucket is the construction and materials. Namely, you would want to get the bucket that has heavy-duty construction and that is built with only high-quality materials. This will ensure maximum durability and stability of the bucket which are both important.

The handle

The handle is quite important as well. Simply speaking, the handle should be ergonomically designed and shaped to provide only the strongest and the most comfortable grip for the user. Having a good handle surely means a lot when you are transporting a bit heavier loads inside the bucket.

The capacity

When it comes to capacity, one thing is certain, you need to find a bucket that has at least a gallon capacity. It would be best to get the 6-gallon bucket, but only if your job demands that. Otherwise, you will be stuck with a large bucket that is not that convenient to handle.

Other features

It is also important to consider some other features as well. Namely, measurement marks inside the interior, slip-resistant handle, pour spout, and many other features should be equipped with the best window cleaning bucket.

Useful Tips For Window Cleaner

When using window cleaning buckets you should have in mind these next useful tips.

  • Make sure that the bucket is safely positioned on the ground before loading it with tools or liquids.
  • Never overfill the bucket since it will lead to spill ups.
  • When transporting the bucket, hold it only by the handle.
  • Clean and maintain the bucket after every use, this will keep it in a good shape.


With everything that we said about window cleaning buckets, it is easy to conclude that this amazing window cleaning tools are definitely one of the essential tools for the job. Anyhow, you will probably need to find the best one so that you can benefit a lot when working. In that light, we have presented you with only the best window cleaning buckets that are specially made for professional window cleaners.

Now, it is only up to you to decide which one to pick and ensure that your work is done properly. Keep in mind that all these buckets are highly valuable and they all hold pretty good value for the price.

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